New T5DR Online Images & Details!

As we all know, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE is coming! Famitsu brings us new details and images from the upcoming upgrade. Click below to check out the new pictures and info!

From the latest reports, we can see that T5DR ONLINE’s interface will support a battle lobby where you can create and search for “battle rooms” to duke it out with others players. Each player has their name listed as well as a flag, which is good news, and indicates international play is likely.

While in battle rooms you have the option of inviting friends, viewing other people’s profiles, kicking people from the battle room, and even changing your starting position from first player side or second player side.

One of the best features to be unveiled is the existence of VOICE CHAT and the ability to have ranking matches with other people ONLINE.

We here at SD TEKKEN are extremely excited and will continue to bring any and all news on this title in the future! Stay tuned!

Here are new pictures from Famitsu’s latest report on T5DR ONLINE!

SOURCE – Famitsu – Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection ONLINE

30 Responses to New T5DR Online Images & Details!

  1. Jinis God says:

    Wow. sounds dam good, cant wait to play some of yall

  2. MYK says:

    ohhh man practice mode and the online shit sounds too dope.. im getting a job just to get this!

  3. holyz says:

    argh, i would really like that on the psp! but im going to get a ps3 anyways :D

  4. Sonny says:

    POST ALL news on :

  5. blackwolf says:

    Finally I can now play people all over the world. have some compition insted of the 4King computer all the time. this might be the reason I take the leap and get a ps3 this is all I need to hear.

  6. Stridajin says:

    Mad shittalking over voice chat FTW!!!

  7. Nice. Worldwide playing would be cool.

  8. I AM VINEET says:

    exciting stuff

  9. Sema says:

    This is gonna be tight. and I thought this would never happen!!!! :) Tekken 6 will definitely be online too!!!

  10. briang2007 says:

    hay im brian chunky55 do u want me to work for u just email me @

  11. Spman says:

    cant wait for the OMG FUCK LAG comments…

  12. frank B says:

    Hey guys this looks awesome i have fsr5 on psp will this be an upgrade or a whole new game? I would like to post a new details on

  13. […] New T5DR Online Images & Details! [image] As we all know, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE is coming! Famitsu brings us new details and images from the […] […]

  14. sdtbrocks says:

    :) damn gonna have to get the ps3 asap :)

  15. XGodFist says:

    I am in the Philippines right now.. Is the ps store for the PS3 is also available in other asian country? Like the Philippines?

  16. tooekneee says:

    theres gonna be a long ass wait list for people wanting to play the pros haha

  17. jubei says:

    Does anyone know if the update is free for people who already own the game?

  18. Som says:

    is info available on how they’ll handle ranks?
    -will our current ranks be changed/reset when going online?
    -or will online ranks be different from console ranks?

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  23. ERWIN says:

    ayyyyyyy tanga ala nman comment d2

  24. ERWIN says:

    lgi kau gwa nman tekken pra masaya nman

    yung online pra mrami laro

  25. ERWIN says:

    mga tanga kau ha?
    english speaking ha

  26. ERWIN says:

    pilipinas po huy!!!,,/,,

  27. ERWIN says:

    fuck create a game in online to play other computer ha!!!just like a simple game …..

  28. my blog says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

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