07/08/07 ~ 09/03/07 – MISC UPDATES

UPDATE 09/03/07

Tekken-Official just updated their Tekken 6 site with more character profiles and two new pages of screen shots! The new screen shots include newcomer Bob and a few new stages. Here are a few of them(click to enlarge):

More screens here: TEKKEN-OFFICIAL – TEKKEN 6

UPDATE 09/02/07

Here are the latest scans from the October issue of Arcadia Magazine… It shows the character CG/profiles for Bob, Paul, Steve, Law, and Lili. Also pictured is a nice T5DR Online and Tekken 6 ad from Namco Bandai Games Inc. !

UPDATE 08/30/07

Special thanks to sunlightyellow , Arcadia Magazine , kurichan, chosis and everyone else for the info provided! Here are the character story profiles and translations for Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, Lili Rochefort, and Steve Fox:

マーシャル・ロウ / MARSHALL LAW
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5の最中に不法就労がばれ、アメリカに強制送還されてしまったマーシャル・ロウ。


During the middle of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, it was discovered that Marshall Law was working illegally in Japan, and as a result he was immediately deported to his home country of the United States of America.

With the deadline to pay for the damages of his son’s accident fast approaching, hopes of getting the money needed were slim. Just then, his best friend Paul Phoenix approached him with the idea of forming a team—securing a high-ranking prize alone would certainly be difficult, but if he was part of a team, the probability of winning would be much higher.

Marshall accepted Paul’s invite, but thinking a three-man team was better two, the renowned boxer Steve Fox caught his attention.

ポール・フェニックス / PAUL PHOENIX
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5において、クマを倒したところで力尽きてしまったポール・フェニックス。

賞金を得られぬまま、借金地獄に苦しんでいたポールは、再びThe King of Iron Fist Tournamentが開催されることを知る。

Paul Phoenix’s rematch with the bear called “Kuma” was fierce, and though victorious, he was utterly exhausted, leaving him unable to continue the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

Unable to collect any prize money from the last tournament, Paul, who was already burdened by his mountain of debt, learns that a new King of Iron Fist Tournament will be held soon.

Believing he that if he won the tournament, he could finally say goodbye to his loan troubles, Paul deeply though about ways to increase his chances of winning—participating on his own was out of the question. If he could assemble a team with someone, his chances of winning the prize money would greatly increase. And so he went over his plan with his best friend Marshall Law.

スティーブ・フォックス / STEVE FOX


Steve Fox had destroyed the research institute of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and finally settled a long-time feeling of resentment.

Steve was intent on returning to the world of the boxing again, but the majority of major boxing meets are canceled by the war that broke out all over the world.
Steve, who knew no other trade than the boxing ring, had effectively lost his job and his passion, and went into depression.

Soon after, he received an invitation to train together with Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix. Steve, who liked the idea of training in a martial art other than boxing, accepted.

リリ / LILI
父親に内緒でThe King of Iron Fist Tournament 5に出場するものの、風間 飛鳥との対戦に敗れてしまったリリ。

父親の身を案じたリリは、自分が三島財閥に奪われた油田を取り戻せば、父親の心労を癒してあげることができるに違いないと考え、その方策を練っていたところ、当の三島財閥がThe King of Iron Fist Tournament 6の開催を発表する。

Lili competed in the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 5 behind her father’s back, but was defeated by Asuka Kazama. Once her father had found out about Lili’s participation, she was grounded, preventing her from claiming revenge on Asuka.

One day, her father’s oil fields are taken over by Mishima Zaibatsu control, and his company falls into disrepute, her father suffering greatly from overwork. Mishima Zaibatsu announces the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Lili deduces that she can reclaim her father’s oil field if she wins the upcoming tournament, easing the anxiety of her father. Lili decides to participate in the tournament to save her father.

UPDATE 08/29/07

Special thanks to kobayan.jp , Arcadia Magazine , kurichan, and hamstar for the translation!

Tekken 6 will have another media showing on September 15th in Tokyo. And…. it looks like we might see BOB there! Who’s Bob? Keep reading below….

