UPDATE 07/08/07

UPDATE 07/08/07 #3



  • u/f+1+2 > d,d/f+2 now makes the opponent stagger (in other words, you probably can’t follow up with anything against a wall)
  • b+2, d/b+2 will reach longer and have better block stun if you hold 2 (the same goes for his new 3-string move)
  • After d/b+3, he has a mixup between a mid that block stuns and a crouch throw
  • b+1+2 now stuns the opponent instead of making them fly back — combo potential?


  • Overall, she has a good amount of combo starters
  • Her combos are relatively easy, and many of them have good oki options

Her three stances:

  • d+1+2: Her tarantula stance – she gets down really, really low (like a tarantula, or a cockroach)
  • 3+4: Scarecrow stance — Like Anna’s stance, with one leg raised
  • d+3+4: Mantis stance — Like Xiaoyu’s AOP stance


  • d/f+1: Like Lili’s ws+1
  • d/f+2: She gets down really low for an uppercut
  • 1,2: Like Lili’s 1,2
  • 2,2,1+2: 3-hit punch string, ends with a move like Xiaoyu’s d/b+1
  • 1+2,3+4,3+4: Starts like Eddy’s d/b+1+2 (but doesn’t crush highs) and then two kicks in the air
  • d/b+1+2,1+2: A low combo starter into another move
  • f+2,3,4: Another 3-string move; holding f after the second move moves her into scarecrow stance
  • d/b+4: Similar to Anna’s d/b+4; holding f afterwards shifts her into the tarantula stance
  • d+4,3+4: A low kick into a combo starting mid
  • f,f+2: Like Asuka’s f+1+2; same hit properties, probably high
  • ws+2: A launcher
  • ws+1: Forces them to sit down on CH, can be followed up with f+2,3 and then a combo
  • f,f+1+2: Throw

From Scarecrow:

  • 3+4: Similar to Eddy’s f+3+4

UPDATE 07/08/07 #2

Special thanks to Ryo Yamazaki, mukumuku, 2CH, TEKKENBBS, Aokage, Reno, jin11 UNCONKABLE!!!! and everyone else!



Testing Impressions from Korea(Thanks jin11!):

TEKKEN 6 INFO :: Impressions from BETA

– Tekken 6 movement and hit system feels alot like Tekken Tag
– Tekken 6 juggles do low damage as Tekken 4 system
– Combos in general do low damage
– Juggles seem harder to do ala Tekken Tag
– Long jab combos are also much harder

– Apparently the wall combos are pretty raped for all characters. Only quick attacks hit. Making it deadly mixture since dash jabs carry much shorter. It seems like Tekken 6 is a fusion of DR and Tag/T4. This is what Namco meant by pleasing the Tekken players of the non DR generation.

– 200won said Tekken 6 feels really alot like Tag because of the SS sytem. It seems you can evade alot of things by timing it right. He also mentioned he would think all chars being 10 frames would change the system dramatically, but after playing in Beta Test the difference is not that huge and it doesn’t feel that much change.

It doesn’t have that much impact on gameplay as he felt it would, which he feels is very good. He also thinks Zafina will be super strong. Her stance moves seem very deadly and unless Namco changes the properties she will most likely be top tier.

Also he thinks Paul has a hard time. As Dash Jabs are pretty useless and the new wall system makes him weaker than before. Players will have to find something else now.

– Dash jabs are hard not because of the 10 frame jabs but the general juggle system has changed. The launch height isn’t the same as before. Gravity seems more strict.

– Also about breakable stages, they are hard to do. It’s not that big influence in the gameplay.

– DUK believes Jin is super weak in the beta version. Namco will probably tune him up in final ver. All his moves seem super slow and stuff. Also very punishable.

– All characters with jab jab combos in DR WILL have to change and find something else to replace it with because it is also useless now. They have to work for combos now, because of difficulty of combos.

– Most of Steves and Rogers DR combos work in T6 though. And Steve seems to have very nice new combos for T6.

