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Name: Cody

Handle: keep it original, fast_handsCODY

Favorite Food: unagi and miso ramen

Hobbies: i like fighting games and pr0n

Favorite Games: man to many

Favorite Characters: Sagat,Cammy, and Blanka

Most Memorable Tekken Moment: When I killed Q Bert with an unblockable to win my tourney match, db 1+2 for the life

Goals: top 8 at evo mabey even attending a sbo, also to become an elementry student

Shout-Outs: to all the SDT heads and MarkMan for the big impact in the tekken community here in Sunny San Diego

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3 Responses to fast_handsCODY

  1. […] – Cody “fast_handsCODY” Denton – Ganryu T 5th – Nathan “n8nmonster” Aguilera – Lei, Marduk T 5th – Don […]

  2. […] round of trivia, SD TEKKEN came out on top and took home the top honors!  The team consisted of fast_handsCODY, n8nmonster, and myself (MarkMan).  We plan on defending our title next year!  Thanks to all of […]

  3. […] of Metal Gear.  Another important project took place during Comic-Con 2008.  fast_handsCODY was on a mission.  The return of the ‘Les Enfant Terribles’ project, popularized by […]

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