SD TEKKEN Wins The Gold!

Earlier this week, Hooters of Pacific Beach here in San Diego, held their regional trivia challenge just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con International.  With over 25 teams at the event and a grueling round of trivia, SD TEKKEN came out on top and took home the top honors!  The team consisted of fast_handsCODY, n8nmonster, and myself (MarkMan).  We plan on defending our title next year!  Thanks to all of our supporters that showed up.

12 Responses to SD TEKKEN Wins The Gold!

  1. leang says:

    grats guys!

  2. MYK says:

    wow nerds

  3. tekkenlover says:

    congratulation guys… the reason sdtekken is a great site for tekken players is because you guys are tekken pros yourselves therefore you exactly know what kind of information the fans are looking for. I hope you guys also win next year

  4. fast_handsCODY says:

    thats eude MYK lol

  5. fast_handsCODY says:


  6. MireC says:

    congrats, were the matches recored ? any youtube vids ?

  7. MYK says:

    uhh.. ok this is the “REAL MYK” and that wasn’t me..

    the fucker posting under my name is fake.. the one that said “wow nerds”

    man wtf.. why are people using other people’s handles? fucking lame

  8. MYK says:

    real MYK posting again.. and man that pisses me off.. people using my handle on this site to make me look bad.. you guys know i got <3 for SDT :)

  9. SD TEKKEN says:

    I know you got love for SDT ^_^ and we <3 MYK too.

    I’ll have whoever was using your name ip banned from comments… thanks for the heads up.

  10. MarkMan says:

    He’s been taken care of.

  11. tekkenlover says:

    yo markman are you gonna post some of your matches from comic-con on youtube cuz we really want to see

  12. fast_handsCODY says:

    MYK is my hero

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