As you might have noticed, there are times on Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE where you get network errors and can not join certain battle rooms. This could be due to your connection settings or someone else’s connection settings in the battle room. In order to help reduce these errors from happening, SD TEKKEN has put together a setup guide to help improve your T5: DR ONLINE experience!


First off, let’s get to the facts. The most important factory in DR ONLINE is network latency. It determines whether or not you can interact with other players online and how you interact with them; this determines the amount of lag that occurs in the battle rooms. If you would like to check your latency/ping, you can try running a speed test through your PLAYSTATION 3 browser at or any other internet speed test website. Your latency/ping will be displayed in ms (milliseconds; one thousandth of a second). The lower the number, the better(for you and your opponents)! Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection runs at 60 frames per second so one frame is about 16.6667 ms. That should give you an idea on the type of latency you can expect when playing.


Let’s go over the optimal settings for your PLAYSTATION 3… It is highly recommended that when playing DR: ONLINE that you use a wired connection instead of wireless. Generally speaking, a wired connection offers a superior experience compared to wireless, especially since the PS3 has spotty wifi performance overall.


Network Address Translation or NAT for short, is the process of rerouting the source signal and/or destination of data as they pass through a router and/or firewall. For T5DR: ONLINE your NAT type is very important because it can determine whether or not you will receive network errors while connecting to other players online. Below is a brief breakdown of each available NAT type for the PS3 console:

  • NAT1 – The PLAYSTATION 3 is directly connected to the internet.
  • NAT2 – The PLAYSTATION 3 is correctly connected through a router/bridge to the internet.
  • NAT3 – The PLAYSTATION 3 is setup incorrectly through a router/bridge to the internet.

To find out what NAT type your PS3 has, access the Cross Media Bar(XMB) and go to Network Settings. From there you can either check the Settings and Connection Status List or run an Internet Connection Test. Both options will show you what NAT type your PLAYSTATION 3 is set to.

Access your PLAYSTATION 3 Network Settings through the XMB (Cross Media Bar). From the Network Settings menu you can view or modify your PS3’s internet connection.

Obviously, NAT1 would provide the most stable/consistent latency for DR: ONLINE… But it is understandable that most people don’t have that luxury and must use a router as they have multiple devices set up through a network. To get the most out of DR: ONLINE, make sure that you you have either a NAT1 or NAT2 setting on your PS3. So how does one enable NAT1 or NAT2 on your system? Keep reading…

NAT1 can be enabled by connecting your PLAYSTATION 3 directly to your cable modem. To achieve a NAT1 connection you can NOT have your PS3 connected to a router.

If you’re getting a NAT3 setting and having trouble connecting to battle rooms in T5DR: ONLINE, then try to configure your router to set up a NAT type 2. NAT2 is where setup can get a bit tricky, but there are various ways to solve this problem. You can enable a NAT2 through a number of ways by configuring your router. Below we will show a few ways you can configure your router to allow your PS3 to access the more out of your internet connection.


Port forwarding or tunneling(as it’s often called) is the process of forwarding a network port from one network node to another. This process will allow external users(people you play against in DR: ONLINE) to connect to your PLAYSTATION 3 which is external from a NAT-enabled router. By opening certain ports that the PS3 uses, it will allow you to connect to other PS3 users without errors.

Before we start port forwarding we need to find out your PLAYSTATION 3’s IP address. To do this, go back to the Network Settings on the XMB and check the Settings and Connection Status List.


For this guide we will use the PS3 IP Address of, make sure you get YOUR PS3’s IP address beforehand.

To enable port forwarding you must first access your router… Depending on the make and model of your router there are different ways to go about this process. For more information on accessing your router and port forwarding, please visit and search for your router there. For this tutorial we will use a LINKSYS WRT54GS router.

