06/19/07 – Tekken 6 Private Show


Rage System

Item Skill

New Hit Effects

New Stages

New Collapsing Stages


Images from GameWatch.



30 thoughts on “06/19/07 – Tekken 6 Private Show

  1. I wonder what the rage system is going to be like? i hope not like mortal kombat style and I see jack’s big ass fell through the stage, that pic was funny to me!!! LOL

  2. heey this game is the best fighting game ever.Tekken 6 will be awesome.
    i’m lookin forward to play it on my PS3.it’s gonna be so cool!!

  3. I just wonder why there only 40 characters in the tekken 6 roster.. I thought that namco bandai said that tekken 6 will boost the greatest character line-up ever in all the series.. 40 is not the greatest number for me.. Is sad to say but there roster is not that impressive .

  4. i reckon there will be more than 40 though

    tbh, namco can release whatever info they want, and if a character selection screen with only 40 slots is what they want us to see than thats all we will see

  5. i wonder what the demon/devil/ogre thing was in the silent trailer…..i think its the creature from dragonuvs TKDR ending :D

  6. yes the best tekken ever this rules anna look graet en zaffina to al the grils en the boys to i kan wait to busch te game in mine playstation3 tekken6 yes yes jahoei

  7. Is it Anna on the 4th pic of “New hit effects”? Because she seems to have short hair and i dunno might be a new char o.o

  8. XIAOYU- High Spirited Girl
    JULIA- Wandering Fighter
    NINA- Silent Assassin

    I can’t w8 2 play this dis girls!!!

  9. i wish it was a little bit beter it is geting their i like the falling clift new stage but wish it was almost 3d like dead or alive i wish it was like them, the way they move and jump the way the hair move or the body movement the stage need more work send i like fighting game so much tekken and dead or alive is like my favrite if u make it better for the new gen i will be so happy i dont care how much icost as long it look better and the girl look more better like daed or alive4 big boobies make more relistic for the next tekken7

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