Even more Tekken movie details are trickling in through the web! Popular movie news site reports some of the audition sides for the upcoming Tekken movie project. It goes in detail on some of the story details as well as character backgrounds. Let’s hope this doesn’t end up joining the ranks of DOA: Dead or Alive, as we all know, good videogame movies are few and far between. Check out all the Tekken movie details by clicking below! reports:

TEKKEN Movie Details!
Written by Stephanie Sanchez
Friday, 02 November 2007

The IESB has gotten their hands on the audition sides from the upcoming live action flick TEKKEN based on the popular video game of the same name (which has TEKKEN 6 coming to the USA sometime in 2008).

Audition “sides” just use certain scenes in the script, usually emotionally charged ones, to see how the actors would react in that situation. We’ve gone through them all and have some character descriptions for ya plus a few details of the story.

Characters first –

JIN – Hero supreme with a serious drug problem, he’s hooked on ZEN and does what he can to get his next fix. He has entered the tournament in order to get near MISHIMA to kill him. He finds out along the way that he is the son of KAZUYA and grandson of MISHIMA. He is the people’s favorite to win KING OF THE IRON FIST. Suffering from ZEN withdrawals and sweating profusely, he enters the arena to try out for the latest IRON FIST tournament, his opponent? MARSHALL LAW. *See KAZUYA’s details for more on his lineage.

BONNER – The scene used for the sides for the character of BONNER is actually our first introduction to the character. It’s about 10 minutes into the film and we find BONNER in his chop shop working on some underground black market kind of stuff listening to an “old” Black Eyed Peas song “Pump It” and singing along. A knock at the door rattles BONNER and his crew and they quickly cover up what they are working on. Luckily, it’s just BONNER’s acquaintance JIN at the door with his latest run of illegal goods. He hands over the microprocessors and gets a fix of ZEN (via inhaler) in exchange. Clearly a ZEN junkie, JIN asks for more but BONNER doesn’t give it out for free. JIN offers to take part in the “fights” later that evening in order to make some extra dough for BONNER so he will give him more ZEN.

BRYAN FURY – Tekken’s favorite cyborg is a part of the live action TEKKEN film. BRYAN FURY of the ONYX CORPORATION. We meet him as we should, flexing his muscles for all the world to see. With his muscles rippling, veins protruding and sweat beading, FURY is more machine than man. His skeletal structure was replaced by flexsteel. He is being blackmailed (sorta) by head villain Kazuya. Not sure for what, but Kazuya knows Bryan’s secret. Did I mention it’s illegal to have more that 30% of bodily enhancements in Iron Fist? FURY sports his famous eye to chin scar.

MISHIMA – Head of TEKKEN Corporation that has taken over the world pretty much after the last big war. He sees TEKKEN as the saving grace of the human race, things were in complete disarray before the corporation stepped in and brought order to the world. He believes he is remaking the world. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility and it looks like TEKKEN CORP has gone overboard outlawing all sorts of things in the “best interest” of the people. And what’s a big world dominating power without a big “cage match” to find the ultimate fighter? IRON FIST is TEKKEN’s version. The KING of the IRON FIST is the best fighter in town. MISHIMA doesn’t seem as “bad” as he did in the video game. He may even have a change of heart about TEKKEN thanks to JIN.

KAZUYA – MISHIMA’s son who thinks his father is weak and he should be in control. Has waited for the torch to be passed down for a long time and is getting pretty frustrated with his father. Considering we find MISHIMA is the detention center later in the story with JIN going to him for help to escape, it looks like KAZUYA is the one who put him there and is now in power. He is also the one who raped JIN’s mom resulting in his birth.

MARSHALL LAW – Remember the guy at the end of OVER THE TOP? The final arm wrestling opponent for Stallone? Well, maybe not many of you do, but that’s SO this guy, MARSHALL LAW, he’s the bad ass scary IRON FIST opponent that JIN fights to qualify. He breaks bones, wills and has a tendency to throw his opponents, well, at least what’s left of his opponents. He demands respect from JIN, but JIN is the one who gets the respect instead.

STEVE FOX – Former IRON FIST competitor turned IRON FIST ANNOUNCER. Give him a hand, he’s British! He leads the open call fighters to the arena on opening day and helps JIN get through a tough match with MARDUK by revealing the fighter’s weak left knee. He also helps JIN discover who is really is. *See KAZUYA for more on that.

