With the international arcade release of Tekken 6 creeping up fast… Tekken fans outside of Japan have to be wondering… What can we expect?! Aside from the tons of videos popping up online, it would be nice to hear some new insight on the game as a whole… Well, you got it! Our very own Masakun spent the last few weeks in Japan… Enjoying the Holidays and of course… TEKKEN 6!

SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken 6 Review

by Masafumi Iino aka Masakun


After a long wait, Tekken 6 arrived in Japan in late November, and we still don’t know when it’ll reach the masses in the United States. I had the opportunity to play the game for a few days in Japan in late December, and as of the writing of this review, the current version is “version B,” which appeared on December 24th.

With a grand total of 39 playable characters (40 if you add Panda separately), this is easily the most voluminous game in the Tekken franchise in terms of the available martial arts styles at hand, which also means you have to have a basic grasp of anti-character strategies for almost as many characters. Love it or hate it, it’s the strategy Bandai Namco is using to keep the series going.

New Characters


As of late December, Bob is considered the best character in Tekken 6 by far. With an uppercut that reaches far and is safe on block, a low that leads into high damage combos, and an array of pokes that are incredibly difficult to interrupt, one is left to wonder if the gut is actually a clever disguise for a more sinister, otherworldly force (because people shooting laser beams from their eyes is completely normal).


The androgynous character that we all thought was a guy who looked like a girl, except Leo turned out to be a girl after all. Great 50/50 character with massive combo damage, although her mid/low game isn’t as good as Bob’s.


Good mixup character with oki mixups to boot. One false move, and you’ll find yourself in the air against this guy.


She is the most difficult to use of the new characters, and her unique range of motions conjures images of Voldo from the Soul Calibur series. Sorry, she doesn’t shake her hips… At least not yet. Most of her moves are unsafe on block, making her a very unpopular choice among Japanese Tekken players for a character to pick up.

Her win pose where she slowly crawls on the ground is a sight to see, though.


Azazel looks like a enlarged deer that had a really bad day. For the Berserk fans out there, a resemblance to Nosferatu Zodd would make more sense. With an arsenal of crazy moves and a size that makes True Ogre look like a chimpanzee, I had no fucking clue what was going on when I was up against this monstrosity, and I got killed pretty quickly.

Okay, they KIND of look like each other…

Old Characters

Law must have gone through some serious training, because all of his moves look much more like those of Bruce Lee.

Yoshimitsu is basically a completely new character. With or without his sword, his playing style perhaps varies the most from what worked for him in DR.

Lei is also often cited as a character whose tactics in DR are utterly useless now (but for the better).

The Mishimas are still pretty good, of course. Tactics that worked in DR will translate extremely well for these characters.

Oh yeah, Anna must have taken out those breast implants (see below diagram).

Tekken 5 Anna, and now… Could it just be the angle?


Rage System

Your life bar flashes red when you have 5% life or less, and the videos we have seen on the internet tell the rest of the story. It’s not a necessary system, and they could tone down the damage you do if rage mode is enabled if they want people to be less upset about it.

Ground Combos

You will have to bring your own copy of Galaga to play while you eat an air combo, since they take forever to finish. Seriously, this has got to be the worst part about Tekken 6.

The presence of ground combos where you can slam your opponent to the ground and then hit them out of the ground with most moves that hit mid greatly enhances the tactical advantages enjoyed by characters who have low moves that lead into combos. In Tekken 5, such characters are Devil Jin (hell sweep combos), Baek (db+4), and Roger (d/b+3, side step into 4).

This system guarantees around 50% damage for a low, yet, depending on the character you’re up against, does not pose the risk of losing 50% of your life.

This is when you take a sip of that coffee and watch chunks of your life bar go away…

Level Switching

Not a necessary addition, especially if you consider how disrupting these are to landing combos that are already too long to begin with. Having the ground break under you after you smash your opponent to the ground still lets you continue your ground combo (after a 3-4 second hiatus where you’re sitting there behind the joystick doing absolutely nothing).

Item Moves

These are for comic relief and do nothing to the game other than to eat a big hole in your virtual wallet and give you another way to taunt your opponent.

Sidestep / Sidewalk

The evasive capabilities of these actions have been toned down. For instance, slash kicks are no longer sidewalk-able.

Low Parry

Again, the videos tell more than what I could say here. Now, anyone can air combo off a low parry – the opponent is already in the air if you low parry against them!

Jump Cancelling

Jump cancelling is gone now, which means characters like Lei and Jack no longer have throws that came out faster by holding u/f. Likewise, Yoshimitsu’s u/f+3 will not have different properties if you hold u/f.



DX Version

One order of the DX version of Tekken 6 gives arcades two versus setups (a total of four cabinets, each with its own 16:9 aspect ratio flat screen display) and a large flat screen display for rematches, ranking information, and more – almost virtually identical to the setup that Tekken 5 had. The hardware itself is PS3-compatible, so we can expect that Namco can push out a PS3 port with relative ease.

