27 Pages Of Tekken 6 Coverage!

We finally put up the scans from the February 2008 issue of Arcadia Magazine! There are twenty seven pages chock full of Tekken 6 tidbits covering every character! Lots of combos are listed and there is even a feature on Tekken 6’s music! Check it all out at the link below!

Arcadia Magazine – Feb. 2008 – Tekken 6 Feature

6 Responses to 27 Pages Of Tekken 6 Coverage!

  1. gregsnk says:

    damn alot of info on the game, this is awesome..thx for all the hard work markman

  2. gregsnk says:

    times like this i wish i could read japanese, :(

  3. MarkMan says:

    I just got the magazine, thank n8nmonster for the scanning! (I was lazy so pushed it onto him lolol)…

  4. crazytekkenfan says:

    alot of trash unless you can read chinese

  5. Maybe it's time for me to put up my umbrella says:

    ^crazytekkenfan: As if that’s Chinese.

  6. Staude says:

    Is there any place anyone has translated these ?.. it’s a lot of information i would like.. now if only it wasn’t in kanji.. :p

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