Saulabi 4K Arcade Stick (PS3)

Additional Pictures:

saulabi_ps3_black_10 saulabi_ps3_black_09 saulabi_ps3_black_07 saulabi_ps3_black_13

saulabi_ps3_black_14 saulabi_ps3_black_12 saulabi_ps3_black_15

Where to Buy:


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10 thoughts on “Saulabi 4K Arcade Stick (PS3)

  1. I like the looks of this stick. It’s built like a friggin tank!
    How does it compare to the Hori ones? Is it any good?
    (Still haven’t decided what stick to get.)

  2. @Renikon
    I’m not sure about what are you asking but the stick is actually like an analog stick with 15% deadzone, not that great for shmup, i sometimes don’t push enough to actually move.
    Anyway that’s a good deal.

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