Special thanks to the Hong Kong Tekken community for providing the latest footage! Here is the first ever video footage of Tekken 6’s new bonus boss character, NANCY MIS47J! Click below for the video footage!


Special thanks again to the Hong Kong Tekken community and the original uploader!

Click the link above for more Hong Kong Tekken 6 videos!

Also check our TEKKEN 6 NEWS section for the latest updates!


27 thoughts on “NANCY MIS47J IN ACTION!

  1. WOW Namco really went all out w/ T6. O___O lol DAMN, hey Markman, what do you think??? I bet you Jin made this robot lmao

  2. Thanks for all the info. ^_^

    I can see a lot of fun in T6

    Has anyone thought about what NANCY MIS47J stands for?

    I have no clue for the NANCY part…maybe just a nickname(lol!)
    As I’m sure most people have thought…I’m guessing the ‘MIS47J’ stands for ‘Mishima #47 Jin’ or something like that.

    Very awesome looking moves :P

  3. man they should have already released this now they just keep adding dumb stuff one more huge unbeatable boss and i dont know if i want to buy this game

  4. you and me both Hellfire-21 I wanted Devil Kazuya too. It’s so unfair.
    Guess I have to wait until another Tekken. *crap!*

  5. I am sure that this boss is very beatable. Look at the moves! They seem very predictable. Just a matter of practice i guess.

  6. WOW!!! It looks hard! It’s jinpachi all over again but this time the heihachi from tekken 1 was been added to it…. And he was hard!

    Well at least ye don’t need to beat it to finish the game… but i wonder what the bonus is. It betta be more than money for customizing cos it looks like it should be worth a lot more, like unique items…

    Maybe beating it with all 40 players unlocks Jun =P


  7. you guys are forgetting something.. you probably wont get this char as a playable.. which still leaves 1 more … this could mean the one and only.. Devil. Infact.. noone has beaten her yet.. Devil could even be the bonus for all we know !

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