Click thumbnails to see larger images!





Bob, a stoic person at heart, took his dreams of becoming strong very seriously.

Since childhood he was a celebrated martial arts prodigy, and since he was a pretty boy with an excellent physique, he was not short of fans. Despite his martial arts prowess, he was unsuccessful against opponents of larger builds. For this reason, Bob disappeared from the public eye, setting out to accomplish the difficult task of rebuilding his body, increasing weight and power without sacrificing speed.

Bob returned home several years later after he had finished rebuilding his body. His drastic change in appearance shocked and disappointed all who knew him. Simply put, he looked fat, and nothing more—they couldn’t contain their laughter. His once perfect body was nothing more than a distant and pleasant memory.

Bob paid their comments no mind, for he firmly believed his speed, power, weight—everything—was simply perfect. He was completely satisfied with what he had achieved, and so believing now was the time to test his body, Bob decided to participate in the world famous martial arts tournament known as the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.

UPDATE 08/13/07

As promised, here are the latest scans from Arcadia Magazine!

Click thumbnails to see larger images!

We’re working on the translation for the player impressions from the T6 location test, so be on the lookout for an update soon!

UPDATE 08/07/07

Just in case you haven’t been checking Tekken-Official, has updated the Tekken 6 site with more character profile information. The characters section is filling out quite nicely!

Expect scans from the September 2007 issue of Arcadia Magazine within the next day or two.

UPDATE 08/02/07

Tekken-Official has updated with 53 new screen shots for Tekken 6! Check them out here ! The screens are the same ones shown in the latest Japanese magazine scans shown below:

Click on images for larger sizes!

UPDATE 07/30/07

Thanks to sunlightyellow we have FOUR new character profiles for Tekken 6! Special thanks to Chosis and Kurichan on TZ forums for the translation!

死んだと思われていた三島 平八が生きているという情報に、胸を撫で下ろした凌 暁雨。
しかし、その平八の命を三島財閥の新頭首となった風間 仁が狙っているという。

やがて三島財閥による宣戦布告によって、世界は戦争に巻き込まれていった。そんな中開催が発表されたThe King of Iron Fist Tournament 6。

Ling Xiaoyu breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Heihachi had not truly died. However, as head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama aims to take Heihachi’s life. Xiaoyu was going to try and stop Jin herself, but the Zaibatsu pushed towards militarization, making it difficult to approach Jin.

The Mishima Zaibatsu’s declaration of war drew hostility from around the globe. When the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 is announced, Ling Xiaoyu enters in the hope that she can save Jin’s soul from evil.

セルゲイ・ドラグノフ / SERGEI DRAGUNOV
ロシア軍司令部からデビルと呼ばれる未確認生物捕獲の命を受け、The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5に潜入したセルゲイ・ドラグノフであったが、大会中にデビルを見つけることはできなかった。

国内の混乱を抑えるべく、ドラグノフは各地で激しい戦闘を繰り広げていたが、ある日ロシア軍上層部から、The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6へ潜入し三島財閥を潰すよう特命を受ける。

Sergei Dragunov received an order from Russian Military headquarters to sneak into the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 to capture an unconfirmed creature known as Devil. Sergei infiltrated the tournament, but did not find the Devil.

Before long the activities of the Mishima Zaibatsu were causing unrest in Russia. While Dragunov staged numerous intense battles to quell the unrest throughout his motherland, he received an order from the Russian Military high command to infiltrate The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 and smash the Mishima Zaibatsu single-handedly.

Once again, Dragunov finds himself heading to Japan…

ブルース・アーヴィン / BRUCE IRVIN
The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5に於いて、三島 一八と再会したブルース・アーヴィンは、三島 一八の奸計に加担しG社の乗っ取りに成功する。


やがてG社が三島財閥を一気に壊滅させるための布石として、仁に対し莫大な報償金をかけると、予想通り三島財閥は動きを見せ、The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6の開催が発表される。

After becoming reacquainted with Kazuya Mishima at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Bruce Irvin decided to assist Kazuya with his scheme to takeover G Corporation, and after they had succeeded Kazuya managed to control the corporation from behind closed doors.

