I’m Your Worst Nightmare…

The squad of YOU, Morimoto, and Deep Theater strike again… This time with a death combo for everyone’s worst nightmare, Bruce Irvin. YOU mentioned that a Lili death combo is also on the way! Keep checking our Tekken 6 section for future updates! To see the Bruce combo vid, click below!

Bruce 14 Hit raged 100% Combo

For more updates check out our TEKKEN 6 NEWS BLOG!

31 Responses to I’m Your Worst Nightmare…

  1. stan says:

    weeeeeaaaak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tekken need to stop stilling other artists ideas dam!!!!!!!!

  2. stan says:

    weeeeeaaaak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tekken need to stop stilling other artists ideas

  3. stan says:

    law nina jin pual feng are ##################@@@@@@@@ can t’ say here !!!!!!! for moer i have a youtube account of the artist who have there work stoleing by tekken akuma351 .com/youtube thats my page see you wend or if any one here has an accont there.

  4. bob says:

    tekken did what now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! prove it

  5. Abe says:

    This whole 100% combo stuff would be fixed if they just made it so that you can’t B! at the wall. It would make everything much much better. I would suggest they patch it this way to see what everyone says. Also an option to turn rage off nd on is needed. In tournament play if u were able to turn rage off Im sure all the tournaments would. Rage simply isnt necessary.

  6. Cloud9999 says:

    WTF are you talking about stan? Namco isn’t stealing anything idiot… It’s called Muay Thai. lol

  7. bob says:

    not muay thai you idot…….. the CHARACTERS CLOUD ARE YOU HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bob says:

    not muay thai you idot…….. the CHARACTERS CLOUD ARE YOU AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. bob says:

    IF Anyone eles say dumb shit thin im telling markman.

  10. stan says:

    lol my ass cloud!!! get a life now.

  11. frmad says:

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  12. Tensen says:

    you guys speak English right?

  13. tekken lover says:

    i want tekken 6 nnnnnooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! i dont care about stupid arcade i want

  14. tekken lover says:

    i want the damn game now!

  15. chip monk Z says:

    I take it that none of you people whom ever had/have any ideas of your own,.. that you see tekken 5,dr,and 6 have?!!!

  16. Cloud9999 says:

    So you’re saying Namco stole someone elses characters? Ohh, excuse me, “stilling.” Yeah. If you didn’t know, they put characters in their games that represent real martial arts… that’s not stealing. That’s making a good fighting game. Guess you retards wouldn’t know what that is.

  17. Cloud9999 says:

    No they don’t Tensen. They don’t speak English very well at all. I’m not coming to this site anymore, too many fucking retards posting retard comments. It’s annoying.

  18. anan says:

    SDTEKKEN offer geat news around the world bout Tekken. You can count on this site. But every non respective comment has their own respective owner. You cant blame to SDTEKKEN. Alternately, talk to Markman to delete those annoying comment. Keep the GREAT work SDTEKKEN.

  19. Tekken6 fan 1# says:

    damn !

  20. Maybe it's time for me to put up my umbrella says:

    ^anan is right! Retards commenting does not downgrade this site at all. SDTekken is doing a reat job in posting Tekken news, and they don’t get it from those people you despise, so spare the site from such negativity!

    Just keep doing what you do, mga pare! Rock on \m/

  21. ryu ken says:

    No more fighting!!! STAN and Cloud. and stop calling people Retards.

  22. MireC says:

    Excellent site with excellent news.
    keep up the good work
    and hopefully Namco will fix this shitty gameplay.

  23. Tenshimitsu says:

    Argues are always better than “first comment!” shit… lol.

  24. Taong Basura says:

    walang kaung pera mga basura kau

  25. A.Jan Bugti says:

    can sameone show the end of player like Devil jin kazuya etc,

  26. Kieff says:

    Gusto ko c Kirby anything by Nintendo

  27. Kieff says:

    Tekken sucks…Nintendo DS is better!

  28. Buehring says:

    Wonderful post! gud stuff.. What a match!!

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