– Yoshi seems to have some godly moves, but the character needs more development accordingly to 200won. He has something new that extends his juggle properties.. (don’t know what that means.. )

– Something else about the control system. Movement responds very fast, and button timing is very strict. You cannot bash juggles like you can in DR. You have to input more precisely like Tag. Overall better control movement.

– Marduk’s VT stance the properties have changed. If the player abuse it, the opponent can catch up to Marduk and punish. (not sure what this means.. ). Apparently it’s easy to dash in and attack. This helps break people who turtle to tell them to attack.

– Best characters from beta test so far seem like Baek and Hwoarang. 200won said those 2 character owned all the T6 machines lol.

– Mishima EWGF seems to be weaker now. Gives less ADV on block, almost seems punishable lol. Also combos like Kaz, EWGF EWGF, jab jab is almost impossible, like Tekken 4. Wow, really big change on juggle system.

– Hwoa JFSR is super super hard to do. ala Tekken 4 style.

Tons of Koreans went to Beta Test for Tekken 6. This is all from the Korean playtesting.. I’ll post more later.. .

More news coming!



  • If the last hit of b+2,1,1+2 hits CH there is a new stun animation with good followup advantages.
  • 1+2 is quicker and knocks the opponent into SLD position on normal hit.
  • After d/b+3 CH knockdown dashing d+3,4 picked up an opponent as they tried to move.
  • WS+4 does not knock down on normal hit.
  • Wang’s f+1+4 unblockable animatio has changed, might not be able to cancel it anymore.


  • New Move, f,f+1+2 long range headbutt that is similar to Roger Jr.’s headbutt.
  • New Move, WS+1,1… The WS+1 does not launch but the new followup is a WS+1 into an overhead smash.
  • Bear hellsweep (d/b+4) into WS+1,1 is guaranteed.


  • b+1 can now string into u/f+3.
  • Giant swing into the wall, then d/b+3 followup seems to be guaranteed still.


  • Staple juggle being used seems to be d/f+2, 2, 2, b+1,2,2 you can also do f,f+2, dash, u+1+2, (2), b+1,2,2.


  • f+1+2 animation has changed and seems to grant Paul more advantage on block.


  • f,f+1,4 is gauranteed on CH.


  • From POGO stance Yoshimitsu can now move forward manually without attacking.


  • New Move, d+3+4,3 Ali Kick into a mid lunging kick.
  • Armor King has King’s d/b+4 now, where he stays on the floor after getting blocked.
  • d/b+3 now leads to juggles on hit. You can do d/b+3, d/f+1, 1, f+2,1 among other juggles.
  • f+2,1 is no longer delayable and has different animation. Also it does not work after wall stuns.
  • New Move, 1+2,4… his 1+2,1 string now has a mid option in 1+2,4… the 4 kick looks like SS+4 from T5DR.
  • Armor King has 1,2,1 similar to TTT again.
  • d/f+2 knocks down on CH still and d+3+4,3 is guaranteed after.
  • New Move, OTG d+4,4,4 ground stomps.
  • New Move, b+2,1 string… if the second hit is CH they are stunned and u+2 is guaranteed.
  • CD+1+2 mist move seems to have a bigger hitbox.
  • CD+2 is identical to the T5DR version.
  • f,f+4 sends the opponent flying back further than before.

More updates soon!

UPDATE 07/08/07

Special thanks to Ryo Yamazaki, mukumuku, 2CH, TEKKENBBS, Aokage, Reno and everyone else!




Testing Impressions from Reno:

Okay, here are some impressions. For those that are wondering, self-shadowing IS in the game. First, a list of the stages that were at the location test (these are going to expand obviously)

City After Dark (much like the current DR stage in the city) – Cool ads in the background and nice light sources.

Manji Doh (Temple) – didn’t get to play on this one but it’s one of those multi-tiered stages. You can break through a wall to expand the arena.

Massive Attack – Destroyed highway. A visual spectacle! Helicoptors and fighter jets flying all over the place, attacking each other and attacking buildings! You can see smouldering buildings off in the background. Whenever an aircraft flies above you, the dust and paper on the stage flies up. It’s sweeeeeeet

Fallen Sky – The weird vertigo-inducing stage. Really really cool also. Birds and jets fly in the background, and it’s also a multi-tiered stage. In one corner of the stage there’s glass, and if you get pounded into the glass enough times (seems to be around 3 – 5 times) it breaks and you get a new stage.

