Special thanks to Tekken Zaibatsu as these instructions were based on the original tutorial posted on TZ!

If you would like to join SD TEKKEN members and other Tekken fans from all around the world in our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network, then this is how you do it…

1. Downloading & Installing mIRC

In order to access the IRC, you first need to download mIRC software for your computer. It is very easy to install and use, making it the most popular IRC software out there right now. To get the latest version of mIRC, go to and grab a version off a server local to you. Once it’s done downloading, run the .EXE file (it’s probably called something like MIRC63.EXE or similar) and the installation program will begin. The default setting are fine, so just click the Install’ button to install the files and program groups.

After installation, you will be brought back to your Windows desktop with a mIRC program group open. You can now double click the ‘mIRC32’ icon to start up the chat program and start setting up mIRC.

2. Setting Up mIRC

After starting up mIRC, you will be taken to the ‘About mIRC’ popup window with a picture of the programmer on it. Just close the popup window by clicking the X in the top right corner. You don’t need to register this software in order to use it. Whenever this screen pops up in the future when you start mIRC just close it.

Afterwards, another window will open with ‘Connect’ settings. First off, you have to choose an EFNet IRC server from the list. If non of the servers listed lets you connect you can manually type in the status window later on. We will show you how and which are reliable servers later on in these instructions. Enter in all the necessary information like your ‘Full Name’, ‘Email Address’, ‘Nickname’, and ‘Alternative’ using the picture below as a template example. If both your selected Nickname and Alternative are already in use you will need to select a different Nickname.

Click on the word ‘Identd’ on the left side of the window to bring you to the ‘Ident’ settings. You will want to put a check next to ‘Enable Ident server’ and you will want to type in a User ID. Most IRC servers will check for your ident server while you are logging on. If they find out that your ident isn’t enabled, they won’t let you on. After you have completed these steps, click the ‘OK’ button.

3. Connecting To IRC

Once you close up the ‘mIRC Options’ window, you will be brought to the main mIRC console. To connect to the IRC server, click on the lightning bolt icon in the upper left-hand corner of the toolbar. It should say something like ‘*** Connecting to [server name] (6667), then a bunch of junk and words should scroll by quickly, and the ‘mIRC Channel Window’ should open. If it just hangs and doesn’t connect, you will have to connect manually to the IRC server. It might also start going down the server list trying to find a connection. The best thing to do is to click the lightning bolt icon again to stop connection attempt so you won’t connect to a non EFNet server and and up in the wrong #SDTEKKEN channel.

To connect manually click the bottom bar of the mIRC console, type ‘/server [server name]’, then hit Enter. Don’t worry is you get message such as “You are banned form this server” or “No more connections allowed”, this probably has to do with the ISP you are using. Some reliable servers are,, or Try those if your are having trouble connecting. Below is a screen of the ‘Status Window’ and where to type to connect manually to IRC.

Click image for larger size.

4. Getting Into The #SDTEKKEN Channel

After you connect to the IRC server automatically or manually, the ‘mIRC Channel Window’ will open. On top, it will ask you to ‘Enter name of channel to join’. Type in sdtekken and then click on the ‘Join’ button. You will finally be whisked away to the place!

Or you can close the ‘mIRC Channel Window’ and manually join any desired channel. At the bottom of the ‘Status Window’ where you typed to manually connect you can type ‘/join #sdtekken’, and you will be on you merry way.

Below is a screenshot of the mIRC once you joined one or more channels. To join more channels just type ‘/join #channel name’ in any active window.

Click image for larger size.

5. The #SDTEKKEN Channel

‘The Active Window’
On the IRC, you can be in multiple channels at the same time, so the Active Window is the window you are currently typing in. In this screenshot, the Active Window is the #SDTEKKEN channel. In the Active Window, you will see a listing of various people talking, much like your standard chatting channel.

‘The Talk Bar’ This is where you type when you want to talk. After you are done writing your line, press Enter to post the line into the Active Window where everyone can see what you wrote.

‘User List’ Shows all the people who are currently in the channel at that moment. On the top of the list you will notice people with an @ in front of their name. These people are Channel Operators (commonly called ‘ops’). They have the power change the channel topic (the purple bar in the picture), kick out annoying people, ban certain people from ever coming back into the channel, and other administrative functions. Channel Operators are usually trusted people who have been channel regulars for a few years.

‘Private Message’ Some times on the IRC, you will want to talk with someone one-on-one privately. By double-clicking the mouse on someone’s name on the User List, you can open up a Private Message window with them.

6. Common Courtesy & Guidelines

These are just some basic guidelines to make everybody’s time in #SDTEKKEN more enjoyable. If you feel like you constantly need to go against these simple guidelines you will probably end up getting kicked or banned by one of the operators.

‘Don’t be an ass’ This seems vague, but use some common sense. Don’t log on and start cussing people out, don’t flood the chat with nonsense, and in general don’t piss people off. They’re here to talk to each other in a constructive fashion about Tekken and other not-so-related Tekken topics.

‘Don’t think you’re hot shit’ So many newbies come into the channel and right off the bat claim they are the best Tekken player in the world and nobody in the world can beat them. First off, if you are a braggart, you certainly are NOT the best Tekken player, but some hapless schmuck who thinks the entire world is comprised of the shitty players in their local hick town. You may be good, but don’t be naive. Your claim of supremacy is far from original.

‘No OPs begging’ Don’t go around begging to receive Operator status, it will get you kicked or even banned if you persist. Like stated before all Operators are long time visitors, don’t worry about it for a few years. You don’t need the @ to talk about Tekken.

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