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Name: Richard

Handle: “Filthy” Rich

Favorite Food: Tapa from “Tapa King”

Hobbies: Breakdancing, playing games, Playin guitar, Writing n drawing, drums!, makin people laugh, Kickboxing, grappling,

Favorite Games: Castlevania : SOTN , Street Fighter 3s, Kof series, MvC2, CVs2, Quake 3 , CC Red alert

Favorite Characters: Heihachi Mishima , Armor king, Yun, Oswald (KOF XI) sentinel, Twelve,

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: Cutting school 7th grade to win Tekken 2 nationals

Goals: Stay living and share knowledge. Make Philippines #1 in the world.

Shout-Outs: SHout outs to the family.

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8 Responses to FilthyRich

  1. Dragunov says:

    Cool! Sa Wakas(Finally) A Tekken Player Who will dominate….Keep up the Good Work …..

  2. Bantillionz says:


    winning that UP tourney was CRAZY!!!

  3. datukalantiaw says:

    buti d nakasali c arario, kung hindi tepok yan c filtyrich, nag laban na cla dati, walang laban c filty. napanuod nyo sa EVO touney?? hellow…..

  4. wow bboy tekkenista k dn pla tol heheh nice airchair!

  5. stevefox88a says:

    yo filthy contact me on msn add me i have to talk you about a great tournament in europe(naple in italy) in april 2000 euro hight price for 1 and other for 2 3 all european player and 3 korean and the best european heaichi harry potter that want challenge you respect contact me for info

  6. mawts_gwaps says:

    yo filthy, musta na? hehe, when ru guys comin back here in the phils? take care of owen man, kitakits nalang!

  7. yo, I didn’t know there was another good tekken player that was a bboy…. sick
    my boy akunin told me you had an avatar doing an airchair…lol, nice style

    do you stay in the scene or just chill??? My name is Ryan Flores …. I did the freestyle session trailer last year and just finished the Furious Styles Anniversary HD DVD…. you should peep that shit …

    peep my trailer

    yo, hit me up if your ever in arizona….. whether its tekken or bboying 417-619-5907

  8. kix unltd says:

    wow.. im certainly hoping you’ll represent Philippines in this coming WCG. we have tons of good players here ryt now but i still think you’re really one of the best..

    i really wish that Philippines will have the kind of exposure to the tekken community just like japan and korea..

    we need to have the opportunity to prove to them that they are not the only powerhouse tekken nations in asia..

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