Interview With Qudans!

Original interview can be viewed here. This interview has been reworded but contains the original information in it’s purest form. Special thanks to qudans, TimSozai, MAX (JinKyo), and Cheng for making this all possible!

Today we have a chance to talk with one of the best Tekken players in the world. Everyone who plays Tekken serious knows his name…. QUDANS. We had the chance to interview him while he is on vacation during his military service…

Hello qudans! Welcome to our interview!

I’m very happy to meet you. I’m sorry for being late, I was meeting with friends during my vacation time. I didn’t have enough time!

Qudans taking a break from Korean military service.

Can you please give us an introduction about yourself?

My name is Byeong Mun Son and I’m 22 years old from South Korea. I like hanging out and playing games. I also like girls like everyone else does. (laughs)

What was your first fighting game experience? Was it Street Fighter? Or some other fighting game?

My first fighting game was Fatal Fury 2. I was first introduced to fighting games through my siblings when I was 5 years old. Ultimately I was annoying my siblings because I was getting better than our group of friends!

200won, Tissuemon, qudans, Ace

Which was your first Tekken game?

The first Tekken.

How long have you been playing the Tekken games seriously?

I first got serious during the Tekken Tag Tournament days. Later on I joined a battle team in 2004 and continued to try and do my best until 2006.

Qudans after winning NORCAL STRONG STYLE II.

About how long did you play Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection daily when you were competitive?

About 12 hours a day.

Do you consider Tekken as the best fighting game? Also are there any other fighting games that you enjoy?

I really think it depends on each person. Some people like King of Fighters, others like Tekken… In my opinion, I love Tekken very much, but other games are also well made.

Qudans and K-TOWN PIMP Twenty One.

So what made you decide to use Devil Jin? We think he is one of the hardest characters to use…

I’ve played Devil Jin since Tekken Tag Tournament Jin. If I’m playing really well with Devil Jin, I feel I would exceed the limits of the system. I can also show my own style and personality with Devil Jin.

Is Devil Jin your favorite character of all time in the Tekken series?

Yes, only for Tekken.

Team Balance: RAIN, Leedy, 200won, qudans, Ji3moon Ace

Aside from Devil Jin, what other characters do you like?

… Basically I like the Mishima style characters.

Do you attend tournaments regularly?

If there is a tournament, I usually go for sure. Tournaments make me feel both nervous and excited, that is one of the reasons why I like tournaments. Everyone who enters tournaments are so enthusiastic.

What was the score between you and Mainstreet Ryu when you had the fabled first to 30 wins match back in 2007?

qudans and Mainstreet Ryu.

I won against Mainstreet Ryu, but I can’t tell you the score because I promised him I wouldn’t. The final score didn’t matter, we both had a great time doing it.

Have you ever played against dajung.LOVE? If so, what do you think of him?

I have never played with him, but I heard he is very good, so I don’t know.

What about Knee? Is he the toughest opponent you ever faced? What do you think of Knee’s Bryan?

Knee was the best rival. I felt good playing against him. At the end of the Dark Resurrection era my hands were injured and I couldn’t play as well as I wanted to, unfortunately I felt a sense of loss in that regards.

tomhilfiger and qudans before ELECTRIC CANCEL 6.

Ryan Hart used to be called the best Tekken player around, what do you think of him and his Kazuya?

Honestly, he isn’t very good. Compared to Korean Mishima players. But he is good in his own right.

Second Generation Mainstreet Ryu sleeping with his mouth open lol.

I personally think that Mainstreet Ryu and Niidaime (second generation) Mainstreet Ryu are really good players… What do you think of them?

Both are very good players. Second generation Mainstreet Ryu has the possibility of improving more. I think in the future he will be the best player in Japan. (Note: 2nd Generation Mainstreet Ryu is currently considered the best overall player in Japan. Qudans was right! – MarkMan)

How do you feel being able to play against Tekken players from other countries? Players like Mainstreet Ryu and Ryan Hart?

Of course, I’m happy to play against other players… We have the same hobby (Tekken). It brings us closer. There is no doubt about it… (smiles)

Deep down, who do you consider the #1 Tekken player? Who else do you think is very good at other fighting games, such as Street Fighter?

For all of the fighting games, I think it is the same. Anyone can be #1, it takes lots of practice and liking your fellow Tekken players to be #1.

Have you played Tekken 6 yet? If so, what do you think of the game?

I have played it a little bit. I think the game is good enough to keep people playing.

What are your thoughts on Tekken 6’s rage system? Good or bad?

For me… I think it is good. I’m actually excited about it.

A lot of people say that Tekken 6 is all juggles and air combos, what do you think?

I thought about that for a bit… But players can change the way a game is played, it depends on how you think.

Qudans and 2nd Qudans. Teacher and student.

What do you think of the Tekken 6 bosses (Azazel and NANCY MI8-47J), are they too big?

I’ve seen them before… Too strong! (laughs)

Can you think of any characters that are broken in Tekken 6?

Weak characters, strong characters, it doesn’t matter. Just think about how to play effectively, that’s the answer.

What do you think about the new characters in Tekken 6? More specifically, what do you think about Bob?

I haven’t played with Bob as of yet. But I feel in Tekken 6, there are no weak characters.

Will you play Tekken again after you come back from military service?

I’m not sure, but I’ll play for fun. If I have a goal in mind, I would come back.

Do you ever think about playing games as a professional career?

If there is a league like StarCraft in Korea (for Tekken), then, I’d want to be a pro gamer.

What was the biggest prize that you’ve won from a tournament? Which tournament was it?

About $2,000 US… I think at the Electric Cancel 6 tournament. There were 4 tournaments on that day and I won them all. Most Tekken players knew that my hands were injured so I tried to practice using controller.

Final question, do you think that Mishimas are cheap? (smiles)

Depends on the person… Individual style makes the character, not only with Mishimas but all characters.

Finally, we wish that your hands recover soon and that you come back safe and sound from your military service! We hope you play the Tekken series of games again! Thank you.

Special thanks again to everyone that made this interview possible!

SD TEKKEN would also like to wish qudans the best of luck and we hope he comes back to the Tekken scene in the future! MaDDoGJiN made a comeback and we know you can too! Take care!

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