Eclipse – My favorite stage by FAR. It reminds me of the Kyoto stage in VF5, with sakura trees all over the place, and overlooking a city. Actually, come to think of it, it might be based after Ginkakuji in Kyoto. at any rate, the time of day is dusk, and there’s a moon that actually passes over the sun, changing the once dusky setting into nighttime. This occurs 30 seconds into round 1, or at the start of round 2. The moon eventually passes and you go back to the dusky setting again. It’s a visual feast, for real.

Deep Forest – Kind of like T4’s jungle but this time you’re actually enclosed in a forest, so there are branches and whatnot hanging above you, which you can’t see. This gives the stage a really cool look because light filters in and hits your characters. The water effects aren’t as good as VF5 though, which is about the only thing VF5 does better than T6 right now.

Noh – A temple that’s set on a beach shore. There are priests and monks going about their work in an adjacent temple. The stage that you’re in is an empty temple aside from a ceremonial armor set in the back. The ocean currents are fierce in this level and waves actually crash upon the shore, and some of the water actually reaches the temple too. Really cool.

I didn’t get to play as a lot of characters unfortunately. The lines were 30 – 40 minutes long and I didn’t want to stay there for the whole day. I got in time with Marduk, Lili, Zafina and Miguel though.

Marduk: d+1 seems unchanged. Still forces crouch, still no advantage on block. d+4 seems the same as well. VTC still works well with combos but I’ve never been consistent with my air throw enders so I can’t say if it’s guaranteed or not. Tackle is the same, although I was never able to get the jumping tackle so I can’t confirm if that is unbreakable or not.

Lili: lots of new animations. Her hair is sweeeeeeet. She probably had all of her animation touched up quite a bit, compared to Drag who’s got like, nothing.

Zafina: I had noooo idea what I was doing with her but her stances are really good and really damn deceptive. Mantis and Tarantula are killer because a lot of times a lot of mids go over her including all high attacks. Scarecrow stance was alright but since she’s standing when she’s in stance she’s still vulnerable. I also noticed that if someone gets behind you while you’re in Scarecrow, Mantis or Tarantula, you are screwed because you can’t turn around.

Leo: BORING. Boring moves, boring character. Definitely a chick though.

Law: Holy shit at totally new animations. People weren’t joking when they said he resembled Bruce Lee. This kid is smooooooooking hot.

Jin: has a new move that looks like d+1 with a shot uppercut. I don’t know the command for it though. Still has his u/f+1+2 throw but i guess the command has changed. His 2P costume is totally Kazuya style His animations have also changed, most notably in his b+1 stance as well as with his laser scapers.

Devil Jin: Hellsweeps can be sidestepped lol you lose DJ! Get outta here!

As for character distribution… a couple of Kumas, one or two Ninas, some random people trying out the new characters, 2 Bruce players, a shiiiiitload of Jin and Kazuya players, and maybe one Lili and Drag player.

IMO this game looks FAR better than VF5 even at the testing stage. Technically it’s really impressive but what puts it over VF5 is just the design of the characters and stage. They did a really good job of making things dynamic. The underlying system of the game hasn’t changed all that much aside from Rage and the 10 frame jabs so it’s really T5DR with a fresh coat of sex over it, but then again, DR is probably the best Tekken in the series so I have no problem with the game playing similar to that. One thing i noticed was that the dash/backdash were slightly slower than in DR, but sidesteps were not only fast but goooooood. So god damn good! Dudes who were playing Devil Jin would knock someone down and try to play mix-ups with the hellsweeps, only to get that shit sidestepped and got launched! Also, some dudes were sidestepping the last hit of Jin’s laser scraper pretty easily. Same with a lot of other strings. Now you can’t depend on all of those strings to be blocked… really good and subtle change here.

For the character roster, the two ends have Random ? on it, and there’s one more ? box beside Kuma. I assume this is Mokujin or Combot. There’s one other ? box beside Asuka and below Miguel, Leo and beside Zafina, so I will assume that there’s one NEW character coming soon.

