Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick (PS3)


  • Street Fighter IV themed artwork
  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK arcade stick
  • Hori snap in buttons
  • Turbo button with three settings; Slow, Normal, Fast
  • Stick lever can be set as digital, left analog, or right analog
  • Buttons directly soldered onto PCB
  • USB wired for PC and PS3 compatibility
  • PS/Home Button XMB(Cross Media Bar) navigation
  • Button layout:

[] /\ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Additional Pictures:

Where to Buy:


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38 Responses to Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick (PS3)

  1. shuratoko says:

    Man these sticks are getting so tired, same old thing over and over, I want a Viewlix stick

  2. Jay says:

    IDK much about arcade sticks, but y is the joystick so close to the buttons? It looks akward. The 360 version doesn’t look that close (to me)

  3. Dragonseer says:

    @ Jay – I own the same hori stick (just without the artwork), and this pic doesn’t show how large it is, it isn’t awkward at all, it’s the best stick around

  4. Jay says:


    Is it really the best stick around? Have u seen the mad catz official SF IV sticks, MarkMan helped make those, and they look sweet. I’ve never owned an arcade stick but I would like my first to be long lasting, and when they said that the premium one would have original sanwa parts and be made of the same high quality of that like the arcades, and yea I rather take high quality over low quality any day.

  5. tekken4thewin says:

    This is one of the best sticks on the market.
    Top of the line Sanwa joystick with Hori buttons.
    While hori buttons aren’t the best… it’s so easy to
    switch them out with Sanwa buttons. This will
    be an excellent stick that’ll feel real to the
    arcade cabinet and will last for a long time!!
    go sanwa sticks!

  6. Ho-Factor says:

    This stick is essentially the original HRAP2 (Hori Real Arcade Pro 2), but with Street Fighter IV art.

    Like tekken4thewin stated, the fact that it has a Sanwa joystick as opposed to the stock Hori joystick makes this a good deal to snag up on, especially if it sells for less than the HRAP2:SA I own (roughly $150.00), which I’m pretty sure it will.

    It’s a drag that the 360 Hori sticks keep on getting shafted, though.

  7. MarkMan says:


    It’s the HRAP3 with SF art. Same control panel module too.

    It’s not even close to the HRAP2. HRAP2 has an entirely different interior and mounting plate.

  8. schmiggyjk says:

    MarkMan, I am familiar with some of your work via NeoGaf.

    I know you were working with capcom and madcatz designing the new SF4 controllers, so that may make you a little a biased. But I also know you are a hardcore fighting guy so I think you can give a good opinion.

    Would you take one of these over your lower end Madcatz SF4 stick for the PS3? Which will have higher quality parts? I don’t really want to spend 100+, as I am not that hardcore.

    Will this Hori SF4 stick be cheaper than the RAP3? Or the same price? If that is the case I would almost assume go with the Madcatz low end and swap in some sanwa buttons.

    I am mainly looking to play SFIIHD (used to play a ton back in the day via arcades) and SFIV.

  9. schmiggyjk says:

    Also, I take it the FightStick (base model), will not have a Sanwa JLF?

    For for cheap, modabilty, the Hori PS3 Fight Stick may be a better value?

  10. MarkMan says:

    Hello schmiggyjk,

    The main difference between the two sticks ultimately leads to preference. Do you enjoy bigger casing or smaller casing? The Hori SF4 stick (essentially a HRAP3) is a lot larger than the Mad Catz FightStick. I can’t go into pricing yet, but pricing info will be available sometime this month.

    I tested it out with SSF2THD Remix, and it works wonderfully.

    If you’re still uncertain on which stick you prefer, I’d suggest waiting.

    There will be a lot of arcade sticks available by February. Not just from Mad Catz, but from Hori as well.

  11. schmiggyjk says:

    Well assuming SSF2THD makes it out this month, maybe I will pick up a cheap Hori Fight Stick 3 to tide me over until February and pawn it off when the Hori SF4 stick, the Madcatz stick, and HRAP3(SA) are all out and I can make a better decision.

  12. CyberAthlete says:

    I had a question. I own the Street Fighter Anniversary sticks (released in 2005 by NubyTech) and the Arcade-In-A-Box stick (baseball bat stick, with concave buttons) and both the sticks are amazing.

    Would it be possible to get these sticks with the baseball bat stick instead of the lollipop?

    Here’s the review to my Arcade In a Box Stick (they are very expensive though, that’s the only downside):

    • IMURGE says:

      i feel u big dog, but the only place i see where the controller does not have that nasty blow pop is xarcade stick check em out but they dont have anymore of the solo stick so i might have to settle for the big one

  13. […] * PS/Home Button XMB(Cross Media Bar) navigation * Button layout: [] / R1 L1 X O R2 L2 Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick (PS3) SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource! Ayrıca yine özel Fightpad’lerde Amazon üstünden satışa sunulacak. Amazon.com: Street Fighter IV […]

  14. MarcG says:

    Is there any chance at all that these sticks will get distributed to Australia?
    I really want one… either the Hori or the Madcatz(if it uses sanwa parts), but if I have to import it, it will cost me a fortune.


  15. StreetKing says:

    I’m guessing these hori sticks, if modded with sanwa buttons, are the exact same thing as the SFIV TE sticks. So why is it so much more expensive? Is it because it’s a collector’s item? It looks beautiful and all but is it better quality than the HRAP3?

  16. Fabian says:

    I have this stick and it’s downright amazing. It’s pretty much like having your own arcade cabinet without the, uh, cabinet.

  17. MarkMan says:

    Yea, except it doesn’t have the same parts as the real cabinet ;(

  18. Silas says:


    May I ask if this indeed differs from the standard HRAP3 and the SF4 edition comes without quick disconnects? I was thinking of getting Sanwas to replace the Hori Buttons and the need for soldering would be a huge bummer.