The large flat screen display has an hand sensor that lets you skip to the next match replay (taken from various arcades in Japan). This is especially useful if you aren’t interested in watching local rankings or match replays between beginner players.

The flat screen display and the hand sensor.

SD Version

The SD version is the board for use with regular 4:3 aspect ratio displays. The major downside to this setup is that the game runs in letterbox mode, much like a widescreen DVD playing on a regular TV set, with the black bars on the top and bottom. Very uncool.


I won’t repeat what we already know. In 60 fps, however, the beauty of the graphics really stands out, even compared to the high quality Challenger tournament videos that run at 30 fps.

My own opinion is that the series should have stuck to using 2-D portrait art in the character selection screen; resorting to 3-D models slows down the perceived time between selecting your characters to actually starting the match, which I consider a minus.


Virtually every body part of the character will have an item associated with it – you can even change the color of the character’s trailing motion when he or she goes into rage mode. Very cool items in general so far, including a variety of swords that Yoshimitsu can use, and shoeless / gloveless options for everyone, to name a few.


The score for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was the best we had seen in a while, and it would have been very difficult for the Tekken team to produce a new game with equally impressive music.

Indeed, we are seeing nothing of the sort, and while the music isn’t bad on its own, my personal feeling is that the techno tracks were kept in Bandai Namco’s secret music vault to use for their next Ridge Racer game, but were siphoned off to Tekken 6 for some extraneous reason.

Long story short – it’s not as good as it was in DR, but better than the farting noises of Tekken 4.


What could happen to a lot of players the way things are going…

I am somehow hoping that Tekken 6 is still in a prolonged beta test that Bandai Namco corporate wanted to rush out the door to keep their investors happy. It looks pretty, and is a fun game to play by yourself, but the level of seriousness I can put into this game rivals that of Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64.

If the game is kept in its basic form with no major updates like Tekken 5, Yotoriyama and Project Soul will be happy to see that demand for Soul Calibur IV will skyrocket – a similar phenomenon observed for Soul Calibur II when Tekken 4 caused a mass exodus away from the Tekken series.


  • A more diverse selection of characters now includes a girl with A-cup breasts, a female who is presumably from the Middle East, a Spaniard seeking revenge, and a well-fed American
  • The graphics are fantastic
  • Item customization options are far more detailed

The BAD:

  • Combos take too much time
  • Combos take too much damage
  • The music seems horribly misplaced


It’s still Tekken – yes, it’s fun, but so long as you don’t get too serious about the game. I’m going back to DR until the console version of Tekken 6 comes out.


87 Responses to OUR TEKKEN 6 REVIEW!

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  2. thelonegamer says:

    I really am psyched for the game, even though I do find the Rage System overboard and the air combos too powerful, as mentioned. But I am really interested in customizing the characters, seeing the cool extras and CG cinematics coming inevitably with the PS3 port, as well as online play. I’m not as hardcore into gameplay technicalities as much, but I am living and breathing this game right now. Great review!

    • Kuzey Guney says:

      Good blog, where did you come up with the knowledge in this piece of content? I’m glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have. thanks

  3. thelonegamer says:

    I have to say though that Tekken 4 and this game are worlds apart. Tekken 4 was just horrible. This game has quirks, but it looks damn awesome. But then I’m looking at it from a solo player’s standpoint. For me, Best Tekken Ever. For the competitive player, not.

  4. Tekken Fan says:

    Is the grafics better than Virtua Fighter5?

  5. Dinosaur says:

    Thanks for the honest review. Hopefully if enough people voice their criticisms it will filter back to Namco.

  6. Hwoa says:

    first thanks for your information about tekken 6 … but its your oponion and i think that many of us thinks differntly ..

  7. ryanrocks201 says:

    i think each tekkengame gets more stupid and stupid no effence and i hate the controls in the tekken games one time i was vs my bro in one of em i think it was 5 or 4 well anyways this happens in every tekken game i hit him then after like 2 sec after i throw my punch 2 seconds later he presses punch and BOOM im hit and no its not because of what character we were palayin as

  8. Iwao says:

    Personally I can’t wait for Tekken 6 to get realesed.And I don’t care about what the haters say!!

  9. volcon says:

    i juss need to know if itz onli comeing out for ps3 before i go out and buy an x-box 360

  10. RoyalFlush says:

    Awesome review, Masa.

  11. ryanrocks201 says:

    Iwao i dont hate the tekken games i just kinda dont like the controls thats MOSTLY all except for some screen play can be overated to me in some parts :D

  12. Tenshimitsu says:

    Hah! If it gets released on Xbox, it will be the death of PS3 console. Playstation isn’t probably dumb enough to underestimate its rival…

    Back to Tekken 6, I agree with all bad what was said. The combos shouldn’t be that long… who care about juggles? The fights will be boring thanks to this, all people will see the same. It should be more about traps, mixups, strings: a real engage.

