Hall Of Fame

MarkMan182: One of the first supporters of Tekken in San Diego.  Few people know of him now, but many people remember him.  He is also the champion of the Wunderland Tekken Tag Tournament National Qualifier tournament.  Making countless trips up to LA to improve his game at Southern Hills Golfland, he helped form the addiction and contributed to what would be the first generation of SD TEKKEN.

Deanpfynix: Known to pop around Tekken machines from time to time, this man is legendary and known as the first one to master the EWGF in San Diego.  Brother of MarkMan182 and neighbor of MarkMan, the current head of SDT, Deanpfynix was always around Tekken in the old days… Often amazing everyone with his technical artistry whether it be juggles, chickening, or use of EWGF, he was an early inspiration to all who played the game.

Le0wnage: Le0wnage once ruled San Diego with an iron fist in the days of Tekken Tag Tournament.  He once had a fabled 55 win streak against SD’s finest and could hold his own at the legendary Southern Hills Golfland.  While he wasn’t the first to master the EWGF, he was the first to bring the DEWGF into the modern Tekken home and helped spread the word of Korean style Mishimas throughout San Diego.

ARCADE MAN: Better known as Taz from GameCenter… the man who singlehandedly impressed all other Tekken players while representing San Diego… he was known to have the BEST kickboxers in the TTT era and was also famous for being known as ANTI Ricky Ortiz in the old days of MVC2.

vpt316: One of SDT’s earliest supporters and the original webmaster for the old SD TEKKEN website.  vpt316 supported the SDT scene always willing to help and even made it out to our first big tournament(even though he lived hours away)!

CodEZ: Another of SDT’s early supporters and honorary SDT.  The K.I.T. organizer has sadly been lost to the World of Warcraft.  Although we will never forget Charlie for hosting our old site/vids and of course always supporting us at tournaments!

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