Tekken Getting A Pachinko Machine?

I haven’t seen any confirmation yet but it looks like Tekken may be getting a pachinko machine. 15th November is the day when we’ll find out whether or not it’s true.

Thanks to Martin Cruz for the heads up!

4 Responses to Tekken Getting A Pachinko Machine?

  1. Martino007 says:

    Hello how are you doing? It’s Martin R. Cruz AKA martino007 on you tube. It was No problem MarkMan. I think it’s a slot machine. Most likely.

  2. wat says:

    Tekken 5 had a pachinko machine, if memory serves me correct.

  3. Silver_Devil says:

    Probably so. Yamasa is a company that makes pachinko, and the Tekken slot machines (TTT1 theme) I’ve seen around here in Tokyo have been done by Yamasa as well.

  4. Heta Akira says:

    The video showed at the end “Tekken PachiSlot 2” so it’s easy to deduce that there is a previous PachiSlot for Tekken. In fact, a quick search into YouTube confirm this.

    Here is the intro for the previous machine:

    And here is the machine in action:

    And last but not least, here is the APP for iPhone:

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