06/20/07 UPDATE

06/20/07 UPDATE

Thanks to mukumuku, zechs and geesendou for the latest update!

  • Live Monitor panel now has touch screen functionality. You can view either the live match or view other matches recorded throughout Japan.
  • In T5DR, to be broadcasted on TEKKEN-NET live monitors you had to be Fujin ranked or above. For Tekken 6 it allows lower ranked matches to be broadcasted on the live network.
  • Ranking starts at Beginner.
  • Rankings will now be international.
  • Tekken Teams/Clans can use an original common item.
  • Teams/Clans will now be assigned a rank/level.
  • You can achieve medals by completing certain tasks. Much like Virtua Fighter 5. For example, get a 15 win streak, receive a 15 win streak medal/reward.
  • There are 12 total stages. Some stages are connected to each other. Not all stages will have a linked stage.
  • There will still be infinite stages.
  • For breakable stages, there are unique combos/juggles you can perform on those stages only.
  • Namco does not intend to do minor patches/tweaks to the game(like VF5 does), instead they plan on launching the game and having it as balanced as possible in November.
  • The new Tekken 6 arcade board has faster read/load times than Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection.


  • d/f+2 is a high crush.


  • d/f+1,2 (twin pistons) has been removed. Instead the new move is d/f+1 into a new second hit. It no longer launches, it’s more like a hammer fist move that causes knockdown.
  • New move similar to Kazuya’s d/f+3, causes unbreakable stun on CH.
  • Heihachi has a new low move.
  • EWGF, f,f+2, d+1 and hellsweep seem to be the same.


  • Kazuya seems to be the strongest of the Mishimas now.
  • Kazuya has a new string, 1,2,4,3. The last kick is mid.
  • New move, d/f+3,1
  • New move, b+1+2 which is similar to Heihachi’s b+2. Does not stun on CH.
  • New mid, mid string. b+1,2.


  • From the limited play time with Jin, there doesn’t seem to be any noticeable changes with his game play.

More updates soon!


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