Pelican USB Converter

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The Pelican PS2 to PS3 Adapter enables all PlayStation and PlayStation 2 controllers and arcade sticks to be played on the PLAYSTATION 3 console lag free! The converter is also compatible with both PS1 and PS2 games being played on the PS3 via backwards compatibility.

Features and Highlights:

  • Play any PS1/PS2 controller on your PS3
  • Play all your PS2 games on your PS3
  • Works with Guitar Hero I and II
  • (4 numbered lights – 1,2,3,4) – These lights mimic the 4 lights on a PS3 controller. The light shown indicates which port your peripheral is synched to. Flashing lights indicate that a peripheral has not been synched.
  • (PS Button) – The PS Button allows you to connect your PS2 peripheral to a controller port and gain control. When you see the numbered lights flashing, it means that your controller is not yet synched. Press the PS button and your controller will be synched up to the first available controller port. When you are synched, you should see one light indicating which port you have control over and your peripheral should be functional. Also, if you hold down the PS Button for five seconds, you will enter the PS3 onscreen controller menu.
  • Normal/GH2 Switch (normal/Guitar Hero II) – Set this switch to indicate what controller peripheral you are using. If you are usnig any type of controller (DualShock 2 controllers, wireless controllers, guitars for Guitar Hero 1, steering wheels, arcade fighting sticks, dance mats) and are NOT playing Guitar Hero 2, then set the switch to “Normal” for Normal. If you are playing Guitar Hero II, then set the switch to “GH2” for Guitar Hero 2. Always be sure that the switch is set properly or else your controller may have undesired effects.
  • (3 lettered lights – M,R,L) – These lights are used to indicate which Guitar Hero II mode you are in when playing Guitar Hero II. The green “M” light indicates that you are in “Menu Mode”. The red “R” light indicates you are in “Rightly Play Mode”. The yellow “L” light indicates that you are in “Lefty Play Mode”.

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10 Responses to Pelican USB Converter

  1. Grant says:

    Does it work perfectly with DDR pads?

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  3. […] big question everyone wants to know is… how does this converter stack up against the Pelican USB PS2 to PS3 Adapter (the current king of converters) and how does it stack up against the REAL PS2/PS3 Converter?  […]

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