Tekken 6 Player Impressions! Part 1…

The latest Arcadia Magazine’s coverage of Tekken 6 includes impressions from some of the top Japanese Tekken players! SD TEKKEN has taken the liberty to translate their thoughts and feelings towards T6 in a two part feature! Check out what they have to say about Tekken 6 by clicking below!

Tekken 6 was on display recently at the 45th annual AM Show in Japan. Arcadia Magazine’s editors were on hand to take part in the fun and check out the latest fighting game out of Japan, Tekken 6!

Special thanks to our TeNSaiKuN for translating the article and helping us put this feature together!

For part one of our feature, the player’s interviewed are: Hameko, an old school player known mainly for his Bryan Fury, in T5DR he made the transition to Lili and became the leading expert in making Lili competitive in high levels of play. Takeyama SBO 2004 champion who has always been amongst the top echelon of players in Japan. His main character in T5DR is Ganryu. Tarechichi Ganryu aka Kenbou, one of the most creative players in Japan. He uses a variety of characters and plays an excellent Wang and Jack-5. Yuu of team No Respect that won SBO 2006 and participated in many international tournaments such as EVO2005, Norcal Strong Style, and more! He’s one of the best Feng Wei players in Japan. Here’s what they had to say about the game:

Hameko: First of all, Lili in T6 is beyond cute. She has a Federation uniform outfit like Sa*la! (Sayla Mass from Mobile Suit Gundam… maybe? – MarkMan) Her customization stuff is just hardcore. Because I have a lot of characters I’m responsible for, it’ll take forever talking about them so I’ll just comment on the general stuff. The beautiful graphics making the characters stand out more, the special effects which create a heavier, uplifting feeling, more manga-ish special effects, with the unchanging responses, keeping the Tekken principle “Just moving the characters around is fun”, I have felt the Tekken evolution.

Sayla Mass in her Federation uniform, from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series…

Takeyama: Of all the characters I messed with, I had the most fun with Yoshimitsu! Playing without his sword in his hand was something very new. In this situation, if you do moves like u+1+2, he falls onto the ground. Moves like FC d,d/b+1 becoming blockable was very fun to see. On the other hand, there seemed to be moves that became better when Yoshi had his sword put away. As a result, Yoshimitsu being the original tricky character, I believe these additions for him were a great thing.

The latest iteration of Yoshimitsu can put his sword away at will…

Tarechichi Ganryu/Kenbou: I experienced love at first sight when I saw the nimble yet obese “Bob”! I played him right away and then was surprised thats he had a crouch dash. Although I may have given my heart more towards Zafina, with her weird (way too weird?) 3 stances. There are new systems added to the game, with the bound system being my personal favorite. There should be about double the damage done, but then damage seemed to be the same as before… hmm … maybe the health bar doubled? Well anyways, I’m looking forward to the future tweaks!

Zafina is a newcomer who has the mastery of three different stances!

Yuu: Although I played only for a bit, Feng, Lee, and Bryan seemed to be powered up! They have improved due to the new changes made: bound combos and after low parrying situations. Feng is still an all mighty character, Bryan seemed to have gotten great new mid moves, and with Lee there seemed to be changes in the moves from Hitman stance, making him into a very fun character! The best of all, the bound combos were simply way too cool LOL. I can’t wait for the launch.

Bryan Fury has gotten one of the biggest overhauls in terms of move lists…

Overall, the reception given by the hardcore Tekken players in Japan is a positive one. This is a big change compared to the last play test held for the game. Things are shaping up well! Join us next time as we cover impressions from four more of Japan’s top Tekken players!

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  2. Tenshimitsu says:

    Dammit, that blockable Sword Sweep… NOBODY will eat this move anymore. It’s just tooooo slooooow, not to mention very clear animation.


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  4. akextream says:

    cant wait for it! CAAAAANT!!

  5. DL says:

    “Dammit, that blockable Sword Sweep… NOBODY will eat this move anymore. It’s just tooooo slooooow, not to mention very clear animation.”

    He said it becomes blockable with sword sheathed…presumably that means it’s still unblockable with the sword out.

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  7. Indenoweefs says:

    I is pleasantly amazed! Thank!!!
    The Author, you – genius…

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