FRAME DATA is a very useful tool for those wanting to take a more serious approach towards the game. Special thanks to Ina Tekken Wiki for providing the base information of the frame data and the TekkenZaibatsu Community for the contributions!
In our TEKKEN CRASH VIDEO ARCHIVE you can view all the Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion videos recorded during the Korean TV show with teams of 3 participating.
If you want to win, you need to know your combos. That’s where COMBO VIDEOS help, providing us with both strong and flashy juggles. Choose one of the characters and watch the combos he or she can perform!
Our INTERVIEWS with TEKKEN 6 players! See our interviews with 5 of the best TEKKEN 6 players from Japan and an exclusive interview with GeN1US from France!
SD TEKKEN has put together a setup guide to help improve your TEKKEN 6 ONLINE experience! Read our ONLINE GUIDE to help reduce connection errors from happening!
A collection of TEKKEN 6 news we’ve been collecting since Feb. 2007! To relive any and all of the TEKKEN news, please check out our TEKKEN 6 NEWS ARCHIVE!
LEVEL UP YOUR GAME is a series of great Tekken 6 video tutorials made by MYK, Rip and TRUE! from IAMTEKKEN.COM. It is a must-watch for you if you’re a Tekken fan!
MYK’S TEKKEN TIME is a series of podcasts with various Tekken players recorded by MYK from IAMTEKKEN.COM.

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