G Corporation waged war with the Mishima Financial Group (MFG), and Bruce, as Kazuya’s Captain, led Kazuya’s private corps into battle, fighting the MFG the world over. Soon afterwards, G Corporation made preparations to annihilate the MFG by placing an enormous bounty on Jin, and as anticipated, the MFG began to show signs of movement: the opening of King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 was announced.

Bruce Irvin has entered the tournament to capture Jin…

三島 一八に復讐するため、The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5に参加した李 超狼。
しかし、The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5を開いたのが一八ではなく、三島 仁八であったと知った李は、大会に対する興味を失いバハマの自宅へと戻っていた。

やがて世界は風間 仁率いる三島財閥によって混沌の渦に巻き込まれ、それに対抗する勢力としてG社が台頭し始める。
その一八が、今度開かれるThe King of Iron Fist Tournament 6に直接参加するという情報を得た李は、一八に近づく為、G社の株主優待券を使い大会に参加するのであった。

Chaolan Lee took part in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in order to take revenge on Kazuya Mishima. However, the one who had opened the tournament was not Kazuya, but Jinpachi Mishima, and Chaolan, after learning this fact, lost interest in the tournament and returned to his home in the Bahamas.

Soon afterwards, the MFG, led by Jin Kazama brought the world to chaos, and around the same time G Corporation became a major opposition. Surprised by G Corporation’s sudden military action, Chaolan, a major shareholder, conducted a private investigation with the utmost secrecy and discovered that it was Kazuya who was the real power behind G Corporation actions.

After obtaining information that Kazuya himself would take part in this tournament, Chaolan, using a shareholder’s preferential treatment ticket, enters the tournament in order to get close to Kazuya

UPDATE 07/23/07

In the August issue of Arcadia Magazine, the development team for Tekken 6 was interviewed and they gave their thoughts about the upcoming game and why the changes were made to the current system. Click below and check out the full interview!


UPDATE 07/17/07

Namco Bandai Games Inc. announced that Tekken 6 will be out on console within 1 year from the arcade release date in November. They also confirmed that T6 will have ONLINE play!

UPDATE 07/13/07

Special thanks to mukumuku, 2CH GAMEFIGHT posters, TEKKENBBS posters, and everyone else!



  • Lei can transition his d/f+2 into SNK(Snake) by inputting d/f+2~F.

More news on the way!

UPDATE 07/12/07

Just yesterday at E3, a Namco representative mentioned to SD TEKKEN that TEKKEN 6 won’t hit consoles until after SOUL CALIBUR IV does. SOUL CALIBUR IV is slated for a 2008 console release.

UPDATE 07/11/07

Special thanks to Ryo Yamazaki, 2CH, TEKKENBBS, Kil, Deep Theater and everyone else!



  • New Move, d+2~3 is about 20 frames in speed. Long reach low attack where the initial attack looks like Anna’s b+1 but with a lower hitbox/animation. The second hit is a kick that turns inwards. It is natural combo on CH only.
  • New Move, WS+1,1+2 string. Safe on block. First hit travels quite a bit and can be used in juggles. For example launch, d/f+3,2~SSL+1~f,N, 1(WS+1), 1,4,1 or WS+1,1+2 ender.
  • New Move, d/b+3 low attack. Looks similar to Hwoarang’s SS+3 kick. Gives advantage and seems to be about -12 on block.
  • QCF+1 launcher is less than -11 on block.
  • Animation has changed for the u_u/b_u/f+3 series of jumpkicks.
  • According to Deep Theater, Nina’s overall style/gameplay hasn’t changed much from T5DR.
  • u/f+1+2 throw into the wall still guarantees the opponent to do a wakeup 3 kick, but Nina does not get knocked down(same for Anna).


  • New Move, b+2,2 which is fairly fast. Possible to go into RDS(Raindance/BT) after this move.
  • New Move, f+4,4 which is a high kick into a low kick. Natural combo.
  • New Move, RDS 1+2,1+2.
  • New Move, u/f+3 hopkick similar to Lili’s.
  • New Move, f+3 which stuns on CH(old T5DR f+3 was removed).
  • f,f+1 can now transition into AOP(Art of Phoenix).
  • No new moves from AOP have been discovered as of yet.

