General Information on Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection such as: tier listing, IC card FAQ, ranking list/FAQ and much more!
  Frame Data for all the characters in T5: Dark Resurrection! Frame data is a very useful tool for those wanting to take a more serious approach towards the game. Special thanks to Ina Tekken Wiki for providing the base information of the frame data! (Update: All remaining char frame data now up, including Jinpachi!)
  Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE is finally here! Battle other Tekken players all over the world on the PLAYSTATION 3 gaming console. In this section you will find vital information to help make your online experience as fun as it is competitive.

Coming Soon:

  • Tekken 5: DR ONLINE Tutorial Vids

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38 Responses to T5DR

  1. CHAITU says:

    i am from india i want to download the tekken 5 dr to my ps3. I know how to download from playstaion store from ps3 but the only problem is when i select the country as india and when i logged into the playstation store is saying that there is no playstation store for this country.So i have selected the country as us and went ahead everything was fine, i am able to view the platstation but i am not able to download the games through my credit card because i have to give my address as india but it is not accepting as india it will accept as only United States.

    Sorry for writing this here but i have no choice.

    • ??????????? says:

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    • The Cursed says:

      Go buy some perfume and take a shower you indian skunk insted of playing tekken ,”iam from india ” i wouldnt say that Out loud if i were you , even if you got the game are you gonna go places with it? go play ” ride the elephant ” or something else, and ofcourse … you should burn and die like the rest of your stinky species

      • DrBhup666 says:

        What is your fucking problem you racist motherfucker???

        I will fuckin crush you if I ever met you!!!

      • sahil says:

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        you insects you are animals pigs

      • FireStorm 162 says:

        sad man… just get a life. If u look at whatever country ur from, u would probly find that u know someone from India… so yeah…. Stop being a racist

      • fuck you im black take the damn comment off or i will kill you racist bitch eat a dick

      • aniket says:

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    • parikshit says:

      hello bro u need to use PSN card to buy from PSN store if u want i can get u some psn card , plz email me arcade47@hotmail.com

  2. Isaak says:

    when are you gonna get the rest of the frame data up? just curious

  3. Nook Devil says:

    Hay CHAITU, contect to Mrwizard (tekken zaibatsu) for us account .

  4. giroro says:

    what does the frame works? I mean if +2 Hit = -recovery?

  5. giroro says:


    How does the frame data works?

    I mean if +2 in Hit = -recovery of opponent?

  6. n8nmonster says:

    yes pretty much.

    if he does a move that is -15 on block, you have 15 frames to do anything before -he- can do anything again.

    if you do a move thats +2 on hit, and he tries to perform a 15 frame move, it will take -him- 17 frames for the move to come out if he tries to do it immediately.

  7. Giroro says:

    thank n8nmonster

  8. Fog9 says:

    hey n8, we gotta get the frame data for roger up!

  9. Great thanks for all this data and for my favorite character who is roger-jr today ;)

  10. SHELMAK says:

    hey,nina’s d/f+1 is plus frame or negative frame on block, confusion both listed there.

  11. boomed says:

    do you now how to get jinpachi on psp in dr?

  12. LG3NIUS says:

    i still feel gyped bcuz i cant battle online w/ my psp. I CAN’T AFFORD A DAMN PS3!!!

  13. Chaitu says:

    Hi eveyone i would like to know when the playstationstore for india will be launched .
    Beacause it is very diffucult to download the games from the us and other regions and we indians don’t have a american credit card or any other region credit card, we have only indian credit card and how can we use our card and buy the games from playstationstore.Please can anyone can help me to whom i should contact.

  14. alterfate says:

    i dont know where to post this question but, im looking for the command for steve’s juggle, where it starts with the gazelle punch launcher, then follows with the F+2, F+3 then DF+1~2~1 then F+1. i dunno if its the right command, but i dont know how to execute it.

  15. meln4ya says:

    Chaitu I can help you get a copy of Tdr5 online, contact me @ meln4ya@hotmail.com but my concern is will you even be able to play a lag free match.. BTW, I will let you get it for 0 indian dollars.. Dont have time to mess with that currency… : ~ )

  16. tekkenfanboy says:

    Does anybody know how to perform kazuya’s secret winning animations?

  17. cookie says:

    I would like to get t5fr as well and I have a similar problem like Chsitu. It is not available in the German PS Store and if I register for other stores like Austria (were I work), it is available, but my German credit card is not accepted.

    Thanks for any hints!!!

    PS: Greetings to India!

  18. Aegis I says:

    I’ve downloaded Tekken 5 dr (without Online). I can’t seem to create multiple profiles on T5DR ie. my bro and I want to play VS mode with our separate profiles. Is this possible and can anyone guide me as to how to do it ?

  19. doober says:

    i also have a similar problem. my dad got me a ps3 in san francisco so i asked him to download the tekkenDR bundle from the US PSonline store before he sends it over here in the philippines. problem is, he’s to busy to download it.

    my question is, since there is an online store in hongkong, will i be able to download it form there even if i’m from the philippines?


  20. xdavidx says:

    man i really wish i could get this game :( no credit card so no download for ps3 store for me :( nor do i have any ps3 store games to trade with anyone :( this sucks

  21. ssteephenn says:

    Thanks tons for all the invaluable frame data. It’s good to see San Diego contributing so much to the tekken community. Now if we could only get a decent arcade in town ..

  22. devil_avenger says:

    regarding buying tekken dr……if u have credit card………go to national console support website….there buy playstation network ticket……..they will send u ticket no on ur mail id in 1 or 2 days……..trust me they r the best and safe,,,,,,,,,,,by the way im also from india////////////////

  23. MHX says:

    Hello i live in san diego too, i am very like to play tekken,

    this is my tekken youtube page:

    can other people share your fight video too? thanks~

  24. MAY says:

    I for one own a ps3 but cant egt tekken 6 cause its always outta stock :.( tried everything ebay, amazon game n believe it or not GAMESTATION none of them have it :( …………..WAAAAAAH! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO ALWAYS BE OUTTA STOCK, ILL NEVER GET THE GAME :( IM DYING FOR IT! PLEASE TELL MEH IF YA KNOW A PLACE WHERE I CAN BUY IT. EMAIL ME AT tekmew@live.co.uk

  25. LILI LOVER says:

    LILI ones,LILI twice.Lili website is on thrice visit lililover.com for lili lovers,alisa lovers too

  26. LILI LOVER says:

    wanna know lili and alisa’special and combos too
    tekken girls rule and rock than tekken boys.Do you agree?Email in lililover.com

    • FireStorm 162 says:

      Even though im a guy, i have 2 agree Lili’s awesome. I just made my own custom 16 hit combo so its kinda awesome… :)

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