San Diego Comic-Con International 2008 is just around the corner and SDTEKKEN will be there again with our 7th Annual Open Gaming Room! Happening July 24th-27th, we will be located in Room 17B on the Mezzanine Level of the San Diego Convention Center. This year’s featured titles include Super Smash Bros Brawl, Rock Band, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, and tons more.

Thursday, July 24th – 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

We kick off Comic-Con 2008 with our 7th Annual Open Gaming Room! Play against some of San Diego’s best fighting game players in multiple games! Join us for our Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament at 1:30 PM! Sign-ups begin at 12 PM NOON! Limited space available.

Rules (Tentative):

  • Tourney will be Single-Elimination.
  • Matches will be 1vs1, 3 (or 5?) stock, Final Destination, no items.
  • All characters will be available.
  • We will have FOUR Setups, each with TWO GC Controllers.
  • Final matches will be shown on projector for all to see.

Friday, July 25th – 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

We continue our Open Gaming Room fun with more gaming goodnes and a few surprise screenings & events! Join us on Friday for our Rock Band “Battle of the Bands” Competition sponsored by Games On at 1:30 PM! Sign-ups begin at 11 AM! Limited Space available.

Rules (Tentative):

  • Tourney will be Single-Elimination.
  • All bands will play the same song. Top bands with combined scores will advance to the next round.
  • Number of bands that advance to the next round will be half that of the previous round (I.e. top 32, 16, 8, and so on until top 2).
  • If your band experiences a group fail, we’ll record your percentage at which your band failed. If other bands fail, your percentage may indicate if you would be included in the “top” bands to advance to the next round or not. Of course, this is rare. So you better do good!
  • Band members can pick any difficulty. Harder difficulties, however, will give more notes and thus more points…
  • WE WILL NOT PLAY MATCHMAKER. You must come up with your own bands of four.
  • We will have TWO Setups, each with ONE mic, TWO guitars, and ONE drum set w/ metal step pedal.
  • The game will played on the Xbox 360 game console and WILL include downloadable songs. Which songs to be selected for the tourney are to be determined.
  • Final matches will be shown on projector for all to see.

Saturday, July 26 – 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

We continue our Open Gaming Room fun with more gaming goodness and a few surprise screenings & events! Join us on Saturday for our 7th Annual Comic-Con Tekken Tournament! The game of choice this year is Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection for the PLAYSTATION 3 console. Tournament starts at 1:30 PM! Sign-ups begin at 11 AM! Limited space available.

Rules (Tentative):

  • Tourney will be Double-Elimination.
  • Matches will be 2/3 matches, 3/5 rounds.
  • Jinpachi is non-playable.
  • We will have FOUR setups, each with TWO PS3 controllers.
  • Final matches will be shown on projector for all to see.

Sunday, July 27th – 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

We end Comic-Con 2008 with the last day of our Open Gaming Room! Join us for a fun filled day of video gaming and some surprise game premieres and trailers! Gaming room closes early at 3 PM!

  • Un-used tvs may be used for freeplay, including non-tournament games (I.e., Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Mario Kart Wii, etc.).
  • Special unreleased titles may be playable in our room. Stay tuned!

General Info:

  • We will have two projectors, each highlighting different televisions.
  • Trailers and other video game footage may also be shown.
  • Please show up on time for tournaments. Each round is sure to go by fast.

Comic-Con Hours:

Exhibit Hall hours end every day at 7PM except for Sunday, in which it ends at 5PM.

  • Wednesday, July 23 – PREVIEW NIGHT
    Exhibit Hall – 6PM – 9PM
  • Thursday, July 24
    Exhibit Hall – 9:30AM – 7PM
  • Friday, July 25
    Exhibit Hall – 9:30AM – 7PM
  • Saturday, July 26
    Exhibit Hall – 9:30AM – 7PM
  • Sunday, July 27
    Exhibit Hall – 9:30AM – 5PM

Comic-Con International Official Site

Other events to look forward to:

Special panels and picture screenings are also held throughout the con. Here are some of our picks:

  • Thursday, July 24
    11:30-2:30 SPORE: One-on-One with Will Wright
    2:15-3:15 Halo Wars and the Halo Universe
    3:15-4:15 Capcom: The Making of Street Fighter IV
    4:15-5:15 Afro Samurai: Resurrection Exclusive Worldwide Premiere!
    7:15-8:15 Adventures in Anime
    9:00-12:00 10th Annual Superhero Kung-Fu Extravaganza
  • Friday, July 25
    12:00-1:00 Prince of Persia
    1:00-2:00 Introducing Resident Evil: Degeneration
    1:45-2:45 Ghostbusters: The Video Game
    2:00-3:00 Capcom: How to Get A Job in the Video Game Industry
    3:00-4:00 World of Warcraft
    4:15-5:15 Xbox LIVE Original Content Panel
    5:30-6:30 Penny Arcade
  • Saturday, July 26
    11:30-12:30 Sam & Max, Strong Bad, and the Secrets Behind Turning Comics into Games
    2:00-3:00 Warhammer Online
    2:00-3:00 Attack of the Show!
    3:30-4:30 Xbox Creators’ Showcase: Gears of War 2 and Fable 2
    5:00-6:00 The Dead Space IP
    6:00-7:00 Capcom Presents: The Making of Bionic Commando and Bionic Commando Rearmed

