WCG 2012 – Select The Official Games

World Cyber Games 2012 title selection is already up. There are two of your favorite games that can be chosen in the fighting game genre – Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. If you want to support and help Tekken join World Cyber Games for the 3rd time in a row, go now and VOTE! Also spread the word so that Tekken gets as many votes as possible!

4 Responses to WCG 2012 – Select The Official Games

  1. Eddierang says:

    I don’t mind supporting Tekken 6, but Markman can you please get Harada to release TTT2 to the states soon so we can have a scene. T6 is kinda dead now.

    • Kaiser says:

      ^ agreed. TTT2 is going to win the poll easily, but since harada hasn’t given any console release date, not even a hint. Only Japan and Korea are likely to be able to have national qualifiers meaning WCG is gonna drop TTT2 even if it wins the poll. And T6 is pretty much dead right now.

      So yeah, basically namco screwed this one up themselves.

  2. keru says:

    TTT2 next year on console??

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