Those of you who have PLAYSTATION 3 systems or even those of you who are planning on getting one… Sony’s DUAL SHOCK 3 is a must own for any PS3 owner! For about a year the PS3 was without rumble, but now we can get rid of those pesky SIXAXIS controllers and graduate up to what the original PS3 controller should have been, the DUAL SHOCK 3! Play-Asia has a great price for the DS3, don’t wait until April or maybe even later!!! Get one today! For more information on the DUAL SHOCK 3 click below!

For a limited time, you can get the DUAL SHOCK 3 PS3 controller for $54.90 USD, with shipping as low as $6.70! Take advantage of this low price and fully utilize the gaming experience of the PLAYSTATION 3. The DUAL SHOCK 3 supports TONS of PS3 titles and supports backwards compatible games that have rumble enabled! You can order the Dual Shock 3 now at Play-Asia at the following links!

Dual Shock 3 (Ceramic White) – $59.90 (CLICK HERE TO ORDER)

Dual Shock 3 (Black) – $59.90 (CLICK HERE TO ORDER)

When checking out, use coupon codes:

  • RE-XMA-SAA for $5 off orders over $50.
  • RE-XMA-SAB for $10 off orders over $100.

Here is a link to a list of PS3 titles that support the Dual Shock 3:

Happy New Year!

20 Responses to GET YOUR SHOCK ON!

  1. The D says:

    Will this Dual Shock 3 improve the gameplay on T5DR becous i have alot of trubbel with the L2 and R2 triggers on Sixaxis.

  2. Iwao says:

    It’s sad,that you can’t ship it to there where I do live…but it should ship/come this year,so I think I’ll then get one,and I’m getting my Playstation 3 January 18th 2008,so SixAxis FTW until Q2 2008,so will it be DualShock 3/SixAxis FTW!!

  3. MarkMan says:

    While I don’t use L2/R2 in Tekken at all, I can say that it doesn’t feel as spongy and they feel more responsive in other games.

  4. sketching says:

    They look like nice if not a little pricey . I am somewhat surprised that there hasn’t been any rumble for this long.

  5. MarkMan says:

    Yea, rumble should have been there from the start…

    Although they are about $10 more than it’d be over here when it comes out… I don’t mind paying such a small premium to have a better controller sooner than later..

    It’s going to be $50 if not more when it retails in the US anyways…

  6. darklsins says:

    my uncle is sending me one for an Xmas present…

    i was thinking of getting one but how llong does it usally take to ship?

    i live in hawaii…

    and im still waiting on my arcade stick I ordered =)…

  7. PhantomJ says:

    This is hardly worth updating the frontpage about…

  8. MarkMan says:

    I’m sorry, but I think I’ll be the one to decide what is worth updating the front page about… Thanks.

  9. tepid says:

    Damn, man.

    Ads in your updates?

    Respect for the site and SD’s gaming prowess in Tekken, but shit.

    This aint the direction you want for site cred. Money, yes. But hell.

    Don’t play us.

  10. MarkMan says:

    No one is playing anyone LOL… Is it really that hard to ignore this? Really though, if you haven’t noticed… We’ve been posting similar stuff such as this ‘ad’ since we’ve revamped our website… It’s nothing new.

    I could care less about what others perceive in regards to the site’s ‘cred’… now other major Tekken sites have real ads all over the place… and I NEVER complain, because I care about the real content(aside from ads).

    No one is forcing you to read/post comments here. I appreciate that you enjoy the site and respect it though. Thanks for that.

    If we were truly in this for the money, we’d be out of business long time ago. This website isn’t exactly a money maker, neither is Tekken in general. Come on now…

    With that said, hope everyone had a Happy New Year! :)

  11. PhantomJ says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean it to be an outright attack. It’s just that DS3 is old news. I really appreciate this site, and here is my apology.

  12. MarkMan says:

    Don’t even worry about it… no need for apologies… :)

    Yea I admit the Dual Shock 3 is old news, just tried to point out a deal for people before it expired… I was too lazy to even review the DS3… but it really is an improvement over the now obsolete SIXAXIS… ^_^

  13. corel says:

    I’m definitely going to get that. Thanks for all the info! This site deserves the right cred and awards too.

  14. tepid says:

    It’s cool. But you can drop that ad in a sidebar and not the main update…just sayin.

    Love the site, hope to make it down there to meet up and play a few with you guys.


  15. TakoyakiBoy says:

    Nothing is like a ” Real Arcade PRO ” it’s the best controller for fighting games .

  16. MarkMan says:

    I heard that the coupon codes expired, here are some new ones.

    – Code: RE-TAI-LAA ($5 off $50+ orders. Expires January 31, 2008. Can be used multiple times.)

    – Code: RE-TAI-LAB ($10 oof $100+ orders. Expires January 31, 2008. Can be used multiple times.)

  17. Kev!n says:

    “Damn, man.

    Ads in your updates?

    Respect for the site and SD’s gaming prowess in Tekken, but shit.

    This aint the direction you want for site cred. Money, yes. But hell.

    Don’t play us.”

    I really appreciate this update. If I had a penny for every time my bugged-ass SIXAXIS cost me a match on Tekken 5 DRO…I could probably afford a Dual Shock… I’m gettin’ one, and if it wasn’t for this “ad,” I wouldn’t have even known about this.\

  18. MarkMan says:

    That is another point I SHOULD have included in this update.

    The Dual Shock 3 (along with newer model SIXAXIS controllers) no longer experience the lockups/signal drops that happens occasionally with first and second run SIXAXIS controllers.

  19. Kev!n says:

    My Dual Shock 3 just shipped (they’re ultra fast). I’m not playing Tekken 5 DRO until I receive this, lol. I’ve gotten so frustrated that I’ve bent my controller in half, and the glue that holds the controller together basically ripped apart! I was so frustrated and desperate I spent 22 dollars for the fastest shipping

  20. Kev!n says:

    Hey MarkMan, I want to thank you for linking this. It’s WAY easier to win matches in DRO with this new controller. Thanks!

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