New HD Super Turbo Images!

Capcom’s Brian Dunn has just revealed new character images from their upcoming Super Street Fighter II TURBO HD game for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Slated to release later this year, the new ST HD will feature new character sprites redone in high definition by UDON artists(the same people who handle the Street Fighter comic books). Click below for more information on the game and several pictures of Akuma!

“I plan on bringing you art for all the SF characters in the game, and much more, and to continue on the heels of Ken, here is Akuma. The first image shows a comparison between the old version on the right and the new version on the left. There are two more frames of animation below, showing off Akuma in the middle of classic moves. Yes, these are actual frames of animation from the game, meaning Akuma will look like this in the game, only animated.”

Of course this is a TEKKEN site, but we can’t help but love the king of fighting games and the company who helped define the FIGHTING genre!

Additional Pics:

SOURCE – Capcom USA Blog: Akuma in HD

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  2. Kenneth O. says:

    Just seen your blog in faves today and I must say I love it! Bookmarked this and may be back again to check it out some more later.

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