TK7-LOGO Interested in having TEKKEN 7 at your event? Fill out the form below and if your event works out with us, we will contact you! Thanks @Harada_TEKKEN and the TEKKEN PROJECT team for making this possible!

Make sure you fill out the below sections with as much information as possible (number of attendees, special events planned, etc.). Thanks!

One Response to TEKKEN 7 TOUR

  1. Marvin smith says:

    We plan on having about 400 to 500 people show up over the course of 2 days. The venue is Going Bonkers Family Fun Center in Topeka Ks. We plan on running multiple primary and side tournaments both days, with cash payouts, and prizes. Well have casual play setups as well as an in house DJ and a cosplay event. We also will have in house kitchen with food specials.

    It is a family friendly venue so there won’t be any alcohol but there are places close by that can offer that.

    We will also have high speed Internet for video steaming of the event and a large projector screen to broadcast in the venue. We also have a sound system in building for announcements….and if all else fails..we have a bowling alley in the place…

    I want to have a Tekken 7 Bowling event hah. Custom pin set up and cosplays for prizes as a side event.

    Please let me know!!

    I know this event will be enhance with Namco there but I think we can bring something to the experience as well.

    (Granted it’s a small bowling alley but perfect for what we need)

    Please consider bringing Tekken 7 to Megacake Meltdown!!

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