I can also confirm that low parries definitely do not guarantee launchers anymore. I saw at least 5 or 6 players get low parry and whiff completely on the launcher. This happened with Lee, Jin and Kaz. LOL @ Lee’s jumping knee whiffing. Poor Lee!

Oddly enough, someone got low parry into Lili’s u/f+3 launcher, which kind of surprised me. I’m wondering now what the deal is with that. With the rest of the low parries it was out in the open, but with this Lili situation, the opponent’s back was to the wall when he got low parried into a launcher. Could that have something to do with it, or did Lili’s opponent stupidly try to counterattack and ate a launcher? Hmm…

Couple of more things about the stages. Like in T5 some stages “crack” or “break” whenever you are slammed into them, and this happens in T6, but the difference here is that the damage is permanent for the rest of the round, unlike in T5 where it would disappear as soon as another break occurred. This is probably done to show where you need to slam more so that you can break through a floor or a wall to expand the stage. I forgot to mention that the snow stage was also playable but i forgot the name of it. The stage itself is really pretty, with snow constantly blowing in from the side, and everyone leaving tracks as they fight. It’s an infinite stage too. Hmm… come to think of it, here’s a breakdown of that particular feature.

Snow stage – Infinite
City After Dark – Finite
Manji Doh – Finite
Massive Attack – Finite
Fallen Sky – Finite
Eclipse – Finite
Deep Forest – Finite
Noh – Finite

Testing Impressions from Aokage:

Went and checked out the location test today.

Man, releasing frame buffer grabs as promotion stills for T6 may have been the worst mistake Namco’s publicity team has ever made. The game is absolutely gorgeous in motion. If only they had released bullshots, nobody would be complaining. Character models are probably the best ever in a fighting game, and most of the stage designs are absolutely fantastic with plenty of interactivity. Beautiful lighting and environmental effects, too.

I was really pleased with all the new animation. Finally most of those ancient legacy motions are gone, and the game looks that much better for it.

The single thing that impressed me the most, however, was a small detail–Lili’s hair. Holy Jesus Lord. Team Ninja can go get screwed–it’s the best long hair ever in a 3-D video game, period. I repeatedly said wow every time someone used her. Has to be seen to be believed.



  • The old 1,1,1 string has been altered. The last hit doesn’t launch. Can input as f+1,1,1 as well.
  • New Move, 3+4,1,2 string.
  • Elbow hitbox has been decreased.
  • Much harder to use elbows in juggles.
  • f,f+1,4 is no longer natural combo.
  • After the 4 hits only in f,f+1,4… f,f+1 will not connect.
  • The third hit of u/f+4,3,1 has been changed.
  • b+4 animation has changed, KND on normal hit.
  • u/f+3+4 covers less ground when you jump.
  • Old f+1 launcher has been changed to WS+1.
  • New Move, d+1+2. It looks like a shoulder attack.
  • New Move, 1,1,4,1+2. Third hit is a low kick that knocks down.
  • New Move, b+2,3,1+2. The last to hits are from the 3+4~3,1 string.
  • New Move, b+1,1.
  • New Move, d/f+3+4.
  • New Move, SS+3 which hits mid.
  • New Move, f,f,f+1 or WR+1. Gives advantage on block and hits high.


  • New Move, 1,d+3,4… high, low, low.
  • New Move, b,f+2,3, mid,mid.
  • f,f+2’s animation has changed.


  • New Move, d/f+3,2, mid, mid.
  • New Move, d/b+3,1,1 string.
  • New Move, u/f+3 jumping knee strike.
  • Tackle is now easier to escape.


  • New Move, 2,1,2, high, mid, mid string.


  • 1+3+4 taunt into follow-ups still work. Someone at the testing was able to land taunt into d/f+2,1(new move).
  • New Move, b,f+2,1,3 all mid string causes wall stun and is natural combo if the first hit lands. Safe unless near wall.
  • New Move, d+1+2,3 which hits low and looks like Law’s d/b+3. Very fast and launches.

More news is coming!


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