UPDATE 07/02/07

UPDATE 07/02/07

TEKKEN OFFICIAL just updated their official site with a bunch of stuff! There you can find a bunch of new screens from the TEKKEN 6 arcade advertisement as well as the T6 story and character stories. Thanks to Miguel’s profile page we learn his full name is “Miguel Caballero Rojo”. Also new on the site is the addition of a story, characters, system, movie and screenshots sections… check them out!


Special thanks to jin11 for the heads up!

Tekken 6 Impressions from Nin (#1 T5DR Steve in the world; 2005 KOREA CHAMP, 2005 SBO CHAMP)

Nin’s exact words on Tekken 6 (from his one hour experience)

“It’s for sure… Tekken 6 kills DR”

He believes it’s wayy better than DR, there is also one more new game system element that Nin said is amazing but Namco told him to not say anything about it. But he said it’s really good, and he can’t wait for T6. He wanted to play more than the one hour.

DJ and Bryan are definitely weaker now as well. Koreans told Nin to play with Steve ‘nicely’ so they don’t rape Steve lol.

“Namco says that they want to satisfy players who aren’t from T5 and DR area and wanted give something for their support. Not sure what they mean by this supposedly TTT element perhaps. There was also some other note that Rage mode might be affected depending on ‘weight class’ and that you will be able to use particular moves.

We would like to apologize to our readers regarding some of the information obtained from TEKKENBBS. It turns out that some of the Lee information was made up by someone. The false information has been marked and updated on this page.

More updates as they come!


One Response to UPDATE 07/02/07

  1. Williams says:

    What is the new system that Nin is talking about ?
    A 3 Tag Mode ?
    or something else

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