The Thrilla In Manila…

Tekken 6 is now at several locations in the Philippines! Most TimeZone arcades have received their Tekken 6 arcade machines and they should be up and running by now. Thank you madman and stromblaast for the information! Click below for Tekken 6 impressions from stromblaast!

TEKKEN 6 IMPRESSIONS by stromblaast

I have been blessed to be one of the first people to play Tekken 6 here in the Philippines. Lemme say that it looks very, very good! Pretty damn cheap too for a new game, just 20 pesos per game(roughly 50cents in USD). After watching and playing for a total of about 12 hours(yesterday and today), here are my impressions on the game:

The game looks and feels different overall. First of all, the graphics. Very sharp, I think it runs on 1080p but I’m not sure though(“It actually displays at 720p!” – MarkMan), it does not have lines when I videoed the monitor. Stages are nicely done IMO, and I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel that each stage is balanced. I think you won’t get it right now but maybe you will after you played the game a couple of times. It’s kinda hard to explain.

About the gameplay: AI seems to be a lot harder, they do juggles and cheap stuff even without ghosts, I keep on losing on stage 4 on my first plays. That Nancy robot after stage 6 is a bitch! I still don’t know how to beat that guy, has anybody in the world destroyed that robot yet? Raged Jin is next after Nancy. There’s not much problem beating him, but as I’ve said, AI is so cheap. Azazel’s fuckin huge! I haven’t beaten this guy either. Tad lots of unblockables, and sometimes I really don’t know what’s going on since he’s so big.

Characters feel heavier than DR. Also kinda hard to explain. I’m okay with the bound system, it provides variety and better juggling game. But some characters seem to get too much damage from B! though. Rage system should be nerfed IMO. Like what I’ve read in a thread, it should have a time limit like 5-10 seconds.

Thank you again stromblaast for the information! For more updates on Tekken 6, check out our T6 NEWS section!

41 Responses to The Thrilla In Manila…

  1. tekken lover says:

    i dont care about stupid arcade machine. i want the tekken 6 on console

  2. bignasty says:

    hey stromblaast u went to the phillipines or are u from there cuz my mom is thinking about going up there in july and if my hometown doesn’t get a tekken machine by july then i am thinking about going with her. anyways where are t 6 machines located at?

  3. yiggs says:

    Just to add.

    Australia has Tekken 6 as well.

    12 machines at George St. Galaxy World
    7 machines at Market City. Galaxy World

    2 machines at Elizabeth St. Replay entertainment centre
    2 machines at Chermside Replay entertainment centre

  4. thelonegamer says:

    Tekken 6 in Manila are most probably in the Timezone arcades. There’s one in most major malls- Glorietta 4 in Ayala, Mall of Asia and Gateway Cubao. Not sure if Megamall has machines too but chances are, it has.

  5. thelonegamer says:

    Update: At last count from TZ, G4 Timezone, Mall of Asia, Megamall, Greenhills Promenade and Trinoma have the machines. At least G4, Megamall and Greenhills have the IC data cards for customs and rankings.

  6. OH MY GOD TEKKEN 6 IN MANILA!!! says:

    HAY SALAMAT!!!! Thanks so much sdtekken for the info!!!! *rushes to the malls*

  7. tekken6 in alabang says:

    theres also T6 in alabang town center as told by my friends, No IC cards though

  8. Jigsaw says:

    I managed to beat Nancy on first try, while spamming unblockables. lol And yes, most major malls here have T6 now.

  9. Liwanag says:

    Hey. kilala ko ung nasa pic….. patay sila…. may klase sila nung araw na iyon…..

  10. Liwanag says:

    On the 2nd pic. those two people were cutting classes. WAG SILANG TULARAN!!!!!

  11. Philip says:

    Adik na adik ako sa tekken!!!!

