Mokujin Frame Data

Information listed here is taken from Ina Tekken Wiki and converted to US notation. Thank you to all who helped compiled this!

Notes Convention

Mokujin doesn’t have his own movelist. Instead, he takes on the movelist and stance of one of the other characters. Below are images of how each of these stances look like and a link to the proper character frame data.

Mokujin Stances

Jinpachi (Only on the PS3 Version, and Offline)

Steve Fox

Roger Jr


Paul Phoenix

Nina Williams

Craig Marduk


Marshall Law

Lee Chaolan



Kazuya Mishima

Julia Chang

Jin Kazama



Heihachi Mishima



Feng Wei

Devil Jin


Bryan Fury

Asuka Kazama

Baek Doo San

Bruce Irvin


Ling Xiaoyu

Anna Williams

Armor King

Wang Jinrei

Lei Wulong

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4 Responses to Mokujin Frame Data

  1. npaud says:

    Good site!!!

  2. Xiang says:

    Pretty neat, although I don’t see Jinpachi’s stance on there.

  3. n8nmonster says:

    added jinpachi pic

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