Soul Calibur IV Arcade Sticks

Fans of Hori’s smaller arcade sticks for the will be pleased to know that both the PS3’s Fighting Stick 3 and the Xbox 360’s Fighting Stick EX2 are being repackaged for Soul Calibur IV’s late July release. The SCIV themed sticks are identical to their previous incarnations and feature Soul Calibur IV themed artwork. They will be available in stores by the end of this month. Click below for more images of the sticks!

Hori Soul Calibur IV Stick (Xbox 360)

Where to Buy:

Soul Calibur IV Stick (PS3)

Where to Buy:


33 Responses to Soul Calibur IV Arcade Sticks

  1. tekkenlover says:

    damn mark man 23 you are the true source information for every hardcore fan. you tell us everything we want to know. 10/10

  2. grasshopper says:

    so does game will relase by this month??????????

  3. Downplay says:

    July 29th.

  4. dfyb says:

    am i the only one who thinks it’s a little weird that PS3 has a full 8 button layout and 360 has a 6 button layout?

  5. MarkMan says:

    I always wondered why Hori chose to go with the 8 button setup when they first released the FS3 two years ago. It’s nice to have 8 for the very rare chance you’ll use it, but still 6 would have been sufficient.

    The 6 button layout works just fine for the 360. I have never seen myself needing extra buttons.

    With Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on Xbox Live it didn’t even matter, because the button layout (face buttons) on the stick are so retarded, it made it unplayable if you were used to traditional MK arcade layout… And you can’t remap buttons in UMK3 :(

  6. tekkenlover says:

    markan i am curious do you always feel more comfortable to play fighting games such as tekken, soul calibur and treet fighter with arcade sticks rather than regular controler…. are there still people out there that are very porfessional in fighting games such as leedy, knee but they play with regular contoler rather than arcade stick? what i mean is if someone wants become best of the best does he or she definately need to use arcade stick?

  7. MarkMan says:

    Personally, it is just preference. You should use whatever you feel you can perform best with.

    I use arcade stick, but can also use controller.

    Those names you mentioned, Leedy, Knee, etc… they all play on stick because the arcades in Japan and Korea only have stick there, there are no playstation controller ports.

    So it is up to you!

  8. grooveliker says:

    It seems to me that you actually could achive i high level of play in 3d fighters with a joypad . But when it comes to 2d fighters i just can’t imagine that. Whereas in 3d fighters pulling out for example hard juggles is mainly a problem of timing, in 2d fighters pulling out combos is both an issue of timing AND a complicated button input for the moves.

  9. MarkMan says:

    Like I stated earlier, it is all preference.

    People will use what they are best with. This applies to both 3D and 2D. There are tournament placers at the highest level who use controllers/sticks.

    But for the most part, the 2D side of things are mostly stick players… but yes 3D has a good mix of both.

  10. dfyb says:

    i wonder about the 6/8 button thing out of curiousity, not out of what’s better in my opinion. the stick i’m building for myself has only 6 buttons after all. i just think it’s weird, considering they are for the same game by the same company.

  11. MarkMan says:

    Just remember the sticks aren’t made just for SC IV.

    They are based off of already existing sticks, they just switched out the artwork. If they made dedicated SC IV sticks I’m positive they would be identical for the most part.

  12. BLiSS says:

    One thing… because the base of that stick is so small… the left side of it will be constantly cutting into the palm of your hand… causing nerve damage from prolonged use. Unless you play with your hand sideways or upside down… you’re better off using a stick with a larger base.

  13. MarkMan says:


    never heard of that, ever.


  14. KENTOIRC says:


  15. BLiSS says:

    You DO realize it’s only 2 and a half inches from the stick to the left edge, right? That’s not alot of real estate. You must have small hands if they don’t hang over the edge. lol

  16. MarkMan says:

    I DO realize this.

    As a veteran arcade stick user and aficionado… I’d have to say your claim is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been using arcade sticks for a long time and have been using similar ones such as the HORI Fighting Stick EX for the Xbox 360. In fact, I am a fan of Hori’s smaller sticks and have NEVER felt any discomfort from use.

    I’ve been using Hori arcade sticks since 1996. Do you mean to tell me that after 12 prolonged years of use I am causing NERVE DAMAGE?

    Maybe to an ignorant and frail individual who does not know how to grip and hold an arcade stick correctly. Maybe.

    That original post still makes me laugh though.

  17. tekkenlover says:

    Mark man23 i have benn watchimg your you tube match for a while now and the matches are all have a high quality of game play. there is match between kuz and armor king when an intersting music is played during a match (not a tekken song)…. did you come up with this idea? cuz that was freaking awsome!. my second question is in your web site you posted that srteet fighter IV is coming on arcade on july, so are you gonna post some street fighter matches as well?

  18. MYK says:

    ay… the ps3 is just a FS3 with the same fucked up button layout from what i can see

  19. yuu says:

    Im a fulltime stick player and there are no hand pains/blisters. A couple of my friends use pad. They almost always complain about having blisters, sores, pains. Plus it is a pain to consistently do diagonals.

  20. M1ND 0V3R M@TT3R says:

    When does tekken 6 come out on PS3?!? I heard a rumor that it is supposed to be released sometime after soulcalibur 4 but exactly how long after SC4? Does anybody know?

  21. tekkenlover says:

    to answer your question i heard from several web site and people that tekken 6 will come out on sept 9 or somewhere in november, i hope is gonna come out in sept rather than november

  22. The Hori FS3 (PS3 stick) is the absolute worst stick Hori has ever made… avoid it at all costs.

  23. MarkMan says:

    Sup Jaxel! Yea, the button layout just completely kills the stick for me. I mean it is not bad(component/construction wise EXCEPT…), but the fact that the button layout is like that, it just makes it unplayable for me.

  24. MarkMan… its also poorly constructed. I have two, one of them died within a month, and I have friends who have also had theirs die.

  25. abner says:

    the universal arcade stick from soulcalibur 2 looks better

    they could’ve made it universal too, but with different themes(dark/light), that way ps3/360 owners can take their pick and not be limited by the soul edge/calibur color schemes.

  26. MarkMan says:

    You are crazy! The Nuby Universal SC2 stick (also had a DBZ and KOF version of it) is absolutely one of the TOP FIVE WORST ARCADE sticks ever produced at retail.

    But unfortunately, this day in age. MS won’t allow universal controllers. So you won’t see a retail universal arcade stick.

  27. Call2Arms says:

    Dang, the FS3 crappy button layout makes a return? Didnt Hori learn? Man.. I need to find a way to mod this without effin around with the artwork.

  28. BLiSS says:

    Right, and everyone knows carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage caused by keyboard abuse is a myth too. lol Jackass. Are you on the Hori payroll or something?

  29. MarkMan says:

    @ jackass idiot BLiSS

    Don’t post here anymore if you’re going to continue to argue a point as baseless as yours. Don’t compare it to other things cuz we’re talking about one thing.

  30. george says:

    As an owner of a 360 and a healthy game collection, i refuse to buy a stick for it unless they do a 4 x 4 button layout. heck, street fighter 4 may be what causes me to finally get a ps3. ill leave SC4 to a rent on the 360 using the gamepad.

  31. IAS says:

    Hi there guys…..
    i have a question since i not own a PS3, but i like a lot the PS3 version of SC4 Stick.

    This stick work in Windows? mainly for Mame, FBa, etc…Hi there guys…..
    i have a question since i not own a PS3, but i like a lot the PS3 version of SC4 Stick.

    This stick work in Windows? mainly for Mame, FBa, etc…

  32. Mike says:

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