  19. Zero_Uchiha says:

    I’ve seen this stick for sale and I was sooooo close to buying it. I’ve been doing a lot of research on which is better, this Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick or MadCatz Street Fighter IV TE stick.
    MarkMan, if I could ask you for your honest opinion, relatively speaking, how long would this Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick last? Mashing buttons and all would wear and tear of the stick of course, but I just wanted to know roughly how long it would last.
    I heard sanwa parts are the best, so the stick itself might last the test, but would the buttons last a while? Also is this stick as easy to replace parts as the supposedly “easy moddable” MadCatz SF4 TE Stick?
    Sorry for the long post, I’m just so keen and eager to finally be able to play SF online, never had such a privilege before so I want the best stick.

  20. Boris says:

    The MadCatz TE may be a wonderful stick. It may be. It certainly looks amazing, hwoever I will say that I recieved my preordere of the standard MadCatz and was really disapointed. The stick was actually sticking in several positions, and the buttons felt mushy. I returned it to Gamespot and got a HRAP 3 for my ps3 and it is the most amazing stick I have ever used.

    To bad they just raised the price on Amazon. I guess they are selling a lot of em.

  21. StreetKing says:

    I’d have to disagree. The SFIV TE stick has sanwa buttons (like the ones used in the arcade) and have an amazing feeling to them. While the HRAP3 and standard MadCatz sticks(non TE) have regular buttons (mushy feeling). But, like u, I prefer the HRAP3 beacause of it’s size. Just mod it with sanwa buttons and it’ll be the last stick you’ll ever need. I’ve had mine for over 2 years and it’s still great.

  22. Boris says:

    Oh StreetKing, you misunderstood what I was saying. I never had the TE. I had the SE. That is why I said that the TE may be wonderful, but I certainly did not like the SE.

    So HRAP 3 > MadCatz SE. Maybe that is not even a fair comprising to make, because the Hori is a bit more money.

  23. StreetKing says:

    Oops, yea I did! The HRAP3 is great. You should replace the standard hori buttons with sanwa buttons if you want the real arcade feeling. It’ll take you 10 minutes and it’s definitely worth it. :)

    Btw, Props to MarkMan! Just realized you were one of the producers for the SFIV TE stick. Nice job!! Do you play SFIV on PS3? If you do, then I challenge you to a game!! HRAP3 vs TE stick :D

  24. Zero_Uchiha says:

    These buttons are soldered onto the pcb, does that mean i cant change over to sanwa buttons? I think thats right. Well i mean u cant “quick disconnect” them yes? I really want a good stick but i just dont have any luck. I couldnt preorder the Madcatz Te and PRO3 SA is out of stock. So i wanted to buy this stick but if i cant change the buttons out easily, would u still recommend buying it?
    Also how hard is it to mod this stick, i mean trying to solder new sanwa buttons?

  25. StreetKing says:

    Of course you can. This is simply a normal HRAP3 with different artwork. It is extremely easy to mod it with sanwa buttons. Check out this tutorial :


    The tutorial is for the HRAP2 but it’s the exact same thing for the HRAP3 as well.

  26. MarkMan says:

    StreetKing, you are mistaken. The buttons being soldered to the PCB means you can not easily swap out buttons like the normal HRAP3.

    You would have to desolder and rewire Sanwa buttons onto the PCB.

  27. Zero_Uchiha says:

    thanks for the quick responses. Also Markman thanks again for your help. I have no idea about soldering and desoldering (actually the desoldering part looks easy enough, soldering the sanwa buttons onto another pcb??? thats the part i got no idea about :P).

    Its getting harder and harder to wait for a stick. Im playing SF4 and can only play like 5 matches or so before my thumb is so worn out from doing charge moves on d-pad that i just have to quit. I want a stick that will be long lasting. If a button breaks i want to be able to replace it, but PCB means a no go for me.

    Is there any quick or easier way to get around pcb soldering to replace buttons?

  28. […] is used but in very good working condition. Comes with original stickers for the SF IV game. Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick (PS3) SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource! Pls PM […]

  29. […] with the pictures above, the PS3 BB stick will be essentially the same as the official JPN version Street Fighter IV arcade stick while the Xbox 360 BB stick will be the tried and true Hori Fighting Stick EX2 (Dead or Alive 4, […]

  30. jokkoo says:

    Hori Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick and MadCatz Street Fighter IV TE stick which is the best stick to play street fighter 4

  31. Nismo18 says:

    I recently purchased the madcatz te and have to say that it looks n feels amazing. Got it from eBay aust. For $325 :-( . It’s also a blast playing on pc Mame like sf3 and ssf2t. I’ve also won an auction for this hori sf4 stick for $185 which was cheaper than buying from play-asia ($190 for the normal hrap3). I’m waiting on my sanwa buttons to replace if needed. I really hope buttons can be replaced easy. Can’t beleive I’m hooked on this whole arcade scene now!

  32. chrissf4pro says:

    Hey, i recently came back from china with a hori blazblue fight stick. OMG! Wat a pile of turd! Its the same as the 1 above but different art. The main problem is the buttons. They really do feel like crap. I hear tekken 6 plan on releasing 1 so beware!

  33. Nismo18 says:

    When I opened the sf4 stick it looked like a pain in the ass to desolder buttons. I ended up returning it as it got delivered broken and now have the regular hrap3 which was perfect for modding. Buttons were joined by quick disconnect terminals so no need to solder.

  34. Nismo18 says:

    By the way, please do urself a favour and order ur sanwa buttons cos the standard hori buttons are shite!

  35. Nismo18 says:

    Don’t waste ur money on licensed sticks, just get the normal hrap3 stick. Be cool

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