  12. moonie says:

    I… cannot wait to play…………

  13. DK says:

    Ergh… Azazel is so f’n cheap. I didn’t even know if my hit were connecting, or if he had some kinda auto-guard against low-damage attacks. And then he has guard damage! WTF!?

  14. elyen says:

    Tekken 6 is the best,,, though I have some problem regarding the seats. Men, they are too near to each other, you can even cheat you opponent by elbowing him……LOL Phillipines tekken players are the best!!!!!

  15. JTR says:

    GIANTS won the Super Bowl!!! Yeeeeeeeahhh, boi!

  16. lostarot says:

    Oh shit..This is the greatest news ever…hahaha.. papunta nko dyan tekken 6..hintayin mo ko…Swoooooooooosh…

  17. Hellfire-21 says:

    the GIANTS….won the Superbowl. HOO AHH!!!!!! I wonder why raged Jin is AFTER Nancy? That doesn’t make any sense. *scrolls back up to see if he read right* I’ve watched arcade battles and Nancy wasn’t in any of them…unless Namco decided to change it with the addition OF Nancy up to this point??!! Still think it’s stupid, and yes the Rage system needs to be nerfed. But one should know it’s not best to hold ones breath when dealing with Namco…

  18. Raniel says:

    Tekken 6, here i come.. haha. Jang-Iksu

  19. DK says:

    Nancy comes first before Jin because it is Jin’s protector. Notice how its stage is the glass floor from Jin’s throne room? It’s actually an elevator, and Nancy guards it.

  20. andreafrozen says:

    someone knows news about release date of tekken 6 on ps3? please, i can’t wait……….

  21. kalantiaw says:

    TBA 2008

  22. andreafrozen says:

    ther’s a possibility that’s out for march?

  23. MarkMan says:

    To all future commenters:

    If you’re going to whine/cry about things, I would prefer you to not post a comment at all.

  24. Tekken 6 spotted in Gateway Cubao. I noticed what the guy was saying about the seats, too close to each other. Nevertheless, you probably wont notice it while you drool at the graphics and the action packed gameplay.

  25. Tensen says:

    Man i merely pointed out that your info is incorrect and you shouldn’t post stuff without verifying info. Maybe i should have phone the place to check myself but i trusted your sources.

  26. xakbox says:

    y shd we cry …

  27. team_phils_class_s_g.o.w says:

    can’t wait for tk6 to be out on ps3. but come to think of it. looking at tkdr, with the realistic graphics. and the changes on tk6 which is more realistic. not to step ahead but what about the graphics on tk7?…will namco need real people already? tk6 does rock!!!!!

  28. team_phils_class_s_g.o.w says:

    hope guys here in manila will be given the chance to compete on evo ’08

  29. hannahwilliams^_^ says:

    wow tekken 6 is the best……
    i cant stop thiking how the gameplay & graphics rocks hehehehehehe….

  30. Chikorita says:

    Hey. I’m the one on the second pic. hahaha. d(^.^)b

  31. MarkMan says:

    Please don’t spam comments on the site. I don’t want to have to disable commenting.

  32. n8nmonster says:

    comment deleted. :P

  33. NEKKeTeKKEN says:


  34. thelonegamer says:

    Hey Markman, just a note- HardcoreCasualGamer is based in Manila, not in Canada. ^_^

  35. MarkMan says:

    thelonegamer, sorry! I’ve edited it… Maraming salamat…

  36. optibus prime says:

    poot! poot! nasan ka na megatren?

  37. megatren says:

    nandito ako sa LRT station. Wer na u?

  38. optibus prime says:

    nasa Baguio ako. nagnight trip ako dun. hehehehe…

  39. Orly says:

    Birthday ko ngayon!

  40. Roxas says:

    Libre ka naman…

  41. MarkMan says:

    No more… You really make Filipinos look bad, quit posting back to yourself.

    I have your IP logged to our database and we’ll be notifying your IP of your relentless spam.


    Thank (IP: , for ruining things like this.

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