Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick (360)


  • Street Fighter IV themed artwork
  • Hori arcade stick
  • Hori buttons (soldered onto PCB)
  • USB wired for PC and 360 compatibility
  • Guide button Xbox 360/XBL navigation
  • LB and RB buttons on top control panel
  • Button layout:


Additional Pictures:

Where to Buy:

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10 thoughts on “Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick (360)

  1. What a piece of junk. Why does anyone buy these things? I guess because they are cheap but they have a crap stick in them, crap buttons, have no weight to them, and are hard to modify to have better parts inside of them. Can’t they release a real Stick in America? No? Gay.

  2. @ Zero

    These probably won’t be out in retail stores in the US. Unless places import them.

    Have you seen the US Official SF IV sticks? They are MUCH better IMO.

    Look em’ up ;)

  3. @ Mark H

    Because I’ve tested/been using them. I’m the designer. :)

    You can ask Capcom people, they’ll tell you the same, it is the best retail stick out there as of now.

  4. “the mad catz arcade fight stick has had a ton of bad press as of late because many of the people that bought it are experiencing major hardware malfunctions. the joystick has a washer on it that is too big for it and its grinding away at the pcb and after a few hours of play the stick stops working. if you guys don’t believe me I linked the info.”


    sound like Markman needs to go back and look over those designer blueprints if you ask me.

  5. WTF, its a SF4 stick, so people will use it to play SF4 and doesn’t even RB but it has LT, you can’t heavy punch without configuring in game, that sucks.

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