    Let’s say: there should be normal DR-like juggles and Bound juggles allowed after, let’s say: a maximal amount of three mid-air blows. The damage of each JG kind should be roughly the same. In this way we would have more variety.

    And the music: more bass and electric guitar, please :D I don’t like high tones in fighting games. It just doesn’t match. Just a little more bass and drums (yeah, ear-catching rhythm) in the music and it will be fine. :D

    Personally, I’m very happy about Tekken 6 system and physics: seems more stable, having less irritating bugs. There’s nothing more irritating than an impossible crush or blocking a natural combo… it should be debugged and debugged until eternity.

  13. JZ says:

    I totally disagree about the music. I, honestly, thought DR had the worst music in the whole series.
    It’s too bad that you basically made the game sound like a piece of crap. They really should fix those insane juggles, though.

  14. jrock says:

    sounds pretty solid and i’d sure like to try it, after all its still Tekken.
    but say what you want about Tekken 4 I personaly loved it and logged a ridiculous amount of hours playing it with friends and solo (384 win survival streak.. lol)

  15. ryanrocks201 says:

    OH MAN!! i totally forgot about the music party ya! i hate the stupid high music!! it would be pretty cool to have some good bass and electric guiatr like Tenshimitsu said. I just personally think every single one of these games get kinda of a lil bit more cheesy each game(Just like the M Kombat games) yet i like tekken better then the mortal kombat games though but out of a rating 1 through 5 out of all the tekken games ive played i would have to give it about a 3 yup exactly my decison :D BUT MAYBE THIS ONE WILL BE BETTER THEN THE OTHERS lol

  16. phillyX says:

    uh wut… are we watching the same matches because last time i checked nearly every bob match posted online ended up with bob losing out over and over and over again. so how exactly is he the best of the bunch?

  17. Cloud77777 says:

    Damn you guys made some stupid ass comments. Half of you cant even spell or form a complete sentence. And complaining about the music already? How about having an open mind and maybe listening to it in a better quality (besides Youtube) before judging it. Ohh and just for the record I think DR’s music is top notch.

    Tenchimitsu: If Tekken 6 actually came out on Xbox360 it would NOT be the death of PS3; and by the way it is said to be PS3 exclusive so far. And besides have you ever seen any Tekken game come to an Xbox console? FUCK NO because the controller sucks.

  18. gagglepuff says:

    I used to play old school Tekken casually, but when Tekken 5 came out I became much more interested in the game, and when Dark Resurrection came out, I was even more satisfied.

    Judging from everything I’ve heard about Tekken 6, It’s pretty safe to say Tekken 5 will be the only game in the series that I’ll truly enjoy.

  19. MarkMan says:

    phillyX Says:

    uh wut… are we watching the same matches because last time i checked nearly every bob match posted online ended up with bob losing out over and over and over again. so how exactly is he the best of the bunch?

    You need to watch the GOOD Bob players… check these videos out from Osaka’s Monte Carlo arcade. The #1 T5DR player, Matador, uses Bob and is DEMOLISHING ppl with him. Check out the vids at this profile:


    He’s the guy with high streaks on everyone…

    These are good players mind you, not just scrubs playing…

  20. MarkMan says:

    And also… just to throw my two cents out on the whole Xbox 360 issue…

    I would LOVE it if Tekken 6 came out on both the PS3 and 360. The more exposure for the game I love, the better. I’d buy both versions. Controller issue isn’t a problem unless you use control pads… I use stick anyways, so it doesn’t matter so much to me.

  21. xugal says:

    lol the review was terrible and so typical of an American goin over seas. First off Lei is not considered weak over there… and if you check out his fights on You tube based on ridiculously they have upgraded him you will see that. The game so far seems incredibly well balanced… the juggling system might be longer but the damage is pretty much the same that means you have to work harder to do more damage. The rage… meh I could take it or leave it.

    Tekken 4 was the worst tekken of them all, most hard core fans hated it to death thats why they went back to the olds style of play.

    Bob is bad ass. Miguel so far on all the fight vids I’ve seen dominates at least 75 percent of all his fights. Zafina looks just sick I don’t know what Masa was talking about lol. And Leo is very tricky it seems in the hands of a pro.. reminds me a lot of a mix between julia and Feng.
    Sorry I can’t co sign that review until I’ve seen it for myself.

  22. MarkMan says:

    ^^ That’s fine and all… but to call the review terrible? And typical of an American going overseas?

