Hot Blooded American…

usmc1 usmc2 usmc3

Name: Jason

Handle: USMCOgre

Favorite Food: Mexican and Round Table Pizza

Hobbies: All I do is work. Hobbies are for people with spare time :/

Favorite Games: Castlevania series, Tekken series, SF III: third strike

Favorite Characters: Paul, Ganny, Hei

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: Too many to mention, but I guess my fav was evo 03 or 04, I forget which one, but I got an intro. Awsome.

Goals: Make a ton of money and MAYBE make a short term comeback to remind the new guys in the scene where they really stand.

Shout-Outs: To all the new SD peeps, keep on playing. It’s great to see theres hope for the future

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