The biggest series of fighting game tournaments went down last weekend at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in scorching Las Vegas, Nevada!  EVO2008 housed the best fighting game specialists in the WORLD and played host to an epic series of showdowns for 6 of the most popular fighting games today.  EVOLUTION 2008 attendees were also treated to a sneak peak at the games of tomorrow as games such as Street Fighter IV, Blaz Blue, Super Street Fighter II TURBO HD Remix, and Tatsunoko vs Capcom were also available to play!  Check out the full results below!


Tatsunoko vs Capcom Mini-Tournament
1st – Justin Wong
2nd – Sabin

Street Fighter IV Invitational Tournament
1st – Kindevu
2nd – Justin Wong

Capcom Vs SNK 2
1st – John Choi
2nd – BAS
3rd – Ricky Ortiz
4th – Justin Wong
5th – Tokido/Gene Wong
7th – Combofiend/Buktooth

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
1st – Ryan Hart
2nd – Gandido
3rd – Cano
4th – Owen
5th – Lingmassacre/KOR
7th – Rip/Som

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
1st – Nuki
2nd – Justin Wong
3rd – Amir
4th – Tokido
5th – JR/Fubarduck
7th – Watson/Ryan Hart

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
1st – CPU
2nd – Ken
3rd – Hall
4th – SK92
5th – Darwin/Peapo
7th – WDRM/Bardull

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
1st – John Choi
2nd – Nuki
3rd – Alex Valle
4th – Tokido
5th – Kusumondo/Sirlin
7th – Justin Wong/Shirts

Marvel Vs Capcom 2
1st – Justin Wong
2nd – Chunksta
3rd – Smoothviper
4th – Crizzle
5th – Toan/Wes
7th – MegamanDS/Fanatiq

For more information, coverage, and pictures, please check out SRK’s EVO Discussion Forum!


13 Responses to EVOLUTION 2008 RESULTS!

  1. Kikimaru says:

    So Ryan Hart is back to being world champ, eh?

  2. INFORCER says:

    good $h!t to kor.. I will be in tx in about a month.. Oh and good stuff to all who placed.. Damn evo is the greatest

  3. silver_devil says:

    good to see Ryan Hart back in action. I wonder what will happen in SBO though, all the Korean teams are out now…

  4. t_s says:

    i hesitate to call Ryan Hart a ‘world champ.’

    he went to the US and beat (some of) the best US players.

    now he just needs to take the show on the road. i’ll call him world champ when he wins in Korea and Japan.


  5. vinzboy says:

    i agree, and by the way the rest of the world are playing t6 now, he has to face Rain, MDJ, Help ME (Bob), Mainstreet ryu 2nd, takeyame and others before he can be called world Champ, let’s check out what happens in SBO, that’s where the best are competing right now

  6. MarkMan says:

    SBO is already over. It was a 3 vs 3 tournament. I’ll be posting the results later today.

  7. Polish Voice says:

    Guys. Ryan Heart was third in eliminations to EVO that took place in London. First and second were two brothers from Poland (MATT & DEVIL : ) So. I don\t think he is good enough to be the real champion of the world, because he is third in my ranking :P

  8. fast_handsCODY says:

  9. Stridajin says:

    ummm when was ryan the world champ in the first place? Don’t get me wrong he’s an excellent Tekken Player overall but I wouldn’t call him a world champ. Also this was T5DR and not T6. And all the best players didn’t even go to Evo this year. But he is the Evo2k8 champ so good shit and congrats to him.

  10. tomhilfiger says:

    congrats Ryan… considering how he takes the trip from Europe every EVO, he definitely deserves it. He is by far one of the most dedicated and talented players that I know.

  11. ahhh hahahaha kor u bastad u were supposed to win too bad ryan heart declined crows mm challenge not once but 2 twicness scared are wee>???>?>?>? gaahahahgagagagagag

  12. joshthemyth says:

    lol poland sux no offense try come down to korea and jap or even america we would school u sooo hard those be fact son.

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