    Um… The reviewer is JAPANESE… And I’m pretty sure he would know better seeing as he interacts/speaks with JAPANESE Tekken players… Also he is basing his review on FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE… Not YouTube video study… Sorry I can’t cosign your comment lol…

  23. Jen says:

    Is this review based on experiences with the versions pre the latest patch (final release)? Because the damage surely looks toned down in the latest vids.

  24. xugal says:

    Ok then y is it that the top players in japan liked the game?
    Famitsu just released that saying that… and also his comments about lei I just don’t believe I’ve been watching Lei’s and all the characters matches and the game looks extremely balance.. only ppl I suspected of being broken is Miguel at first and HEIACHI!!! Only American players have lei on low tier because he is harder to use and requires more deception where american players like straight forward ppl with simple punish moves, mix ups jugles and wake up, the more complicated the character the less attractive it is to them thats why they all spam Bryan, Paul, Feng and the Mishimas and put even dominant ppl like Hwoarang on the lower “American” tier lol.

    lol and So what if he is japanese.. that doesn’t prevent him from being biased at all, Especially someone who would actually compare tekken and Smash brothers. And he does sound like a typical american going overseas, I lived in japan and thats what it sounds like. So… he is japanese, but he lives in America? for how long? SD says that is was “Our very own Masakun”.

    Sorry there is a big difference on how Americans and Japanese ppl play. I’m not saying either way is better but there opinions are reflected in those styles.

  25. xugal says:

    Ooo and they love eddy lol they spam eddy like its silly.

  26. MarkMan says:

    Wow… I was going to reply, but after reading all of that… It’s obvious you know nothing about competitive Tekken play in Japan. So I won’t even bother debating with you…

    Hwoarang dominant lolololol….

  27. MauritiusBigBoss says:

    O hell…wat ur sayng man isnt enough to discourage us from playing TEKKEN 6!!!
    NOW: TEKKEN ^ RULES……..all ze other fighting games <
    It’s obvious you know nothing about competitive Tekken play in Japan. So I won’t even bother debating with you…

  28. MarkMan says:

    To any future comments and posters with poor reading comprehension.

    SDTEKKEN.COM is not trying to discourage anyone from playing Tekken 6. Why do you think we have this website in the first place? To promote Tekken and spread the good word about a game WE love… In fact, I’m sure I’m more excited than anyone else about Tekken 6… ;)

    Carry on.

    If any stupid posts come up here, I’ll just start deleting/banning from now on.

  29. truth says:

    i hope that namco reads this thread and adresses these issues before the final verion is released in the US. make it work sdtekken, make it happen!

  30. truth says:

    tekken should be about stragety, fast gameplay, non repetiveness (pray tell) and good soundtracks. it still boggles my mind how certain characters have the same animations for certain moves with diffrent characters cmon…. tekken is in it’s 6th version!

  31. xugal says:

    lol… I don’t know if you consider this a stupid comment but I don’t understand why Famitsu when interviewing the top tekken ppl in Japan came back with a different opinion than you guys. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of your site… but this entry just doesn’t make sense. And also what your telling me that tiering in Japan is the exact same as in America… at least thats what it seems your saying. You still haven’t addressed my points about the differences in character usage between the 2 countries… and if I was right that American players often shy away from complicated characters in favor of players that are more simple to win with.

    Hwoarang imo as with all characters in tekken in the right hands can beat anyone. Tekken is the most balanced fighting system I’ve ever had the opportunity to play and I been playing fighters since the beginning lol, guess that makes me old. So all this tiering that ppl come up with sure its based on movement frames, punishishable moves etc etc… but I think ppl go to the extemes with it.

    Honestly maybe I’m biased because in street fighter 2 sure Ken and Ryu were nice… but I’m not a band wagon person I always went for the more complex characters.. because winning with the so called “worse” or “weakest” characters in the game and being dominant with them to me at least is more impressive than winning with the token ppl. Love all the characters in tekken and play with them all but I’d be damned if I entered any tourney as a mishima or DJ lol.

  32. xugal says:

    I mean come on man he compared our beloved Tekken to Smash brothers -.- lol maybe thats what set me off.

  33. hannahwilliams^_^ says:

    maybe another version of tekken 6 will be release that is better than the version now, lets hope for the best…

  34. Sirjackalot says:

    This is just my input based off videos because I have not played tekken 6 like many of us have not. Now the people who are bashing this guy review are acting like fanboys . The stuff the guy is saying has alot of truth too it its not like he saying tekken 6 sucks he bascially say its good but what he say needs improvement I agree on. Come on the combos look cool but they take off way too much DAMAGE its going to be like playing tekken 3 again where matches could in under 10 secs. Now I know the combos in 5 and Dr were damaaging also but the bound system is overpowered. They can keep it for the cool looking combos but tone the damage down by alot. Like the more hits you do it should dramatically decrease the damage and doing bound combos from a wall splat that should just be removed completly. There is no need to be able to get a wall splat then go straight into a bound make no sense you can already get enough from a wall splat and then set up mind games and oki from there. The rage system dont care for that either they should remove that either because as we know in past tekkens ppl can still come back at any moment we didn’t need to input that. Its just going to make alot of pissed off players and drive them away from tekken. Tekken is suppose to be based off skill not someone getting lucky off dumbed down bound almost full life combos or getting lucky by getting a launch when their rage system is on. Because about every vid I seen if someone is about to die and they get rage if they launch they take you to the wall get a splat then do a bound then well your dead more than likely.

