g0t soymilk?

Low Parry Juice

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Name: Nick

Handle: g0t soymilk?

Favorite Food: eggs rice and portugese sausage/spam/bacon

Hobbies: volleyball, the beach, surfing/snowboarding

Favorite Games: counter-strike 1.5/1.6, final fantasy 8, metal gear solid(ps1), syphon filter 2

Favorite Characters: lobster yoshi

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: late night sessions, denny’s, going to mission valley the night i broke my foot and putting off a doctor visit because DR just came out, travelling up to LA, evo2k6, getting pissed off when i lose to leon and duma, ryan hart complimenting my yoshi, and all the of the countless gatherings/bbq’s at mark and nates house.

Goals: make it with a hot asian news reporter

Shout-Outs: the hawaiian tekken scene, 808 crew! souten for being a badass, n8 for giving me and leon rides home from tekken before i had a car and before we were SDT, markman for all he has done for the san diego tekken community, leon for joining me in the quest to learn this game, masakun for his intellect on both tekken and life, cody for running tourneys at plaza and showing dedication to the fighting game community, and duma for being my training partner/rival.

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One Response to g0t soymilk?

  1. christmaswasgolden says:

    tekken 6 is broken. broken. yuck. what a let down. soooo you like being asian in america? having to live up to stereo types. did you know white people invented the car, perfected airplanes, electricity, windows microsoft. and you clown white folks. your the one that sets off the end of days. you become a polotician in your 40’s. race wars stem from your polocies.

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