KING – Current champion of the TEKKEN IRON FIST TOURNAMENT. His face is all over the advertisements TEKKEN IS KING.

In sides, there is always some left over dialogue from the page before or the page after. From what I gather from the TEKKEN sides, other than the scenes and character descriptions I described above, the fighters (Marduk, Phoenix, Anna and Nina – sisters, Christie, Raven, Gorgo, Fury, Dragunov and Jin) seem to have gathered together and are trying to escape from the Mishima complex, they are ordered to return to their rooms, but refuse and an intense action sequence ensues. A fighter dies.

Well that’s what I’ve garnered from the pages we received. The character seem pretty close to the game thus far with just a few added twists. Also, there is plenty of violence, blood and a lot of “fucks” that would constitute an R-rating.

Stay tuned to the IESB for further updates!

SOURCE – – Tekken Movie Details!


  1. Krimson says:

    So basically i dont need to hold my breath anymore, i take it?

  2. ABC says:

    HAHAHA !!crack head Jin!!!!!!!!

  3. eric says:


    *insert hand on face graphic*

    this just won’t be good at all i can see

  4. MyvTeddy says:

    I dont know but this is going to fail at some point

  5. The Marshall says:

    Great now here I am thinking that my favortie character (Marshall Law) was only gonna get a split second of camera time (possibly being defeated by some other chracter) but now I read this….

    Who knows, I haven’t seen any footage thus far so I’m not gonna make any judgments. But All I have to say is that why doesn’t production compaines (and Hollywood) actually listen to the people who play the games or read the comics or remember the storylines. I mean from what I read thus far, only 3 of the Tekken chracters (The Mishima’s) have storylines close to their video game counter-prts, unlike the others but Hey whut can I do. I’m notta diretor….

  6. DJCore says:

    It would’ve been better for namco to make a cg movie ala FFAC. I now pronounce Tekken movie will be CRAP!

  7. Ohgodno!!! says:

    That’s bullshit, it’s gonna be shit!
    Why it can’t be just a CG movie…
    If that’s too much to ask, a movie that follows the friggin’ storyline!

  8. DIGGS B-WAITE says:

    What the fuck. ZEN?
    This is gonna fail!!!!!
    Did they not see how the tekken anime failed by itself without being compared to anything and while Im at it look at street fighter ,alpha and legends. All have alot to do with the story and are all pretty good my favorite being the original street fighter anime.
    look how much people loved street fighter and were let down with that poor assed movie that was all fucked up not even based on the game and main characters but a spin off anime.
    they gonna fuck this movie in the ass and make it some bull shit.
    I hope I never meet the sad sack of shit that is gonna make the plot or script.
    2 childhood friends go to a tournament to take down a evil boss. GAY!
    DID ANYONE SEE DOA. I followed that story and never seriously played the game and it was easy to see that it was all bullshit. now look at my favorite fighting games plot.

  9. Insane says:

    I can already tell this is going to be crap.

  10. k_j says:

    this is retarded ! completely changed the story line


    ISEB has made a false storyline on the Tekken movie as Jin as a crackhead and that is alot of bullshit.There will be a story change over to start from Tekken 1 as Kazuya as the main fighter and also will feature some fighters from Tekken 2 in the film.
    I’m not happy with the director and screenwriters and I think Sony and Crystal Sky need to hire another director who is Asian and an new screenwriter who Asian or European to rewrite the script again.
    DOA:Dead or Alive was a bad box office hit with low budget and a crappy storyline,
    so with the Tekken movie it should start from the beginning.
    Thank You.

  12. namco fan says:

    ” …the scenes and character descriptions I described above, the fighters (Marduk, Phoenix, Anna and Nina – sisters, Christie, Raven, Gorgo, Fury, Dragunov and Jin) …”

    Gorgo …? I can see it now.. the four armed Goro from Mortal Kombat makes a cameo

    and I do think another (better) director should take this over, but meh I’ll end up watching whatever they end up with in the release… if there is ever a release…

  13. Tenshimitsu says:

    In my opinion this site has seen that talking about Tekken raises the site’s hits drastically, so they made a bounch of bullshit to attract Tekken fans. Simple as that. You’ll see that more sites will come up with more shitty stories. :/

    “They had their hands on audition sides”… what? Every well-respected website should give us sources. This is self-made fake.

    I think the guy just surfed through Tekken sites, changed this or that and made a movie story.