On your computer, open an internet browser and type the default gateway address into the navigation bar at the top. For LINKSYS routers the default gateway is . A prompt should come up asking for a user name and password. If you have configured your router before and have changed your user name/password, input that information now. If not, the router is still set to the default settings. If this is the case the user name and password are both “admin” . So enter “admin” for both fields and hit ‘OK’. Once you’re in, you should see a screen that looks somewhat like this…

Click on image for a larger version..

Now that you’re in your router setup, click on the Applications and Gaming tab on the navigation bar up top. You should now be on the Port Range Forward settings for your router. The Port Range Forward settings screen will look like this…

Click on image for a larger version..

Fill in the Port Ranges just like in the picture above:

  • 80 TCP
  • 10070-10080 Both (TCP/UDP)
  • 6000-7000 UDP
  • 50000-50000 UDP
  • 3658 UDP

Make sure when filling out the port range forward values that you enable them and put the proper PS3 IP address in. Once everything is inputted make sure you Save Settings by clicking the button on the bottom of the screen.

Now you can check your PS3 settings by running an internet connection test to see if your NAT type has changed to NAT2. If that doesn’t work you can try changing the DMZ settings on your router to point to your PS3’s IP address.


Depending on your connection and router, enabling DMZ for your PS3 can make a big difference in your T5:DR ONLINE experience. However, we would only recommend that you enable DMZ while playing DR: ONLINE. When your PLAYSTATION 3 is not in use, DMZ settings should be disabled.

Click on image for a larger version..

Under Applications & Gaming section of your router, check under the DMZ tab for the above(pictured) settings.  Enabling DMZ allows your PS3 ports to be open and access granted to all incoming internet requests.


  • Getting the most out of DR: ONLINE

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44 Responses to SETUP GUIDE

  1. bobino says:

    very good guide :)

  2. dbostick says:

    Enabling DMZ is a very vital aspect in having no problems with DR online and the PSN in general.

  3. RoyalFlush says:

    Good stuff.

  4. RoyalFlush says:

    I still can’t get my UPnP to work even after I enabled it on my router.

  5. MarkMan says:

    Another thing you might want to try is disabling the router firewall…

  6. ZERO BURN says:

    Hey markman plz help me…

    my ps3 is showing nat3… how to change it to nat2… the main problem is i cant access the router… is there any othere option???

    plz help me… i m dying to play tekken dr online… got 8MB connection.. anything would help…

  7. Edy says:

    port 80…isnt that already used by internet explorer?

  8. Edy says:

    few question.

    UPNP enabled?
    speed and duplex?
    port 80 used for IE?
    is it better to have a dns?

  9. Edy says:


  10. impster652 says:

    Thankyou very much for displaying important information on configuring the modem/routers to allow NAT2 instead of NAT3.
    Ive had Tekken5 Online for over a week now & havent been able to play due to the NAT3 problem.
    If only Bandai Namco kept their customers as well informed of ESSENTIAL info as you ACES!!!
    Trying to get a reply from them was harder than finding an e-mail address!
    You guys @ SDTEKKEN.COM are the nuts! ! ! ! !

  11. Niels says:

    I succeeded into getting a NAT2 type and I see more rooms now. It also seems like I get a little further in connecting with other people, but I still get the same network error after a while.
    I also can’t enable the DMZ function.

    I use a speedtouch 706 modem

  12. Faccol says:

    Hi there people,

    Can anyone please help i am trying to port forward my mode it’s a STThomson 546 V6. My ISP told me i need more info regarding which ports to forward… can anyone help me pls?

  13. […] players is remotely the same, so make sure to have those good connections.  You can follow our DR ONLINE SETUP guide to help you figure things out.  Otherwise, continue to see those black bars… or have […]

  14. Fhwoarang says:

    Thank you very much, Mark Man, for this guide. It helped me a lot to play correctly with my new connection. =) *bows*

  15. eziz says:

    Hi , Im on NAT 2, but TDRo doesnt really lag if im playin people from my country, playing ppl from the US with yellow ping, LAGs like hell , what shud i do ?
    in the connection test it says UPnP unavailable what does that mean ? should it be available ?
    1MB con

  16. […] as well. For more information on optimizing your internet connection for online play, follow this tutorial for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection […]

  17. kane says:

    sigh. I’ve tried this and it has failed.

