06/21/07 UPDATE

06/21/07 UPDATE #2

Special thanks to mukumuku, TEKKENBBS, and 2CH game fight posters for the following information!



  • Steve has a new stance. It’s the “peek a boo” stance done by inputting f+3+4 or 3+4, f+3+4. The motion is similar to the main character’s fighting style in Hajime No Ippo.
  • From the “peek a boo” stance, you can use a 1 or 2 punch. His 1+3 throw from the stance is 6-8 punches. If the throw whiffs, you recover back in “peek a boo” stance.
  • According to Namco staff, you are stationary during the stance and can’t do any movement.
  • d/f+2 launches on counter hit only.
  • b+1 range is longer. It is now easier to connect combos on counter hit.
  • f,b+1,1,2,1 is either removed from the game or has a completely new notation.
  • Animation on the third hit of 1,1,2 has been altered.
  • f,f,N+2 in T5DR has changed it’s input back to f,f+2(like in Tekken 4). The T5DR f,f+2 was either removed or has a new notation.
  • d/f+1+2 sonic fang pushes back less on guard, compared to T5DR.


  • New move. SS+3+4 which launches on hit.
  • Animation on WS+4 strings were changed slightly.
  • According to Namco staff, Baek has fewer animation changes than most characters because his animations were already redone in T5DR.


  • New move. f,N,d,d/f+3. Mid kick, with long range.
  • LFS 3,3, strings/cancels were removed.
  • New moves in LFS. One long rage move and another move that tracks to the left side.
  • f,N,d/f+4 Talon Sky Rocket(Just Frame Sky Rocket) is now more difficult to do than T5DR.
  • WS+4,4 range has been increased.

More updates as it comes!

06/21/07 UPDATE

Special thanks to mukumuku, TEKKENBBS, and 2CH game fight posters for the following information!



  • Asuka’s old f,f+2 from T5DR is now done by inputting SS+2.
  • Her new f,f+2 is the 2nd hit from d/f+1,2 string in DR. On counter hit it shifts into the auto throw.
  • New string, 2,1,1+2. The last hit throws the opponent down and can be cancelled.
  • Asuka can now do the last kick of b+2,1+2,4 as a normal move.
  • Most of her animation is the same as T5DR.


  • Law has a new low, high string. His right foot kicks the opponent on their shin, the left leg then throws out a high kick. This move is from the final fight in Bruce Lee’s “Way of the Dragon” (Also called “Return of the Dragon”).
  • Law had a new costume that was similar to the one where Bruce Lee fought Sammo Hung in “Game of Death.”
  • His item move is done with the nunchaku. The animation is similar to Maxi’s movement in Soul Calibur.
  • You can use Law’s item move infinitely. When you do the move Law takes out the nunchuaku to do the hit attack then hides it afterwards.
  • Law’s movement/animation has changed and is more like Maxi’s movement from Soul Calibur.
  • DSS/DFS seems to be the same as T5DR.
  • The animation for b+1,2,1 is different.
  • Many of the other moves have different animations as well.


  • New move. FC 1+2, Raven vanishes for a short period of time. During the move you can input 4 and his d/f+3+4 from T5DR comes out. Inputting 2 during the move will give you his old d/f+1+2 from T5DR.
  • The command of d/f+1+2 and d/f+3+4 are no longer there.

More updates coming soon! We still have untranslated information on Bruce and Hwoarang!


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