  14. Tenshimitsu says:

    Which doesn’t mean I’m against citations of these sites… Good find!

  15. Nashville says:

    Bonner? Gorgo? Zen? It all points to SHITE! This betta be fake and not the actual storyline… If they need a storyline, just do a movie of tekken 2!!!

  16. Tenshimitsu says:

    @ Nashville

    I agree…

  17. Zero says:

    I’m so sick of this, someone please hire me to direct this film because if they don’t it’s just going to be crap.

  18. Iwao says:

    I don’t even,if I should link to this news about the Tekken movie,because this they’ve writed doesn’t even sound like it’s Tekken they’re talking about,but Tekken mixed some other games or ideas they have made by themselfs,so I hope Namco will try to also work with them,and make it better,than this,because this doesn’t sound like a movie about a Tekken game,or even something that’s canon,so please Sony & Namco don’t let them make it bad please!

  19. X says:

    ok good now where the hell is hwoarang…

  20. deandre says:

    i thing the story suck. and what madee them think jin was a crackhead!? and who is ZEN. i think they shouldnt add any charater that wasnt in the TEKKEN game. i pray the change the whole script and learn about tekken some more.

  21. Danny Choo says:

    Downloaded the latest ps3 tekken game but I could be the only one that cant play it :-(

  22. GeassTekken says:

    Jin is on drugs…..maybe that will help him change to Devil Jin

    otherwise…..*BIG BIG facepalm*

  23. madnisrob says:

    To X:
    10-1 says

    Hwoarang is gonna get his ass kicked by law during the prelims in the movie… or

    45-1 says

    Hwoarang will get the shit kicked out of him by King during King’s “King is Tekken” montage.. HA!

    I know who the screen writer’s favorite Tekken character is… hahahaha.. on another note, I’m willing to also put money on the fact that King will get his ass whooped by Jin, King will also be doped up on “Zen”, and a lot of characters won’t actually make real appearances other than cameos of them getting the cracker jacks kicked out of them by some of the “main” characters… HA! can’t be helped though… you got an 1.5 hour time slot to show how many characters? you can blame Namco for all that….

    Steve Fox is an announcer… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This movie is so rich… it’s not an action film ,it’s a comedy.

  24. Nashville says:

    @ X
    Did you just use the word “good” as in u like the storyline?

    This storyline can’t be rite, namco can’t let a loved game be shamed like this. This storyline would sort Mortal Kombat more than Tekken… Besides, It looks like they changed heihachi’s name to Mashima, his surname, which could be confusing for kazuya when he’s in the same room. I don’t think this is true.

  25. Avenger says:

    Great. Jin’s a druggie. Kazuya is a rapist. Gah… I’m sickened.

    • akshay says:

      yh man ur right i’m kinda sickened too,
      y is KAZUYA a rapist,,when in fact he and jun were in love for a brief moment,,
      and JIN is ment to be a goog-goody guy dat is just like his mum,,,good ,peaceful and hates evil,,but in this movie i bet he’s gnna b just another punk…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:S

  26. Vambrace222 says:

    Waste of time.

  27. X says:

    @ nashville

    I used the word good as in they are using newer characters from tekken 3 +(Jin, Bryan etc) i think the whole script just sucks..and bonner…wtf stick with real characters please.

    If you use jin in the movie, you have to use hwoarang since they plot kinda revolves around each other..putting aside the main plot of jin trying to kill his family…

  28. LAU says:

    while everybody seems to be complaining about the movie plotline…

    people tend to forget that the original Tekken story isn’t much better…

    fighter dies comes back to life, even when they are thrown off a cliff, into a vocano, blown up point blank with a massive explosion, or great grandfather still alive but chained up and left to rot… but he’s still alive after being chained up for decades.

    And fighters fighting over the same tournament over and over again while the tournament host always brings up a new tournament risking his entire corporation for no apparent reasons but just to kick someones ass…. and how they all want to kill each other but always fails to do so. Assasins (sisters) in this story can’t ever complete their job, some american guy always likes to fight with the bear, and more.

    seriously… making a movie based on the original plotline might even be worse than this Jin on ZEN thing….

    personally i just hope we get to see some original tekken moves like, EWGF, recognizable tekken throws, etc.

  29. J says:

    WTF?? This shit makes NO sense!! Please tell me this is a joke?