    I went to the port forwarding . com guide and that failed.

    uphp says not available, even though I have it enabled on my router. I pointed the dmz to the ps3 ip address …

    still get nat3. T_T;

  18. MarkMan says:

    kane, just wondering, what router brand/model do you have?

    If it is a Linksys ones, a lot of those have trouble with the PS3 in general X_X …

    Are you going wired or wireless too btw?

  19. kane says:

    great. T_T;;;

    I have a netgear wgr614 v6 router … it’s wireless.

    I can’t really run wired in my house … since the router is on a different story than my room.

  20. kane says:

    X( …….

    well, I finally got it working.

    router firmware upgrade ftw.

  21. cable1015 says:

    Hey Markman. I’ve been looking at this guide as something I would really want to try out but the only problem I would have is the Port Forwarding because I have a D-Link EB2310 v2 and the numbers that are displayed on the guide do not look the same what so ever. Do you think you could help me out. All the best.

  22. kane says:

    cable: I don’t think the numbers are too important. they are to a certain extent. I’ve gone through quite a few websites and the only numbers that have consistantly shown up on all of the sites are port 80 and 443.

    for the most part, you can just open the ports he has listed and you should be fine.

    you can also try looking at … click on your router model and then click on ps3 nat3 to nat2…

  23. cable1015 says:

    Ok. Thanks for the info kane. I always thought the numbers had to be just right, But thanks again. I will look at to get some more on the matter. All the best.

  24. MikeH says:

    I’m just curious…Why exactly did you blur out your primary DNS server? These are nearly always assigned by the ISP that provides your service, unless you run your own, or choose to use a third party like OpenDNS. There is nothing even remotely private about this IP address, indeed, everyone in your geographic region on your ISP will likely have the exact same one.

    Way to cause confusion (Instead of blurring, maybe put a note to the side of this saying “this will be provided automatically by your ISP and will likely be different”

  25. Mackfactor says:

    Ive read all i can about chnging to NAT2 for siemens567… did port fowarding..etc etc.. static ip… still no luck

    Does any1 have a siemens567 modem… ISP is telus.

  26. Mackfactor says:

    still stuck at nat3
    ) :

  27. DirSeenith says:

    Will following this guide work in the UK, playing on the European network? Or will i have to put In different numbers?

  28. djalf88 says:

    For those who still have type 3
    In your modem/router put in DMZ the IP address of your PS3 and if there is “NAPT” option delete all entries inside and you should have NAT Type 2.
    More info:

  29. Amesquita says:

    Hey, just wanted to say how great of an article this is..I’ll be sure to implement some of what I’ve read!

  30. Sarti says:

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  31. Danzy says:

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  32. Miracle says:

    Really think we have to look at all options in this day and age. It is also important to consider what the current economic conditions will allow – I still think we may have reached the bottom of the cycle, but will take a lot longer to improve.

  33. Jeanpierre says:

    The Internet has too much information already :)

  34. Tosh says:

    Does Tekken 6 need port forwarding ?

  35. gdfgs says:

    I though you can download tekken 5 dr for free.but there is a website for it it even shows the download sine but when you press it it gos on some thing that is not even belong to that games.this suks you cant even download it for free

  36. Dames says:

    Hi, ?s this your blog

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  38. cable1015 says:

    Hey Kane…. can I play against you online if you are on PS3?

  39. Casher says:

    Hurdac? nedir? Hurdac? kime denir?

  40. Hislip says:

    Thank you to provide this info.


  41. hurda says:

    wery goud mozilla

  42. rlightning says:

    i need to know how to get the control setting right plz tell me

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