Rikimaru Takes SEC!

Rikimaru, the best European Xiaoyu player won Saturday’s final of the Samsung Euro Championship tournament, beating other top players from the continent. Check out the full results down below.

1. Rikimaru (Xiaoyu) – Italy
2. The Emperor (Jack-6) – Sweden
3. Killerdoll (Armor King) – Finland
4. Ryan Hart (Kazuya) – UK
5-9. sabredabre (Nina, Germany), Sephiblack (Miguel, Germany), Frizen (Steve/Lars, Poland), Tokis (Zafina, Poland), SIM (Kuma, Russia)

Rikimaru won $3000, The Emperor won $2000 and Killerdoll won $1000. You can expect videos from the event in the upcoming week – stay tuned!

3 Responses to Rikimaru Takes SEC!

  1. John Doe says:

    Oh man, it’s just beautiful how europeans use every characters and have a great diversity.

    It’s great to see a Xiaoyu on top followed by a Jack-6 and AK.

    I’m so sick and tired of top-tier whoring like Steve/ Lars/ Bryan/ Bob/ Law like most Americans use.

  2. Pillow says:

    Nice to see Ling player taking the top!

    Steve/Bryan take skill and execution to use

  3. […] with the best European Xiaoyu player, Rosario “Rikimaru” Monaco, winner of the Samsung Euro Championship tournament. We’d love to make more podcasts in the future so feel free to post suggestions in […]

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