    Good review enjoyed it takes for the input hopefully namco will read this and tone down the bound and just get rid of the rage its stupid

  35. DJCore says:

    For me, I think the rage is fine at 5% health left. It adds a thrill to the game, that makes you stay focused even if you have a big advantage coz at any mistake you make, you know the odds can turn against you. As for the opponent, he won’t easily give up coz having rage gives him a second chance and that is a good thing to keep the battle going and interesting instead of just giving up the round. The opponent getting rage isn’t actually getting a very high advantage over you anyway since you still have the higher life bar, and other times you’ll be glad to have rage on your side.

    On another topic, I do believe they should tone down bound. Also it seems to me the wall combos are much more damaging and easier to pull of now because of the new splat animation, they should tone that down too.

  36. Olsie says:

    Thanks for the review, sir.
    No matter what, it’s going to be great. This game can’t please every single person. I know I’ll accept Namco for who they are if they make any mistakes along the way, because they’re so awesome.

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  38. wriXeL says:

    Great Review! It was in-depth and it looks like you really did you research. As long as its better #6 is a step in the right direction I’ll be happy. I’m worried about the combos dealing more damage… I’ve seen some pretty crazy combos landed on me… I hope this doesn’t mean instant death per combo landed.
    PS. I like the snow effects on your site =D

  39. tekken lover says:

    any word on release date on console?

  40. stevechampion says:

    ok so here is what i think of the game. First off as mentioned above every top player from Japan has said its a good game. As far as the review goes everyone is entitled to their own opinions and that is exactly what it was, an opinion. I think the game is relatively new and its way too early to be making assumptions like the ones posted in the review. As far as basing it off of actual gameplay experience, everyone plays the game at a diff level of competition, so you have to consider more than one person’s opinion of the game. We have one person from America saying it’s a bad game. Every top player in japan thinks its a good game. You do the math.

  41. MarkMan says:

    Just wanted to note… All the reviews/impressions you see in Arcadia from the ‘top’ players… You’re not going to see a negative review. The only reason Namco allowed early coverage/hands on was to hype up the game. That’s why there hasn’t been ONE negative review about the game at all… even in it’s infancy… whereas if you had gone to 2ch gamefight threads(this is what I did), and ask the Japanese players what they felt about T6, a lot of them didn’t like it and said it takes a lot of getting used to.

    I’m curious as to what they think of the game right now… I guess I’ll make that the next article for this site…. impressions/reviews from Japanese players now.

  42. stevechampion says:

    yea i think that would be a good thing to research, what they think about it now, but most of the “damage” you see from bound combos are nothing new. Old DR combos did the same amount of dmg just less hits. As far as the wall damage goes, its pretty standard. Most wall combos ind T5 DR took 3/4 life anyway, just less hits. A mid tier character in DR could easily take off 3/4 life from a wall combo. Take hwoa for example, I don’t know the exact notation of the combo, but I play against a VERY good hwoa on a daily basis and know the dmg he is capable of. All it takes from him is one wall combo then back turn wall mix up with a throw or a re launch and you are dead. And he is a MID TIER character. I dont know why people are saying this dmg is anything new. It just takes more hits then before, other than that, same dmg. As far as the rage meter goes, they could def do without it. I think it will just prove that random ppl who arent as good as other players can come back with a scrub win, but then again that was pretty standard in DR anyway. Now its just easier.

  43. DemonJin says:

    I know he didn’t just compare Tekken 6 with Super Smash Brothers. . . lol. Wow.

    Long combos and all, Tekken 6 will be a serious fighting game.

  44. JZ says:

    What I don’t get, Markman, is why you’re so cool about this review. The dude basically said it was crappy.

    No offense, but you usually spaz out at things.

  45. MarkMan says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t read this review as TEKKEN 6 = crappy…

    I know Masa personally and I take his words/wisdom with the utmost respect. Even though Tekken 6 is getting flack for the most part from competitive players, I don’t care much… I’m still excited and I still want to playthis game.

    I don’t get where you get the idea I would spaz on someone’s opinion. I only REGULATE on idiots…

    Have a good day. :)

  46. Icege says:

    This review has pretty much confirmed most of the fears I’ve had about the game :(

    As for the tweeners that are still psyched about the game, good for you. Your 15min of instant gratification makes you happy, and that makes me happy for you.

