IC Card & Ranking FAQ 2.0

NOTE: The following is only a proposed method for how the ranking system works for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. A discreet conclusive method has yet to be determined.

UPDATE: Revamped overall layout and added some new notes.

How does ranking work?

Note: Info found in this section is based off of what we’ve found during gameplay. An explanation of how the promotion/ demotion system actually works has yet to be released.

For Beginner:

o Each time you win vs another player, you earn +1 point.

o Each time you lose vs another player, you earn +0.25 point.

o If the next win would put you to ≥5 pts, a Promotion Chance would appear.

For ranks 9th – 1st Kyu:

o Each time you win vs another player, you earn +1 point.

o Each time you lose vs another player, you earn +0.25 point.

o If the next win would put you to ≥2 or 3 points, a Promotion Chance would appear.

NOTE: In these early ranks, it’s possible to rank off the computer at a very slow rate. You can rank all the way up to 1st Dan versus players using no cards. Future ranks, however, require playing against players with at least 1st Dan cards.

For ranks 1st Dan – Tekken Lord:

o We believe there are varying point rewards depending if you played against rank that was above or below yours.

o The following is a suggested point reward system:


difference win loss
vs 4 rank up +0  
vs 3 rank up +0.25 -0
vs 2 rank up +0.50 -0.25
vs 1 rank up +0.75 -0.50
vs same rank +1 -1
vs 1 rank down +0.50 -0.75
vs 2 rank down +0.25 -0.50
vs 3 rank down +0 -0.25
vs 4 rank down   -0

o If the next win would put you ≥3 points, a Promotion Chance would appear.

o If the next loss would put you to ≤-3 points, a Demotion Risk would appear.

NOTE: This suggests it would take 3 wins vs same rank, 4 wins vs versus one rank above, and 6 wins vs one rank below (considering no losses) for a Promotion Chance to appear.

NOTE: 1st Dan is supposedly hardcapped on the bottom at Zero points. You cannot be demoted from 1st Dan to 1st Kyu.

For Dark Lord:

o When Tekken Lord, it’s said that if the next win would put you to ≥6 points, that is when a Promotion Chance to become Dark Lord would appear.

NOTE: In the PSP Version, you can also earn an additional rank above Dark Lord, the Divine Fist.

What are IC Cards?

They’re special cards for use on Tekken 5, Tekken 5.1, and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection arcade machines. They store your custom items, custom colors, custom title, win ratio, and ranking.

o Custom items and colors can be purchased through money earned during gameplay.

o Custom title can be up to 20 characters long.

NOTE: In the Japanese Version, Custom titles are up to 10 characters long.

o Win Ratio reflects how many wins you have compared to how many games you’ve played using the card total.

Win Ratio = Total Wins
Total Vs Matches Played
= Wins
(Wins + Losses)

NOTE: Each card can only contain data for one character. Once a character for a card is selected, it can no longer be changed. Be careful whenever making a new card!

How do you earn money?

You get various rewards in versus gameplay:

o Win vs Cpu = 25G

o Win vs Jinpachi = 50G <—Beat Arcade Mode.

o Win vs Human = 1000G <–1100G if defeat a higher rank.

o Loss vs Human = 250G

Random multipliers will appear after a match if the screen is flashing Red above either players’ health bars.

o Multipliers can be x2, x3, x5, or x10.

o Multipliers affect both players (if card present):

1000G x3 250G x3

In Arcade Mode, if a player gets defeated by your “Ghost,” it’s another way for you to earn 1000G.

NOTE: You can only earn 25G from defeating a “Ghost” character in Arcade Mode — They’re treated like another CPU.

What are “Ghosts” ?

Every time you play with a card on a machine, it’ll record your “Ghost.”

o Ghosts wear the custom items, colors, title, and rank you had since the last time you used your card on the machine.

o They can perform some of your combos and movement.

o Ghosts have a chance to appear in Arcade Mode during Stages 4-8.

NOTE: If you’re using a particular character, a Ghost for that character will not appear. Jinpachi never appears as ghost.

o You can leave your ghost on multiple machines and “revisit” them at a later time.

o If your ghost earned you any money, it’ll be received the next time you use your card on that machine.

NOTE: If you don’t “cash out” each day, you receive less money based on the total amount your ghost earned.

o When ghosts are about Master/Virtuoso rank, it’s said they may appear more frequently during the machine’s Attract Mode (the sample matches that appear when nobody is playing the machine).

What is Play Count?

Each card has 500 play counts. Each time you use your card, a play count will be lost.

o Starting Arcade Mode = 1 play count

o Play vs Human = 1 play count

NOTE: Another way of thinking of this is whenever you enter a character select screen, your card will use 1 play count.

If your card has 15 plays left or less, the next time you try to use your card, a warning will appear suggesting to transfer your data soon.

