EVOWEST & Comic-Con Recap!

It’s been an exciting weekend! If you’ve been keeping up, you know that SD TEKKEN held an open gaming room at San Diego Comic-Con International and held our 6th annual Comic-Con TEKKEN tournament! In addition to Comic-Con festivities… EVO WEST also took place this weekend, in grand fashion! Click below for full results from both Tekken tournaments, pictures and a brief rundown of what went down this past weekend!

Kankuro and 2high getting their game on and x-raze trying to avoid the camera…

On Thursday morning, SD TEKKEN got up bright and early at 5:30 AM to set up our SD TEKKEN gaming room at Comic-Con International. This year we rocked the house in room 17-B on the Mezzanine level and dedicated Thursday-Saturday as an open video gaming experience for anyone looking for a fun filled time.

SD TEKKEN hard at work setting up the gaming room…

On Friday, July 27th, SDT held it’s 6th annual Tekken tournament and it was a complete success! Out of all the entries, SD TEKKEN rounded out the top five places. A big congratulations goes out to our own, Fog9, for taking the tournament!

Here are some of the results from that tournament:

6th Annual SD TEKKEN Comic-Con International Tournament


1st – Jihad “Fog9” Martin – Roger Jr., Baek
2nd – Jay “J~Flo” Oasin – Lee
3rd – Leon “Le0C” Cu – Panda

4th – Cody “fast_handsCODY” Denton – Ganryu
T 5th – Nathan “n8nmonster” Aguilera – Lei, Marduk
T 5th – Don “Kankuro” Oasin – Paul

Our gaming room was a huge success, we had a great time and hope to see you guys there again next year! If you enjoyed your time there please let the Comic-Con staff know by contacting them at cci-info@comic-con.org !

Two of California’s greatest Tekken players, insanelee and Arario!

Going on right across the street, EVO WEST 2007’s T5DR tournament went down Saturday afternoon and was filled with some of the best competition this side of the Pacific… With all the big name players in one place, there were some great matches and shocking results!

Right across from our Comic-Con gaming room was EVOWEST at the Omni Hotel!

Our very own Alex “WEIRDGONZO” Greeson took on fellow SDT member and one of the tournament favorites, Bronson “insanelee” Tran and ended up defeating him early on, sending “insanelee” to the losers bracket 2-0. Afterwards “insanelee” finally woke up and trampled the competition in his pool and ended up qualifying on the loser’s side of the top 8 for Sunday’s finals, beating “WEIRDGONZO” in their rematch along the way!

n8nmonster putting in some work, running some of the T5DR tournament at EVO WEST…

Other SDT representative, Rich “FilthyRich” Batengui earned his winner’s side top 8 spot through a series of grueling matches against NORCAL’s “3zX” and later on, SOCAL’s “SAB”. “3zX” is arguably one of the best Heihachi players in the USA and it showed big time. After defeating SDT’s “USMCOgre” early on, he faced “FilthyRich” deep in the winner’s bracket and lost a close one to the PHILIPPINE CHAMP.

Unfortunately the majority of the SDT players were defeated early on or did not enter the tournament. One of SDT’s best, Alex “AlexMan” Julio faced SOCAL powerhouse Josh “Arario” Park early on in the tournament and got sent into losers by his fierce Jack-5. “Arario” also defeated “n8nmonster” in a very close match(which “Arario” stated was his ‘toughest match so far’) and eventually went on to make it into the top 8 on the loser’s side of his pool.

Our SD TEKKEN group picture for 2007, sadly not all of our members were in this picture…

This is a good time to remind SDT players not to slack off on their practice and Tekken training. There are always people out there that are better than you in this game, so strive hard and always try to improve your game. Evolve. EVO WORLD is right around the corner!

The coolest guys in the parking lot, L-R: Ace R., MarkMan, n8nmonster, Empty H4nd, FilthyRich, & MYK[jamgi]

After all was said and done, the top 8 were decided and took place Sunday morning in usual EVO fashion. One of the most anticipated matches happened between “insanelee” and “Arario” deep in the loser’s bracket. “Arario” took the set in two straight games with some insanely solid play(no pun intended)… from there he ended up going on a beastly display of spacing/mind games to become the EVO WEST 2007 CHAMPION! Congratulations Josh! Here are the top 8 results!



1st – Josh “Arario” Park – Jack-5
2nd – Derek “KaNE” Lee – Devil Jin
3rd – Rich “FilthyRich” Batengui – Heihachi

4th – Bronson “insanelee” Tran – Ganryu
T 5th – Steven “Yi Machine” Yi – Asuka
T 5th – Mike “MYK[jamgi]” Kwon – Steve
T 7th – Jinbo “SuidAfrikaMitsu” – Yoshimitsu
T 7th – Andy “725” Lam – Steve

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the pictures from Comic-Con here.

We look forward to another great Comic-Con next year! And EVO WORLD in Las Vegas, NV next month!

Special thanks to Castel, MrWizard, and the rest of the EVO2K staff for throwing together another successful event!

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