    Unfortunately, those of us that play Tekken competitively look for a little more than just pretty graphics and neato-skileeto sounds. Once that new game smell wears off, what’s really keeping us entranced is the gameplay.

    Tekken 6’s gameplay isn’t exactly looking too hot, from my end at least.

    And xugal, I would take anything you read in a magazine with a grain of salt. They’re not going to be publishing poor reviews of a major game. That’s like expecting IGN to admit that Halo 3 is… Halo with a 3 at the end. As for personal preferences over characters, being American doesn’t make you go for the simple characters. It moreso has to deal with personal play style. Though simpler characters might be more prominent in America, that doesn’t mean that the top tier are any less top tier.

    Anyone can beat anyone. However, you take the top Hwoarang player and put him against a top Devil Jin player, and that Hwoarang will not come out on top in a first to 10. Simple fact. Devil Jin just has access to better tools than Hwoarang does. If you think Tekken is the most balanced fighting system, then you have very, very little exposure to other fighting games.

    As for your preference, I’m sorry that you feel that you have to stack the odds against you in order to impress people. A win is a win, whether or not it’s with the best character or the worst. If you’re in a fight to the death, and you decide to use a soda can as your weapon of choice as opposed to an assault rifle, well… when you’re dead, you’re dead.

    If you’re looking to impress somebody by playing with a low tier character, or you only like that character because they’re bad, you’re picking them for all the wrong reasons.

    I highly doubt that this will have any significant impact on you, and I’m almost certain you’ll continue to think that you actually know what you’re talking about, but I can’t help but hope that you realize how ignorant of the situation you are. Naive might be a better word, but I can’t really think of a good way to phrase it.

  47. MarkMan says:

    Icege: thanks for saying what I wanted to say… but in a nice and civil way…

    I’m trying to not curse at ppl in 2008. ^_^

  48. xugal says:

    Great response. And you are right DJ and other characters do have some tools that are better geared for winning. Picking a so called “lower tier” character means nothing… infact tiers to me means nothing, Tekken is very very well balanced and I never said it was the best best balanced I said it was one of the best balanced. Honestly, I just never been the band wagon type, some ppl just are, not saying if you like a character you shouldn’t play with them, but this is not a fight to the death in real life lol its a fighting game so such an extreme analogy while sound in its contrast is still a bit extreme for what I was trying to say. With that said…. the easier it is to win…. is the more bored I get with a game, its just my personality, the less complex and intricate the more bored I get, cause I don’t just play to win though that is my primary goal, I play for the challenge of the game play and mastering it in all its aspects. Many ppl have personality types that they will buy a video game and if its 2 hard they will put it away or just buy the game guide and beat it and feel a sense of instant gratification lol. That seems to be more prevelant in American players than I’ve seen anywhere else.

    To me how you win is just as important as winning itself. You can stand back as paul wait til someone wiffs and then power punch them as cheesy ppl do. Or you can actually play tactical be clever fake ppl out..etc, adds to the excitement of the game. But to each his own, I really appreciate how well you responded. Its not about impressing ppl. Its about skill, and it requires more skill to win with more complex players than with simple ppl. And even the simple ppl you can be skillful with them to where I’ll be excited to fight you, its just that…. most ppl aren’t they equate winning with skill. To me they are 2 different things.

    We Americans love things made simple so I’d have to disagree with you on that point.

  49. JZ says:

    I don’t know why Iceage and other peeps keep saying this game’s simple. How is Tekken 6 simple? Elaborate.

    To be honest, Markman, the way I read this review was “I’m pissed at Tekken 6”. Masa was probably getting beat a bunch of times as a result of the long juggles- cuz that’s basically the main thing he complains about.
    I’m, like, 40% joking about that.

  50. stevechampion says:

    If u feel like im being ignorant of the situation, im not at all i promise. I have seen/played the best tekken players of all time in america since tag. Not to mention the fact my lineage has produced tekken champions. I was in no way saying anything about picking a character just cause he is low tier or bad, I dont even know where you got that from. I was just saying that this damage everyone talks about is nothing new. Go look up ANY old tekken 5 combo vids and you will see the same dmg just less hits. I played steve in 5.0 for god sakes, I dont play low tier characters. As far as the review goes, one persons opinion of the game is who isnt even considered to be a top player in it, isnt going to affect me that much. Now dont take that as an insult, im just stating simple facts, I mean no harm by it. Im just saying that America plays the game much diff then all other countries, which is why we suck so bad. Its easy to come to a fast judgement about a game when its so early you most likely havent even figured out how to play it to its full potential yet. Cause this early I know I would not have figured that out.

  51. stevechampion says:

    also, If u think I dont know anything about competetive playing, you are sorely mistaken.

  52. YukioSumadera says:

    Tim rapes scrubs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack

    As for T6? I shall see when I get my hands on the game.

