Hori Real Arcade Pro SA This Month!

Just a quick reminder to all you joystick enthusiasts! Hori is releasing the Real Arcade Pro 3 SA (Sanwa) on the 21st of this month! Sadly, Hori Store stopped taking preorders for this stick in April and the only way you can preorder one now is through Play-Asia! If you’re interested in this high priced, yet high quality arcade stick investment, you can preorder it here:


6 Responses to Hori Real Arcade Pro SA This Month!

  1. Stridajin says:

    Got 2 of mine pre-ordered from Hori. =) Think this is gonna be my Evo Stick.

  2. MarkMan says:

    You know you want to give me one… ^_^

  3. Eddierang says:

    So why did they delay until September now :(

  4. MaDPoWer says:

    I’d like to get one but $50+ for shipping??? Yikes

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