If your play count becomes zero, you can continue to play so long as someone is challenging you can you keep winning.

o When play count is Zero, Win Ratio is unaffected, and Promotion Chance / Demotion Risks for your card don’t appear.

o You will however, still earn money for any wins vs the computer or another player.

How do you transfer your data?

Here’s a quick step by step guide for transferring your data:

1. Insert both used card and new blank card into the card reader at the same time.

2. It’ll ask if you’d like to transfer the data. Accept, and the data will be transferred.

3. Remove both cards from the card reader, and re-insert the card with the newly transferred data.

4. The new card is ready to be used. The old card is no longer usable, and can be thrown away.

NOTE: If the used card still had plays left on it and you transfer the data, those play counts are lost. It’s best to play your card to the end to get the maximum amount of play out of it as possible.

Can you transfer your data between versions of the game?

Yes. You can transfer data from 5.0 to 5.1, or 5.1 to DR, or 5.0 to DR.

o You can transfer data going up a version, but not down.

o All custom items, colors, title, money, and play count will be transferred over.

NOTE: Once data is transferred, the card cannot be used on the previous version of the game.

Transferring from 5.0/5.1 to DR.

SPECIAL NOTES for transferring data from 5.0/5.1 to DR:

o Transferring data from 5.0/5.1 to DR earns you all basic colors for free.

o New colors introduced in DR will still need to be purchased.

o Items and colors will need to be re-equipped after data is transferred over.

o Rankings are reset.

o If your rank was 2nd Dan or higher, no matter what, your rank will be reduced to 1st Dan.

o If your rank was 1st Dan or lower, your rank will remain the same.

o Win Ratio is also reset, but play count remains the same.

How much are cards?

Most places sell cards for $5.00 USD. They may be available on the machine itself to the left of the coin slots.

o Insert $5 into the dollar slot and a card will be dispensed.

o If the red light is on, the card dispenser is out of cards.

NOTE: If the machine is giving you no cards and the red light is NOT on, check with an arcade manager and either have them either open up the machine or give you your money back.

There are different kinds of cards?

If you look at the back of the card, you’ll notice a small number on the bottom right:

o If it says TK51, it can be used on Japanese Machines.

o If it says TK52, it can be used on American Machines.

o If it says TK53, it can be used on Asian Machines.

NOTE: Cards used on the wrong machine are simply recognized as invalid, they don’t corrupt any data.


Some additional info:

o Tekken 6 is said to have one region for all cards.

o 5.0/5.1/DR data is said to not to be compatible with Tekken 6 when it comes out.

o Hopefully we’ll figure out how the ranking system works for Tekken 6.

o Oh, and the card reader is not a coin slot. ;p

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15 Responses to IC Card & Ranking FAQ 2.0

  1. Swift says:

    Hehe, people put coins inside the card slot at my arcade all the time XD

  2. arcadepatron says:

    5.0/5.1/DR data is said to not to be compatible with Tekken 6 when it comes out.

    Bad idea.

  3. Jason says:

    One of my friends (7th dan) got a promotion chance of a 1st dan. So how can it be 0 points from your analysis?

  4. Gxn says:

    Yesterday, I got a Promotion Chance from a 1st dan :) Somehow I fked up and end up loosing once. Then I thought that if I beat him like 2 games straight, I would get back that Promotion Chance, but sadly it didn’t happen. Yet I got promoted after I defeated 6th dan once, 5th dan twice to Master rank.

    Just to let you guys know =)

  5. TOMBastard says:

    Im hear that some of my friends he’s rank is master,and he get promotion from 2nd dan,what the heck is that?problem with DR machine?And is it head to head?When u lose to the same person so many time,u play with with another guys,u win a lot,but then when u play with the person u always lose to him,u will get demotion too,even 1 match -_- bug machine?

  6. n8nmonster says:

    This listing is old, tho it was only a suggested method of how it works. It could be incremental increases like how dr online is. Exact numbers for dr arcade are still yet to be determined.

  7. Devante says:

    I just got the game and for some reason I cant get demoted or promoted from 1st Dan

  8. Quick Cash says:

    You probably already know this, but I just wanted to say that I find you quite sexy.,

  9. Quick Cash says:

    I had something to say about this, but I totally forgot what it was…,

  10. Quick Cash says:

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  13. TheF8Spinner says:

    Does anyone know if the point system in T6 is similar to T5DR? It seems like a pretty accurate analysis except I’ve had a few promo matches against opponents that were about 15 ranks BELOW me. Anyone know what that could be about? I was thinking maybe there is some type of bonus for hot streaks but I don’t know. Does anybody?

  14. chacal says:


    I would like to know if the IC card version of Tekken 5 USA are compatible with the game in Japanese namco system 256 ?

    Thank you

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