Onegai James

The House of Nine Dragons

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Name: James

Handle: Onegai James

Favorite Food: Anything, especially foods that go great with hot sauce.

Hobbies: Video games and Piano

Favorite Games: Just to name a few: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Goldeneye 007, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and of course Tekken.

Favorite Characters: Jin, Law

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: Beating MarkMan with a random punch parry while using Jin.

Goals: To eventually go to EVO.

Shout-Outs: All of SDT and the other few guys in SD that make playing Tekken fun.

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3 Responses to Onegai James

  1. MarkMan says:

    Hahah, that match was pretty crazy… I thought I had you with the burning double knuckle!


  2. GeassTekken says:

    do you play CS onegai? i seen one guy with the name Onegai James on Source. I was thinking ” is taht really THE OnegaiJames?!!!” lol

  3. Onegai James says:

    ^ yeah, i used to play a little.

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