Namco has confirmed that Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE for the PlayStation Network will be available at the end of August for North America!  With just one more release week for the PSN in August, that narrows down the release date to August 30th!  So mark your calendars, cancel plans, and put on a diaper, ONLINE ownage is coming!  …and of course, the wonderful practice mode.  Thank you Namco! :)


30 thoughts on “THE WAIT IS OVER…

  1. We know there are a ton of pissed off Tekken fans out there, those who were waiting on the 16th, the 23rd, and NOW the 30th. But will it be worth the wait to you? I’m sure all Tekken fans will be pleased next week, and the really hardcore Tekken nuts(like us here) have already been playing since Aug. 1st… So we would like to apologize, sympathize, and welcome you all (who haven’t played it yet), to a historic first(and certainly not the last) moment of online Tekken gaming!

    We will be opening up our MATCHFINDER area soon, so be sure to sign up!

  2. oh bout fuckin time.. betta be this time. plus,makes sure they cleans up all lags n glitches over online. i’m sick n tired of people who use glitches in tha game just like they fucked up in capcom’s street fighter series that makes them wins easily in previous old arcade and home consoles.

  3. Based on our extensive play testing with T5DR ONLINE, be prepared to see a LOT of flip abusing Lili players in addition to good amounts of Eddy/Christie!

  4. If you have an excellent connection (green bars), and you’re relatively close to your opponent, you can pull off moves normally..

    I was able to do this juggle online when I played against a friend in the same area:

    u/f+4, f+2,2, 1, 1, iSW

    If that doesn’t show how good the game can be, I don’t know what can…

  5. NAMCO im pissed that you didnt released it on 16th or 23th…but now im happy that its actually coming out in the US XD

  6. You guys come up with the funniest pictures lol… I hope they push the date back for the 5th time jkjkjk no seriously I hope they do.. I bet they will jkjkjkjk <3


  7. finally ! great news! if its not true to be out the 30th i wont cry, ill just break the ps3 i bought just for this!!!! when can we sign up for the match finder?

  8. Cannot wait my online handle is NDWolfwood3769 and charector of choice for goin on 10 years is Kazuya. Dying to fight and I do have to applause Namco for making this upgrade only 10 bucks. If only Sega would follow suite and make an update like this for VF5 on PS3 there would be no need to own another console.
    Also just out of curiousity who prefers the pad over the Arcade stick?
    There are a lot of fighters especially on the IMDB’s board who say they can’t play without a “normal” PS controller. Where as I can play with both but prefer the Arcade Stck. Currently using the Hori Fighting Stick 3

  9. Man I can not wait to whoop all you so called Tekken fighters out here, Just wait The Erb MAN will be on top just wait!! if you think you got skills, SHIT, YOU BETTER THINK TWICE WHEN YOU PLAY ME!!!!

  10. MarkMan what do you recommend for a stick. I agree that the button layout for the Hori Fighting Stick 3 sucks. However I notice it in VF, due to needing a block button, and not so much in Tekken. I just want to know what would be a good stick for both games the VF board recommends the hori arcade stick. Which so you use for Tekken?
    I was trying to get a new one to break in before Tekken goes online…

  11. Hey Legendary blazing bones 99 and Markman Thanks a lot for the updates and keeping us posted on the Tekken DR Online updates, Man i cant wait to whoop all these wanna bee
    Tekken players, BUT i do wish them all good luck cuz there gonna need it when they play me, : )

  12. im not really sure if tha right time of release at 3pm in somewhere here in US,i heard it will come to PSN around at 5pm-7pm if u guys lived in “eastern” coast. i’ll keeps lookin up through on PSN store in site in evey 30 minutes to hour.



    You will see JUTS ABOUT ALMOST DONE!!! 40% Downloaded baby!!! hahahah

    man… what a day, mark this as a day of History

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