Tekken 6 Player Impressions! Part 2…

The November issue of Arcadia Magazine had coverage of Tekken 6 and impressions from some of the top Japanese Tekken players! In part one of our translated coverage of the article we saw the impressions from four of Japan’s Tekken players. Now we have four more players to share their thoughts! Check out what they have to say about Tekken 6 by clicking below!

Tekken 6 was on display recently at the 45th annual AM Show in Japan. Arcadia Magazine’s editors were on hand to take part in the fun and check out the latest fighting game out of Japan, Tekken 6!

Again, special thanks to our TeNSaiKuN for translating the article and helping us put this feature together!

For part two of our feature, the players interviewed are: Mister, the authority on Hwoarang in Japan who bested one of Korea’s best Hwoarang players in T5 in a mirror match battle. Yamada, the multi character master in Japan. He is known for his Marduk, Heihachi, and King among other characters. KEN, who is one of the top Julia players in Japan. Ryukei, an old school Tekken player and one of the most renowned Williams users in Japan. Here’s what they had to say about the game:

Mister: Here it comes, ‘TEKKEN 6’. I mostly used Hwoarang. Because he got more moves going into flamingo and moves from flamingo, looks like he has a lot more stringing options now. I am very happy about this, because stringing was what Hwoarang was about in the first place. And about his air juggles, his combos consisted of smack down combos already, so this new bounce combo addition would be a big plus for him. There are endless thoughts to decide which combo ender should be used, which pick up should be used, and so on.

Hwoarang increases his vast arsenal with more options from his stances…

Yamada: Because of the new bound system, the EWGF pressuring has gotten better, which also means the Mishimas in T6 also has a very high potential of being at the top. Heihachi lost his juggle from twin pistons, so EWGF practice is a must now. Kazuya seems like he’s been buffed up. The pro wrestler King is still the character where numerous styles can be played depending on the player. Fancy pro wrestling “love”! His customizations are awesome as well, I’m so ready to use him.

King’s newest move tweaks will cater even more to pro wrestling fans!

KEN: New system, new characters, new moves, and as u know already, the brush up system (Is this right? Probably talking about the rage system – tensaikun) a lot of good things we can look into Tekken 6. Also the different move motions and the item moves, I felt the creators being very proud of themselves. I especially enjoyed Raven’s QCF+1. Going right through the opponent on hit, was exactly like ZANZOUKEN (the Dragon Ball move early on where the characters move so fast, it creates an illusion of themselves in space). I’m really excited about Tekken 6’s release!

One of Raven’s new moves has similar effects to a technique in the Dragon Ball series. Jackie Chun(Master Roshi) performs the ZANZOUKEN. A technique moving at such high speeds it leaves an after image effect.

Ryukei: With the new motions, Law is more a Chinese martial artist then ever before. He’s a in-close fighter, but with additions of new low moves, it is easier for him to keep the pressure going, with an even more powerful offense. His stance moves and powerful throws were good just like before. Bruce, who keeps his offense going with numerous strings, received an improvement. New string enders, new moves, mid/low 50/50 guessing games, and even an option to not end the string. Of course he still has his power moves as well.

Law retains his classic style with more hints of Bruce Lee through his stance and actions…

Overall, the reception given by the hardcore Tekken players in Japan is a positive one. This is a big change compared to the last play test held for the game. Things are shaping up well! This concludes are two part feature on Tekken 6 player impressions from Japan! Thanks for reading!

Tekken 6 Player Impressions! Part 1…

20 Responses to Tekken 6 Player Impressions! Part 2…

  1. heero says:

    2 more weeks…that’s gonna be 2 more long weeks….namco. namco, you better not delay tekken 6 again

  2. Knowman says:

    What’s this bound system I keep reading about? I can’t seem to get a straight answer.

  3. schematic says:

    go to you tube and watch the tekken 6 vids and you’ll automatically know especially with lili and Kazuya.

  4. X says:

    hell yes! more moves into and out of flamingo

  5. dragonseer says:

    I was hoping KEN would of said something about Julia! I’m worried she will be weak in Tekken 6, people will at least have to relearn her, with 1,2,1 gone and all.

  6. Tenshimitsu says:

    Julia must be weak, for the sake of DR boost up!!! MWAHAHA…

    *ok, just jokin’ ~_^

  7. The Marshall says:

    Man, I’m just itching to use Law. Please hurry Namco!!!! DR is starting to get boring…

  8. Destructioncalls says:

    Julia is my main as well, i’m hoping that since she lost both 1, 2, 1 and party crasher knock down. Her new moves will redeem for her losses. Well they better or i’m gonna be more then pissed that they nerfed Julia and buffed mad people.

  9. noodalls says:

    26th is the release date.

  10. Iwao says:

    Noodalls please answer me which release date you’re talking about,because if this is the “Cheap” arcade version of Tekken 6,that’s coming in mid November 2007 as Namco said,so have Namco delayed it 10-11 days more,bur if it’s the “Expensive” version,that’s coming in December 2007,so is it good to hear,that’ll we’ll still see this version this year (2007),or is it the US release of the Tekken 6 arcade version Noodalls?

  11. MarkMan says:

    The 26th is for the DX(Deluxe version).

  12. Nashville says:

    Hoping I could’ve heard about Asuka or Ling here, but what can ye do?
    Still sounds good though, happy to hear about hwoarangs even vaster flamingo set. Can’t wait for the console releases to hit europe….
    I no, i gotta wait a LONG while =(

  13. Kev!n says:

    This game looks sick. Yo MarkMan, it’s a shame we’ve never played each other one on one on T5DR online/

  14. Vambrace222 says:

    Can’t wait to use my boys King and Armor King!

  15. The One says:

    This game is going to be hot. I can’t wait to use my boy bruce. He has new moves and new strings. This is going to be a good game for true fighting fans and tekken fans.

  16. Jordan says:

    Forrest Law is in the backround of Marshall’s arena

  17. raquan says:

    mahh botg baek nd law is duh best so whoever want to play me online get at meii nd u will see y they duh best

  18. Pruess says:

    i like your blogstyle, Im subscribing to your blog.
    Keep them comming. i hope u visit me friend.. http://www.multiwp.com

  19. Actually worth reading. Thank you.

  20. SAMEH UCHIHA says:


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