Arcadia Tier Ranking (January 2007)

New Arcadia Magazine tier listing(according to top players in Japan):

NOTE: This is solely based on the opinion of Japanese players. More often than not, it is always different from American and Korean tier listings. So keep that in mind!(Special thanks to Mirai for the translation).

The Japanese players that were part of the tier list project are: Kill, Gekitetsu, KEN, Ko-ta, Shamo-Ken, Suzuki, Zekusu, Souten, Taizo, TAKI, Kenbou, Tissuemon, TOC, Nao-King, Nobu, Hattari, Hamaha, Hiza-Master, Hiro, Buriburi, Funba, Mapu, Matador, Mister, Miya, Mainstreet Ryu, Yuu, Yukki, Yoshihiro, Razania, and Ryukei.

The article also states that the ranking was decided based on the following aspects:
1) Combo damage and the usefullness of the combo starter/launcher.
2) Wall game.
3) Punishing and whiff punishing.
4) Mixups after throws.
5) Risk and reward of certain moves when attacking.
6) Good moves to throw out.


1) Heihachi
GOOD: Julia, Kazuya
BAD: Devil Jin, Ganryu

2) Devil Jin
GOOD: Kazuya, Steve
BAD: Jack-5, Ganryu

3) Julia
GOOD: Ganryu, Eddy/Christie
BAD: Heihachi, Steve

4) Kazuya
GOOD: Steve, Feng
BAD: Heihachi, Ganryu

5) Steve
GOOD: Julia
BAD: Devil Jin, Kazuya

6) Feng
GOOD: Ganryu
BAD: Devil Jin, Kazuya

7) Lei
GOOD: Marduk, Jack-5
BAD: Heihachi, Feng

8) Jack-5
GOOD: Devil Jin
BAD: Eddy/Christie

9) Ganryu
GOOD: Heihachi, Devil Jin, Kazuya
BAD: Feng, Julia

10) King
GOOD: Lee, Asuka
BAD: Steve, Julia

11) Anna
GOOD: Steve, Eddy/Christie
BAD: Lili, Raven

12) Law
GOOD: Jack-5, Armor King
BAD: Heihachi, Kazuya

13) Bryan
GOOD: Jack-5, Eddy/Christie
BAD: Xiaoyu, Lei

14) Baek
GOOD: Ganryu, Anna
BAD: Steve

15) Marduk
GOOD: Jack-5, Baek
BAD: Lei, Eddy/Christie

16) Eddy/Christie
GOOD: Jack-5, Lei
BAD: Feng, Julia

17) Lee
GOOD: Feng, Anna
BAD: Jack-5, King

18) Asuka
GOOD: Ganryu, Paul
BAD: Julia, Steve

19) Lili
GOOD: Anna, Marduk
BAD: Feng, Asuka

20) Jin
GOOD: Lei, Armor King
BAD: Julia, Jack-5

21) Xiaoyu
GOOD: Bryan, Asuka
BAD: Julia, Lili

22) Raven
GOOD: Ganryu, Anna
BAD: Heihachi, Jack-5

23) Roger Jr.
GOOD: Ganryu
BAD: Jack-5

24) Armor King
GOOD: Jack-5, Eddy/Christie
BAD: Devil Jin, Kazuya

25) Paul
GOOD: Asuka, Lili
BAD: Heihachi, Bryan

26) Hwoarang
GOOD: Marduk, Anna
BAD: Heihachi, Lei

27) Yoshimitsu
GOOD: Marduk, Raven
BAD: Heihachi, Feng Wei

28) Nina
GOOD: Marduk, Kuma/Panda
BAD: Devil Jin, Kazuya, Heihachi, Steve

29) Dragunov
GOOD: None
BAD: Heihachi, Xiaoyu

30) Wang
GOOD: Yoshimitsu
BAD: Heihachi, Ganryu

31) Bruce
GOOD: None.
BAD: Devil Jin, Julia

32) Kuma/Panda
GOOD: Jack-5, Ganryu
BAD: Xiaoyu, Anna

NOTE: The tier listing also states that Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is the most balanced Tekken game yet. Even though there are tier listings, any character can beat anyone.

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12 Responses to Arcadia Tier Ranking (January 2007)

  1. Zero the Shadow says:

    I’m sorry but that is one completely fucked up tier list.

  2. Swift says:

    Maybe you should read. “More often than not, it is always different from American and Korean tier listings. So keep that in mind!”

  3. lovejulie says:

    the tier listings that they have right now..let me say it is accurate..but then again, it depends upon who uses the character whether the character will be S+ or c..(“,)

  4. MATT says:

    Well I have to disagree with that list. For example Yoshimitsu is my top character and I’am unbeatable with him. I manage to get a perfect match around 80% of the time too. his ten hit combos are the key to his success. In Tekken 5 I’m a Tekken Lord a thousand times over with Yoshimitsu. The character that give me a half ass challenge are the Mishimas and Ganryu.

    • Trunker says:

      ^ lol. Sorry bro yoshi is definitely low tier. Don’t ever base your judgement on online play or local scrubs.

  5. russ says:

    what markman said. ^lol

  6. Kikimaru says:

    Looking back at this tier list — it makes me respect “Grimy Grizzly”s win at EvoEast even more.

  7. MarkMan says:

    You mean his 2nd place achievement?

  8. Lain says:

    It’s an interesting tier list =)

  9. Manuk says:

    Thats list its very old. Im sure they has newer version of list. And why there are only JPn list? What about Korea and USA?

  10. t_s says:

    that list looks good. my reservations: seeing wang so low on the list, but his starters are pretty iffy. seeing kuma below bruce, but whatever.

    31) Bruce
    GOOD: None.


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