  53. Icege says:

    Tim, I was (what I thought was obviously) addressing xugal. I hadn’t even read what you had posted. My apologies for the confusion.

    As for what you said concerning damage though, what was the biggest complain about T4 Jin aside from just being overall busted? JFLS would straight turn the match around because he was the only character doing half-life off of some nonsense.

    There were half life juggles in TTT, but you had two characters to somewhat soften the effect. Namco’s response to T4 Jin was to make 45% juggles common, while also giving them a ridiculous risk vs. reward crush system.

    One of the most common complaints that I heard throughout the 5 series (5.0, 5.1, and DR) was that damage was retarded, and the crush system gave a lot of scrubbier players a bit of a blanket. Don’t know how to block lows, break throws, sidestep strings, or read attack patterns? Throw a crush that launched. If you had a hopkick, at the worst, you were taking jabs. Otherwise, you’re looking at doing 45% for being random. (70% or better if there’s a wall).

    The response for T6 was to make juggles a little bit more difficult and shorter. Difficulty means nothing, since if somebody wants to do it, they’re going to do it. The shorter juggles though meant less damage, which was good. Now people weren’t losing half their life over one a jab.

    Then we introduce the B! system. So much for shorter juggles and less damage. Now we have the same game but with Rage and a couple of new characters/animations/items.

    Tekken isn’t like 2D games where you’ve got supers that can lead to half-life. You can pretty much do it whenever you feel like nailing somebody. The game appears like it is going to be just like the 5 series and the better characters will be those with the better launchers, juggles, or moves that straight stuff the system.

    I’m very, very disappointed with what I’ve seen so far. I’m reserving final judgement for when I actually get to play it, but from what I had been hearing, top Japanese players were [b]not[/b] liking the game. Then again, hardly any top player ever likes a new game >.>

  54. xugal says:

    Tekkn 4 just sucked because the mechanics were alien i hated it sooo much, the graphics were nice but infinite juggles in the cage made me scratch my head lol. It felt like they were biting off other 3d fighters.

    I think they were actually trying to make a more complicated juggling system where you would do the same damage as you would in DR but you would need to work harder for it. So its longer juggles same damage. Rage can go in my opinion I hope there is an option to turn in off in the regular game.

    The game looks great to me I’ve incredibly excited by what I’ve seen every it seems has a great shot at beating anyone. Miguel Heichi Bob and DJ seems a bit overpowered at times but nothing a good smart skilled player can’t overcome. So bring it on .

    I could have sworn though on this site the posted opinions before by famitsu about the impressions of the game by the top players and they said they liked the game. But wether you understand anything about the competitive nature or not… anyone who compares this game to super smash brothers I just can’t take seriously. That means he is more of a smash brothers fan than a tekken fan. A game where your job is to knock them off the stage… granted its fun.. but they are 2 different games. But then again thats just my opinion and I could be wrong.

  55. fast_handsCODY says:


    dont ban
    dont flare

  56. AngelofDestruction says:

    This isn’t a review….. You didn’t give it a score.

    Ohh and Tekken 6 is awesome. Who cares about long juggles and damage? Just dont get launched. Cry babies!!!!!

  57. MarkMan says:

    Since when do reviews require a score? Oh yea… they DON’T NEED ONE…

    And saying some shit like ‘Just dont get launched’ is like trying to tell fat people to avoid food…. it just won’t happen…

  58. andrew says:

    Tekken the king iron fist of tournament versus zaibatsu means orewa tek.
    I like fighting game,it’s final boss like skealeoton.jin kazama and kazuya mishima.
    yo tekken master i’m like killer of death

  59. lostarot says:

    AngelofDestruction Says:
    January 7, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    This isn’t a review….. You didn’t give it a score.

    Ohh and Tekken 6 is awesome. Who cares about long juggles and damage? Just dont get launched. Cry babies!!!!!

    Yeah… nice talk tough guy…

    Who cares about long juggles and damages are the people that deeply understands the game…no offense…but juggles from bound combos do half the lifebar and looks way too easy to execute…at least make bound moves techrollable for mix ups…but a guaranteed three hit string is just too long..and three hit strings should be for backrollers….

  60. lostarot says:

    And the talks about the top jap players liking the game so-why-would-we-listen-to-this-review is absurd… watch the videos and be the judge… the jap players are probably just exited as we are…so nice things were said..they probably felt that they owe namco a good comment for being chosen as testers..

    Just my opinion though…

  61. MarkMan says:

    Well, that’s pretty much it… Namco is a sponsor of Arcadia magazine and helping them get $$$ by giving them exclusive time with Tekken 6… so of course they’re not going to bad mouth the game. What you see in Arcadia is heaps different from what you heard in 2ch gamefight threads at the time the issues were released on news stands… lol.