UPDATE 07/10/07

Special thanks to mukumuku, 2CH, TEKKENBBS, and everyone else!



  • New Move, d+4,3 is natural combo that does little damage. d+4 no longer crushes highs.
  • New Move, DSS(Dragon Stance Sign) 1+2, it looks like a faster version of f+2~1 one inch punch. Shorter range.
  • New Move, 3+4. Mid double kick attack that looks like the last hit of Anna’s u/f+1,3,3+4 string. Good range and crushes lows.
  • New Move, WS+1,2 new WS punisher, hits mid, high and may be natural combo.
  • New Move, d+2,3, the old move was changed into a low right punch into a knee strike. It launches on CH only.
  • 4 is now a different kick, f+4 is more like the standing 4 of T5DR. CH f+4, b+2,3,4, DSS 3 still hits.
  • d/f+2 range is shorter(this seems to be the case with all characters that have generic d/f+2).
  • SSR 3+4, d/b+3, f+1+2 all combos together on the ground.
  • f,f+2,1,3 range has been reduced on the initial strike.
  • B+4 transitions Law into BT stance now, b+4 makes him face forward.
  • U/F+4 flipkick can now transition to DFS>DSS. By going into stance the flipkick recovers faster. This new transition enables more juggle possibilites.


  • New Move, QCF+3 is a new low kick move that knocks down on CH. f,f+4 may be guaranteed after it hits on CH.
  • New Move, b+1+2. b,b+1+2 is the new notation for the b+1+2 unblockable in T5DR.
  • Phoenix Smasher(aka death fist) no longer pushes back like in previous games.
  • New Move, QCF+1+2 is a new low move that is quicker/more useful than the T5DR QCF+1+2.


  • New Move, b+4,1 which is a low, high natural combo string. It is about 23 frames impact and the second hit causes knockdown and wallstun. When the first hit is blocked the second hit can not be interrupted by an 11 frame WS move. The string can be delayed. On block the move seems to be around -14. The move feels similar to Julia’s FC d/f+4,3 only except you do it from a standing position.
  • New Move, d/f+1,1,1 is an all mid string. The first two hits are natural combo. The second and last hits in the string can be delayed.
  • New Move, 2,1 is a new high,mid string that hits as natural combo. 2,1~F transitions Lei into DRU(Drunken) stance.
  • New Move, d+2 is a mid strike that forces the opponent to crouching state when blocked. On CH it knocks down the enemy into SLD position.
  • New Move, d+4,4 which is a low to a mid kick. Not natural combo and cannot be delayed. d+4,4~F transitions Lei into DRU stance. Lei can still d+4~D to go into SNK(Snake).
  • New Move, BT b+1,1 high, mid string that leaves you in BT after performing the move. Lei is at a huge disadvantage after the move is blocked.
  • New Move, SNK 1,2,1,2 string. The first three hits are natural combo. The last hit of the string is high. After the second or last hit of the string Lei stays in SNK stance.
  • New Move, DRA(Dragon) 3 is a new low. It does not knock down on hit. The animation is similar to Xiaoyu’s AOP f+4. Lei recovers crouching after he performs the move. If you input DRA 3* (hold 3) Lei transitions into CRN(Crane). Does not have crush properties.
  • New Move, TGR (Tiger) 3 is a new mid kick that crushes lows. Causes knockdown on hit.
  • New Move, DRU b+1+2 is a lunging, spinning headbutt like Jackie Chan does in Drunken Master II. Recovers in SLD position.
  • New Move, DRU 1+3 throw. The range and active frame of this throw has been increased. There are now two chances where the move will transition into the throw. Near wall, WS+3 is guaranteed. The throw break window seems to have gotten smaller.
  • DRU d+3+4 and d+1+2 laying down is possible now. It is also possible for Lei to transition into other grounded positions other than PLD and SLD but the notation has not been found yet.

More updates soon!



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