Attached is a proposed set up assuming there will be 10 set ups — Half of them being PS3 and the other half as Xbox 360.  The 10 set ups would be connected to 10 1080p monitors, with each via HDMI.

The 10 systems would be kept secure inside a box behind their respective monitors to ensure security.

For each of the 10 systems, there will be 2 controllers each (20 controllers total).  For the PS3 controllers, these will be 10 SIXAXIS or DUALSHOCK3 controllers with 10ft USB cables.  The USB cables would be ziptied to the controller to ensure security.  For the Xbox 360, these would be 10 wired first party controllers.

In the bottom will be a staff area where SDTEKKEN and NBGA staff can welcome guests and monitor the lower half of the room.  This area can also be used for fliers and game pre-ordering.  Walk-up PSP stations can also be set up next to this area.  This area will also include a cage for storing prizes, equipment, and other supplies.

In the middle will be a second staff area where SDTEKKEN staff can monitor the upper half of the room, hold the tournaments from, and manage the projectors.  The projectors will project to the surfaces shown in the attachement.  Video from one of the systems will be split so that it will also be shown on the projector for audience members to see.  This will be done for both sides of the room.

See attachment for HDMI splitting for PS3 to monitor and projector.

HDMI cables ~$0.49 (amazon)
HDMI cables ~$0.49 (amazon)
25ft HDMI ~$16 (amazon)
HDMI splitter ~$149 (frys)
HDMI > DVI converter ~$5 (frys)
DVI > SVGA converter ~$14 (frys)
everthing (x2) = approx $442

Other games such as Katamari and Naruto can be set up on the monitors at the top (this will mean additional monitors past the initial 10).  Game advertisement stands can be positioned in multiple locations in the room.

Outside of the room, in front of the doors, will be a table for tournament sign ups.  Signups and brackets can be arranged on laptop.  Tournaments will be run on the bracket boards provided by NBGA.

Tournaments will be held twice a day.  1pm and 4pm possible start times.  16 man tournaments.  Can be held on both sides of room.

10 Monitors
+Additional monitors (other games)

10 Systems (5 PS3, 5 Xbox 360)
+Additional setups (other games)
+PSP Set ups

10 PS3 controllers
+10 USB 10ft cables
+Additional controllers (other games)
10 X360 wired controllers
+Additional controllers (other games)

10 HDMI cables
+Additional HDMI (other games)

2 Projectors
+Additional cables (projector)

11 Power Strip
+5 Ext. Cables (power)

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