  62. JZ says:

    Haha, “And saying some shit like ‘Just don’t get launched’ is like trying to tell fat people to avoid food…, it just won’t happen…”

    Probably one of the stupidest things you’ve ever said. And you’ve said some stupid things. The whole point of a match is to not get hit, while hitting the other guy. It’s not like you’re going to automatically get hit- you work to avoid that. That’s one of the things that make the game fun. And, to be honest, everyone’s being so retarded about these juggles, including your buddy who wrote this. They’ve always been there and done the same amount of damage(Since, like, Tekken 2). I like them. They’re a plus. They force you to concentrate. And they’re not
    as long as people make them out to be(like 2.5 seconds).

    Yeah, and, just cuz you can’t avoid food, doesn’t mean other fat people can’t if they actually work towards it. Haha.

  63. MarkMan says:

    Not going to reply/argue with you anymore… :)

  64. lostarot says:

    Yup JZ ….But your point of not to get hit is also the point in any game besides fighting…And personal attacks on people who differ your opinion is low…If you have something to say..state your point…The mods are probably tired of arguing with people like you….

  65. JZ says:

    Yeah, whatever. Your little metaphorical statement attempt didn’t really make much sense. These people just kind of annoy me sometime, so I get a little insecure. S’all.

  66. lostarot says:

    Peace.. :) haha

  67. king_ruckus says:

    I love when people take a person’s opinion, on a video game, personally.
    Come on, now.

    Back when this game was in Alpha stages, someone posted that Namco was working to take the juggle damage down. I’m sad to see that it isn’t the case. Being juggled for 40%-50% of your life bar is ridiculous.

    What’s the point of having sidestepping or sidewalking if neither option is really that effective?

    It’s like they’re turning the game into Dead or Alive. I don’t need another Dead or Alive game.

  68. JTR says:

    Sidestepping’s mad effective when used with backstepping at high speeds(sidewalking isn’t, really)- not for evading attacks(Which you can do, for the most part), but for faking the guy out and getting him to come to you.
    The fact that they toned down the distance of both, actually makes it even more effective- cuz you can stop to react faster. That means a faster game.

  69. Masa says:

    I just wanted to be comment #69 for my own Tekken review.

    That is all.


  70. lililov3r says:

    well i dont see much difference between the juggle damage in DR than juggle damage in tekken 6 just that in T6 you have to work harder for the juggles. And IMO the music sounds phenomenal and best the tekken series has yet

  71. tony says:

    Yeah, you are completely right about the combo time and combo damage. Namco did go a little overboard. Hopefully, player feedback will get back to Namco and they will put out a patch to get rid of rage and bound. I still can’t stop playing this game though lol. Tekken has always been fun as hell.

  72. Nelson says:

    I saw a lot of air and ground combos from T6 vids; air and ground cuts off half your health by the time its finish. Juggles and ground mechanic relies too much in one-two pokes and single pokes to keep the opponents floating, rather than the staple “hit them as as hard as you can as they are falling down” concept. I notice a lot of moves are given to the characters where they hit the floating player into the ground with their legs hanging in mid-air, and then using mid hits on the legs to re-float them for extra damage or put them into the wall for a barrage of hits. This makes tech roll useless unless up against novice and intermediate players.

    T6 new juggle system looks really cool, but it also look like they cannot be broken out of, leading to chains of damage and needing to soak it up. The system also seems more reliant on pokefest than previous installments.

  73. Fawn Alford says:

    good luck

  74. snegoviksukablyat says:

    im new on this forum….

  75. Sven says:

    Music better in DR then in Tekken 6 ? I just don’t get how you could feel this way! I love every track in Tekken 6 and in DR I only like the cathedral music, so really I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Good review overall though.

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  78. Lunchy says:

    Cant wait for tekken 6, 6 hours and counting! Side note, i like long drawn out matches, take for example, my friend and me would have 5minute Soul Calibur 4 matches, just wait and see who messed up first!

  79. Vid says:

    Honestly say that I love good old Tekken 6. Many hours spent on this game makes me feel affection for Tekken. Perhaps this is not the best fighting game in the world, but surely you can have a great time.

  80. This is a pretty cool blog here! I just bookmarked it.

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  82. Tube says:

    Tekken 6 is a good game. I played it alot. Generally, I like this type of games, so I can not wait when I get the new version of Mortal Kombat.

  83. And the talks about the top jap players liking the game so-why-would-we-listen-to-this-review is absurd… watch the videos and be the judge… the jap players are probably just exited as we are…so nice things were said..they probably felt that they owe namco a good comment for being chosen as testers..

  84. Kuzey Güney says:

    first thanks for your information about tekken 6 … but its your oponion and i think that many of us thinks differntly ..

  85. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this blog.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s challenging to get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appeal.

    I must say you’ve done a fantastic job with this. In addition, the blog loads super quick for
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