More Tekken 6 Info!

We’ve updated our T6 section with better quality scans of the latest Famitsu magazine’s Tekken 6 feature! Check out Leo and Zafina’s alternate outfits and if you haven’t already, check yesterday’s update for character profiles for Jin and Miguel!


7 Responses to More Tekken 6 Info!

  1. Ali Makaveli says:

    tekken is a sik game..king iz da best u get me donz??? he rulez tekken..he iz da king o of iron fist dawgz

  2. Ali Makaveli says:

    i hope miguel and king have beef

  3. Ali Makaveli says:

    im cumin in da form of gonna getcha..nd hitcha wit magic..i’ll be droppin dwn l8..nd den call on ma gadgets..wit ma automatic satus..i’ll spray..time 2 load da glox..but im finkin nt..therz anuva evil force tellin me 2 do wot i gotta do….

  4. j-man says:

    ah king aint nothin compared to kazuya g so shh hut yuh muhh

  5. Ali Makaveli says:

    j-man’s mother gave me head
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  6. Popp says:

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  7. guncryme says:

    wah bruh

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