Comic-Con 2008 Programming Guide – Thursday

Comic-Con 2008 Programming Guide – Friday

Comic-Con 2008 Programming Guide – Saturday

Comic-Con 2008 Programming Guide – Sunday

Parking Suggestions:

Parking fees can cost anywhere from $8 and $10 to upwards of $20!

Parking is available underneath the San Diego Convention Center itself, at the parking structure before the E Harbor Drive bridge, at the parking structure across from the Omni Hotel, the parking structure behind Petco Park, tailgate parking to the East of Petco Park, and the parking structure inside Horton Plaza Mall.

Various Ace Parking Open Lots are also available.

If youre lucky, find parking on the street! Parking Meters are off on Sundays.

Parking Locations in Downtown San Diego

Take the Trolley!

Park at one of the various MTS stops and take the train to the Convention center.

Check out the special Comic-Con Schedule lines.

San Diego Comic Con Trolley Schedule


Food is available in the various walkways within the Convention Center itself: Starbucks (and FexEx Kinkos) in the entrance halls, Pretzel and Snack Stands outside of the conference halls, Food Court (Pizza, Hotdogs, Sandwiches) on Mezzanine Level, and the Food Court areas in the Exhibition Hall itself.

Food is also available across the street. Various resturants can be found in the Gaslamp and Seaport Village areas. Going down 1st Street leads you to a 24 HR Ralphs. Continuing 1st Street even further will bring you to Horton Plaza Mall.

For your “After-Comic-Con” needs, there’s the usual Denny’s, In-N-Out, and various resturants found within the Gaslamp District.

Interactive Map

To help you find parking and be familiar with the areas surrounding the San Diego Convention Center, we’ve put together a few Interactive Maps. Click on the links below to check ’em out.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map – Denny’s

Interactive Map – In-N-Out

Interactive Map – Food Spots

Have Fun!

San Diego Comic-Con is a fun place to be every year. You could be bumping into your favorite star or fellow cosplayer. There are deals and daily raffles everywhere. Not to mention the ability to attend exclusive screenings and guest panels.

Be sure to visit our room, where you can take a break, get some games in, and rest your feet. Special events will be happening everyday. Hope to see you guys there!

Visit our Friends at Games On

An alternative to GameStop, Games On provides your gaming needs for current gen systems in the heart of Pacific Beach in San Diego.

Nice wide open spaces, clear display shelves, and wooden flooring, Games On features a unique modern environment, almost like a model home. Using only LCD tvs throughout the store, games are displayed in widescreen high-definition just as they are meant to be seen.

At front of the store is a mock living room where visiting patrons can try out one of the games they have on display such as Rock Band or Wii Fit. A similar set up can be found in the back of the store for those seeking to try out a title in a more “theatrical” experience.

Games On provides a comprehensive selection of games, accessories, and hardware for all current gen home console and handheld systems.

Games On is sponsoring this year’s Rock Band Tournament for the SDTEKKEN Gaming Room. Please support and visit their store.

Games On is located at:

953 Garnet Ave
Pacific Beach, CA 92109.

Store hours are 11AM-8PM TUES-SAT; 11AM-5PM SUN; MONDAYS they are closed. Contact number 858-272-4212.

Games On – Ripten Interview

Games On – G4TV X-Play Feature

Games On – Photo Gallery

Previous Events:

SDTEKKEN has a long history of running tournaments and events for the gaming community. Check out pics from some of these events by clicking on any of the links below:

July 2007 – Comic Con International 2007 Coverage and EVOWEST 2007

July 2007 – Electric Cancel 6.5 Tournament at UC Irvine

May 2007 – Electric Cancel 6 Tournament at UC Irvine

July 2006 – Mr.TILT’s coverage of Comic-Con International 2006 and the SD TEKKEN Tournament

July 2006 – Comic Con International 2006 Coverage and the Fifth Annual SD TEKKEN Tournament at the San Diego Convention Center

July 2005 – San Diego Comic Con International’s Fourth Annual SD TEKKEN Tournament

November 2003 – Las Vegas Comic-Convention at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

October 2003 – Electric Cancel San Diego at Game Lords Arena in Ocean Beach, California

August 2002 – San Diego Comic-Con International’s First Annual SD TEKKEN Tournament

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