n8nmonster’s Entry

Heya, this is n8nmonster.

This my entry for the “SHOW US YOUR TEKKEN” Contest. Haha, you guys are lucky me and MarkMan aren’t allowed to enter. This is to give you an example of what you could put up. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant, but we do hope for some entries to be nice.

I first started when I got my PlayStation1 and it came with a demo disc that contained Tekken 2, which featured Lei and Jun. I wasn’t much of a fighting game player prior to this but when I tried it out I thought it was pretty cool. It was funny to soon find out a Tekken 3 for PlayStation was already available when I saw it at a cousin’s bday party. A friend of mine was also familiar with the game and so we started trying to get good, trying to understand the game. But hell what were we to know back then. Haha, we were noobs.

PlayStation2 and Tekken Tag came out, and it introduced several characters new to me and had the tag feature. It was interesting to try to get good with multiple characters. I remember my first characters being Lei and Michelle. This was about the time I joined a site called TekkenZaibatsu. Haha, I was still a noob then, but it was cool to find a forum where there were other people who also knew how to play the game. I started meeting more people who were also familiar with Tekken in my area of San Diego. Among them, one named MarkMan.

It wasn’t until when Tekken 4 came out that I would try learnin to play on stick and would slowly become a regular arcade guy. I remember spending $40 the first day it came out at our arcade of Plaza Bonita, and was an asshole using Marduk and his tackle all day cuz Lei wasn’t available yet. Tournaments would soon start and this would mark when I first started to play competitively. I would travel with some of my friends, whom would soon be recognized as SDTEKKEN, and meet some big names like Tomhilfiger, Calipower, MrWizard, and Castel.

During the 2004 EVO Competition at Cal Poly Pomona, a Tekken 5 Playable Beta would be available and we’d be the first ones to check it out. During the course of the next few months, I would find myself travelling to places like Betson West in Southern California and the AMOA Show in Las Vegas, just to check out the Tekken 5 Betas, as well as provide coverage for both TZ and a video game news site called VGONETWORK. Tekken 5 and it’s Card System would come out and I’d travel all around Southern California just to play, meet new people, and of course, to level my cards. Lol. During this time, I’d also become familiar with how to run tournaments and help their coordination for future events. I’d follow the series development along with the rest of my friends in SDTEKKEN through to E3 2006, being among the first to check out Tekken Dark Resurrection for the PlayStation Portable.

Throughout the years, SDTEKKEN would also hold Tekken Tournaments at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). At the 2006 SDCC, we’d up our gaming equipment with me buying a projector. This projector would soon be used for future tournaments, including Electric Cancel 6, 6.5, and other gatherings.

The most recent in the series is Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection ONLINE. Haha. Honestly, I think I play it too much but I have reached high rankings on both the Asian and American versions of the game. Some pics of my placings can be found below.

Right now, I help with running our SDTEKKEN site. My largest contribution to it being the translation and addition of the frame data for Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, and several of the game’s system information pages. On TekkenZaibatsu, I’m the resident Lei and Marduk Strategy Forum Moderator, and also now help handle the front page news for the site.

Without further ado, some pics of my stuff including some off-the-wall ones like a True Ogre mask I made in high school for art class, and a Lei Wulong Gingerbread Man I made during Christmas 2006. Enjoy!

Various sticks, systems, standees, and copies of the game.

PLAYSTATION3, Hori Compact Joystick, Hori Fighting Stick1, Japanese White PSP, American Black PSP, Tekken 5 Arcade Stick.

Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP (x2), Tekken 5 Bundle Packages (x2) in back, Tekken Tenth Anniversary Package Sealed, Namco E3 2004 DVD (featured first Tekken 5 Trailer), Kill Kazuya Tekken 5 EVO DVD, Tekken 4 for PS2, Tekken 5 for PS2 (x2), Tekken Tag Tournament for PS2, and Tekken 4 Large Standee in right-side back.

On top, Tekken 3 Mini Standee, another Tekken 5 Arcade Stick, and an Un-folded Tekken Tenth Anniversary Package with Game Discs inside.

Tekken 5 and Craig Marduk Posters on the wall.

Lei and Anna Figurines.

The Art of Tekken Book, Tekken 2 Strategy Guide, Tekken 5 Strategy Guide, Tekken 3 Calender, Tekken 3 PlayStation1 Console Sticker, Tekken 3 Strategy Guide, Future Press Tekken 5 Strategy Guide.

Of particular note, the Brady Games Tekken 5 Strategy Guide. I helped write the Lei Section for this guide! :)

Here’s my name, Nate Aguilera, as one of the Contributing Strategists found on the back page to prove it!

Better view of Tekken 3 Mini Standee.

Better view of Tekken 4 Large Standee.

The Tekken Animated Movie VHS.

True Ogre Mask I made in high school for art class. Haha. That’s my brother wearing it in this picture.

Lei Wulong Gingerbread Man made in Christmas 2006.

My highest placing on the Asian Rankings for T5DR ONLINE.

My highest placing on the American Rankings for T5DR ONLINE.

My highest weekly placing on the American Rankings for T5DR ONLINE.

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Arcade Board in Garage.

Traveling to Las Vegas for Tekken 5 Beta at 2004 AMOA Show.

Checking out Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP at E3 2006.

Me and MaDDoGJiN. Hehe, I got a 3 streak on him.

Me and Tomhilfiger at the Oceanside Best Buy Tourney.

Me helping run the T5DR Tourney during EVOWEST 2007.

Using Projector to Display Brackets on the Wall.

Electric Cancel 6 with Projector on the Wall.

Tekken on Projector for San Diego Comic Con 2006.

YouTube Tutorial I made for the Lei Haha Step.

Looking forward to your entries! Again send them to contest@sdtekken.com

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5 Responses to n8nmonster’s Entry

  1. Masamune says:

    you know hat the future press tekken 5 guide was the best one.

  2. n8nmonster says:

    haha yea that one is my favorite aside from the hardcore tekken 3 guide.

  3. huhu says:

    hey I used to play with you. You used KUMA you are very strong!!!!

  4. Masamune says:

    who me?

    well i did write for the aforementioned guide…

  5. n8nmonster says:

    ahh haha, masamune as in masamune blade. didnt know you wrote for it too, I should bring it and ask for an autograph the next i see you at an evo event. :)

    oh and haha yea i use kuma now too. hehe. yay bears.

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