Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (360)


  • Sanwa JLF-TM-8T-SK-K arcade stick
  • Hori snap in buttons
  • Xbox Live Communicator Port
  • Quick disconnects on wiring for buttons
  • USB wired for PC and Xbox 360 compatibility
  • Guide button for Xbox navigation
  • Button layout:


Additional Pictures:

Where to Buy:


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4 Responses to Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (360)

  1. […] Real Arcade PRO 3. The most recent announcement from Hori is for the Xbox 360 and it’s new Hori Real Arcade PRO EX. Click below for more information on the latest wave of arcade sticks from […]

  2. Jimbo says:

    Wich one will you recommend, this one or the ps3 Hrap3? My main purpose is to use in Sf4, ans HD remix, and in mame in the pc.

  3. MADPOWER says:

    They are supposed to be releasing more of these FEB09 to go along with SF4’s release. I have one pre ordered on amazon, might was as well get it now since most people in the US will have T6BR for xbox. :(

  4. Kazuro says:

    and T6BR for 360 will be better. especially with this stick

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