  30. Bud0 says:

    Thanks for the update =) can’t wait until this movie comes out. Ill wait in line a week before it comes out.

  31. blindman says:

    What the shit!?


  32. RoyalFlush says:

    Story, so far, sounds pretty decent. I hope Asuka makes in the the film, too.

  33. Gojira says:

    LOL I think Gorgo is a typo on Eddy Gordo, but who knows with this shit.

  34. Leo says:

    I don’t know about this. It’s true that it could be a lot worse, and at least the storyline SOUNDS watchable. But I’m kinda worried about what they’re gonna do with the characters.

    I reall, really, REALLY hope the makers of this movie dont constantly kiss the Mishimas’ asses and forget about the other characters. Sure, Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi are protagonists, but they just can’t make the other characters suffer because of this. All in all, they better do Nina justice, or there’s gonna be extra murders on my schedule following release day.

  35. Syxx says:

    Alex Keaton had a friend named Boner also

  36. Syxx says:

    oops i meant mike seaver

  37. digi_mj says:

    well….they could make the movie amazing and stunning…and be the most awarded movie of all time….if they will follow the film “BEOWULF”….
    i saw the trailer and it was totally breath-taking….because the characters looks exactly the human actors and actresses going to cast it…..
    i hope the tekken could adopt the same film format…..CG film for “TEKKEN” movie could be AWESOME!!!

  38. Chaz says:

    @Avenger: Kazuya being a rapist is news?

  39. Virgofire says:

    Hmmmm….I got some idea for the casting…..People who would truly fit the part….Just a r

    Lei Wulong – Jackie Chan ———-> Everything about Lei Wulong IS soooo Jackie Chan!! He even has that alternate costume who makes you look LIKE Jackie Chan XD

    Craig Marduk – Nathan Jones ——–> Dont know who he is? Why dontcha search and see what I mean? ;-D

    Eddie Gordo – Lateef Crowder ——–> After seeing him in the film “The Protector” I just couldnt help noticing how much he reminded me of Eddie Gordo

    King – Pretty much any well built wrestler X-D just give em a tiger mask and its good to go XD

    ….Well thats pretty much all I could think of >.> got any more suggestions on who the cast should be?

  40. Dark Angel says:


    CG movie = Straight to DVD.
    Live-Action Flick = More $$$ Ca-Ching!

    Sure a CG movie would be better, but I’m sure this film will do AT LEAST okay. They have real MMA fighters Roger Huerta and Cung Le in there. The director does Prison Break, one of my favorite TV series, so I’m sure the movie’s story will be good.

    Of course, I do understand – that from a hardcore Tekken fan’s perspective, the altering of the game’s story will generate fanboy hate. What you should know and understand is that to make a film successful and work, you have to make a few changes…MAJOR changes. To make a movie feature each and every single fighter in the storyline = fail. So they knew they had to cut out a few fan-favorites. Seriously, have you ever seen a film that features 30 star characters? Do you seriously want this film to end up like the original Street Fighter movie?

    A general film takes priority in catering to new audiences more than fans of the license. That means, they have to make the story work and make people who don’t know the videogame understand the story. Of course, making Kazuya a rapist is very much extreme but you gotta look at the full picture from a general audience’s perspective. Jin hates his father. Well, there’s got to be a damn good reason right? So I guess they made Kazuya rape Jun, because if Kazuya only left Jun…it wouldn’t simplify a valid reason for Jin to hate his father so much.

    Seriously guys, you gotta look at how a game-to-film story will have to change to turn out good and not just to you THE HARDCORE FAN, but to the general audience.


    P.S. – I dont work for the film company :) I’ve been a proud fan and supporter of Tekken since Tekken 2 on the PSone. Also, I’m a Film & Game Design undergrad :P

    • akshay says:

      if u think about it,,,jin doesnt relly hate his dad,,,the only reason why he hates the father and the grandfather is cuz the wnna either use him or take away his powers….usingg wud be :heihachi and take away the power wud be : KAZUYA…,,
      and another thingss is if they fuck up the fighting moves and hair styles I AM GNNA B SO PISSED OFF,,,AND DO NOT FORGET THE MISHIMAS SIGNATURE EYEBROW….//////

  41. Khaun says:

    ok shut the fuck up bitches the best person on tekken is marshall law, eddy, king, and jin daddy so all you haterskeep your comment to your self

  42. khaun says:

    man tekken is boo boo man im the good and the dig booty

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